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Hello. love your theme. Do you have a WP version? :)

Hi there,

Is there an easy way to change the entire color scheme within Photoshop? I am creating a site for a friend that has grey and coral for their colors and I’d love to incorporate them – just wondered if there was an easier method than picking through element by element to update.


The design is ok, but the code is a mess. I’ve been playing around with it the last week or so to clean it up and make it readable.

Also, when designing you really need to target older browsers. Not everyone uses the latest version of every browser. It’s just how it is. This site completely falls apart for anything older than say IE9.

Maybe you’ve included some commented out code that needs to be uncommented, but I’ve not found anything that would allow for compatibility with even moderately old browsers.

Hey there, thanks for the response. I’m running Windows 8 and IE 10 and Firefox 19 at home and it works perfectly fine.

Both me and my fiancé are on IE8 and XP at work and here is what we get. Hopefully this link will come through.

I’ve uncommented the IE script for other version, but that doesn’t seem to help any.

It’s strange, because when I do a compatibility check in Dreamweaver back to IE8 (I think I tried 7 too), no issues were identified.

I’ve modified the code some, but nothing that would break it like in the shot I linked to.

Let me know what you figure out. And thanks for the response and assistance.


By the way, here it is in IE10 so you can see what it looks like when it’s working ok.

Hi jmagtheseforest, Unfortunately I can’t access the screenshot – neither one of them – can you post them again? In the meantime I’m running some tests myself to capture the issue as this is not appearing on my WIN8 IE10 powered system and neither on my WINXP IE8 one!

If you can’t post the screenshots here, please email them to me!

Been almost a month since my last comment (which is bad enough), but after reading jmagtheseforest’s comment and testing my almost-finished page in IE7, I’m mortified.

Why would you claim this to be compatible with IE7 if it is completely destroyed in that browser!? This is unbelievable. I’m not left scrambling for another option after I’ve poured so much time customizing this to my needs for my friends’ wedding.

I will be filing a ticket with Envato to demand my refund.

Hi echopleks , I’m sorry you are experiencing problems, but – as my above comment says – the template is compatible with IE7. Please tell me what operating system you are using, and also give me some screenshots with the areas of the template where you are seeing the problems!

UPDATE: As jmagtheseforest said: anything less than IE9. So IE8 is very broken too.

This is a great template. Unfortunately, I’m having a nightmare with the homepage and IE. Reading through this thread, I thought perhaps it’s a fonts issue, so I reverted to standard MS fonts…but the error is still the same.

Have you had any resolution with the IE problem?? I’ve tried on IE 7, 8 and 9 – the pic slideshow moves from the right side of the screen to the left. So annoying!

Hi pavsy, I’m sorry you’re having problems, unfortunately I didn’t get screenshots back from the other users – perhaps you can give me your website’s address or a screenshot so I can see exactly what you are seeing?

I appreciate your quick reply. Here’s a screenshot of how the homepage appears in IE7 and IE8: – I have not changed anything in the code with the exception of the name on the banner.

And I really appreciate your patience and willingness to help me identify the problem! I can see it now, not sure what’s going on… Please allow me a little time to work on this, I’ll get it repaired as soon as possible

Hello, Your project is great! And I love it! But I agree the problems with IE7 and IE8 really needs to be fixed (a lot of people still using them). So I confirme the issue, but when fixed, I really recommend this great template! So, Keep working and congratulations, well done!

Hi, really nice theme, I plan to buy it but is it possible to know when the Worpress version will be available ? Thanks.

Can someone tell me how to place this in word press? I’ve tried zipping it multiple ways/times and that does not work.

Please let me know!

Hi masst14,

This is the HTML/CSS version of the website. The WordPress version is still in the works unfortunately. You need to have a little more patience or hire a developer who can port it for you!

any chance of having this theme responsive? This was the single reason that kept me from buying it now.

Hello girlscancode plese write your email adress I buy customize weeding design can you help me ?

and I Suggestion to your template

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very beatiful wedding template

Hey I’m working on a wedding website but I have some issue with the bxslider. The link inclided is the html is broken : Is there any other link that I can use ? Can I host it on my website ?

Here is the website :


Hey I’m working on a wedding website but I have some issue with the bxslider. The link inclided is the html is broken : Is there any other link that I can use ? Can I host it on my website ?

Here is the website :


hi..when it will be availabe in wordpress??

Hello. I need the site to be responsive… is there any update regarding this issue? If not, how much would you charge for that? Thanks

Hi, this template doesn’t seem to work. I’ve had to amend it to load the bxslider from my website. Also, it’s not showing right in IE8. The slider is totally to the left and the upper banner is moved to the right. In Chrome and firefox the slider is a bit messed up. Can you please help with that? Do you have an updated version of this template? Thanks

Hola. El SLIDER del tema HOME PAGE 2 no sirve!

Necesito una respuesta rapida. GRACIAS

Hi! Please help. Make a template-based website. Main page – index (first version; the slider on the right). Slider does not work ((

Hi there, sorry to hear you’re having problems. Can you please give me a live link to your website so I can solve the problem you’re having?

Best regards, Gabriela

Hello, Gabriela! Thanks for Your reply.

The website I have in Denver, and not in the Internet. If possible try to look the template from the stock exchange, there immediately obvious mistakes. Files: index index_2

Instead of slider just pictures. Layout is broken.

Write, please, on results. Thanks in advance!