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Thanks Erkan. Also thank you for the ribbon edit and testing the mobile versions.

As always, the best design. Congrats, Yigit!

Thanks Valentin!

Congrat Yigit, have good sales!


Looks clean, wonderful design :)


Perfect work my friend!;)


Nice design dude, I´m honored I could be an inspiration for you!!!!

Thanks but I didn’t understand what you mean.

Hi there, I’m trying to install the theme into wordpress (entire zipped file, downloaded from Themeforest) and it is telling me that I am either missing the index.php or style.css, any help would be great!


Hi there,

Due to this is the HTML version, you cannot install it under Wordpress. We’re working on the wordpress version and it’ll be ready for sale soon.

Please, follow my account for updates.



When do you plan to release the wordpress version? Thank you

We’re planning to publish the WP version in this month if nothing goes wrong.



How do I edit the Google Map? The documentation is very minimal.

You just need to change the address from the function.js file at line 13 eg: “Kordon caddesi”

Thanks. Could you also tell me how to add a pointer on the Map?

You’re welcome. Can you send me an email about that problem?



I purchased this theme and didn’t realize it was not WP-ready. When is the WP theme going to be ready? I hate to say this but I am looking for a refund on the HTML purchase through Theme Forest, but I will be the first to buy the WP-ready theme when you have it ready.

I promise.

Hi bsheridandesign,

First of all, thank you for purchasing the theme. Secondly, for refunds, you need to contact Envato. There’s nothing I can do about it.

About WP version, We’re working on it and planning to upload it soon. Please, follow my account for the updates and new themes.




Nice template! Perfect for what I need.

I’m planning to purchase it but I don’t understand your note

“Please, note that due to security reasons the source codes are encrypted, You may not view the site properly with any Internet explorer.”
Once I purchase it will I be able to access the code to customize it? And will it then display properly in Internet Explorer?


Yes, you can access the source code and change it easily. Also IE will work without any issue.

I was wondering if this theme can be installed on Wordpress now?

Hi ktran213,

We are currently working on it and planning to publish single page WP theme really soon.



I just bought this theme, thinking that it was the version for wordpress – but get the same problem as the user above.

Will I be able to download the wordpress version when it is released – or am I going to have to buy that too?

I wanted to use other wordpress functionality, hence the reason to use this theme, rather than a html webpage.

Hi there,

You will need to purchase the WP version as well when it’s ready for sale.

Regards. Yigit

I’m having two issues with my site – First, it seems a file referenced your doc does not exist: “_php/settings.php”. There was no _php directory in the unzipped file. I suspect the RSVP function does not work because of this.

Second, the google map seems broken, only a quarter of it displays. You can see what I mean here: However it works on your demo, so I’m curious what went wrong. All I’ve done is install your default files onto my webserver, I haven’t even edited anything yet.

Please advise, thank you.

I’m not quite tech savvy enough to make sense of the link in relation to your code, so a theme update would be super appreciated!! :)

I will take a look at the theme again and will informed you if it’s a bug. Thank you for your interest.

Hello, I think I have another issue, on your one page version when viewed on an iPad.

When you select a menu option, it scrolls correctly to the appropriate section – however then the menu becomes impossible to select. It fixes itself if you scroll the page just a little bit, but then when you select another menu option, the problem repeats. I tested this on an iPad 2 on both my site and your live demo, both had the same problem.

To reproduce: 1. On an iPad, select any menu option, ie “registry”. 2. Allow page to scroll to the registry. 3. Try to select another menu option. Result: The menu does not respond unless you scroll the page slightly



The theme is tested by several people with different devices and also tested by the ThemeForest reviewers and we haven’t faced any issue. Still, I will take another look at the site and update it if its’ necessarily.

Thanks for the report.

Are there any news about the wordpress version?

it’s been 3 weeks. any news? ^^ maybe a slightly idea of a release date?

Just hang on a bit ;)

Please, feel free to buy it from the link below: Thanks for the patience.

The template design is very nice, but on iPhone 4S Safari (iOS 5) we’re not getting a responsive behavior- it renders as a traditional site.

Is there something special that needs to be done to make it responsive? We’re looking at the demonstration version here-


Hi Memetican,

I’ll take a look at the theme again. Thanks for the report.



The theme is awesome!

I’m having issues with the “RSVP”s. The email that is sent is missing the “Meal Choice: Main Dinner” and also “Number of Guests and Number of Child”. They are left blank. Any ideas?


- Glenn

Hi Glen,

I’ve updated the send.php last night but it seems there’s another issue with the form. I’ll update the theme tonight again. If you send me an email (check documentation for the email address) I’ll be glad to send you the new modified files.



@ All who downloaded the theme after 20th February; There was a mistake by updating the theme and the wrong version (version 1.0) is uploaded at 19th February. Please, re-download the theme after checking the last update time at the left from the link below:

Hi, I am trying to change the top logo/banner with my own initials. The psd file you included only has the initials but not the banner. How would I go about making the necessary changes? Thanks

Hi Minaz,

Can you please send me an email via contact form at my profile page?