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wah wah, amazing work

:-) Thanks Mate

Good work, nice combinations of colors. GLWS.

Very nice work, GLWS.

Thanks Buddy.

Wonderful Piece of Work !

Hi, please mention Yulia Buchatskaya as the theme’s graphic designer and set a link to her account – http://themeforest.net/user/unweit And you can actually delete my name from the info, because I did nothing for it, I just was a kind of project manager. Thanks in advance! Best regards, Albert

Already done mate.


I bought this wedding template, but it does not work. And there’s no answer to my ticket on your site.

The template still doesn’t work. The developer is silent.

Whats the issue?

Please tell me your ticket id so i can reply your tickets on our support site on priority base.


I just purchase this product. I seem to have a few issues with it. The default page seems to be the ‘Blog” one and not the page in the demo with the count down. I actually can’t find the count down anywhere. Also, it seem the row of buttons accross the top are just text links on the left. How do you make it so the people can not change the background or color scheme by the little box on the left? I do not want it there. Other than that, it does look ok.

1. Create a blank page with name Home than go to Settings >> Reading Settings and than choose the Front Page as Home from the Dropdown.

2. go to Appearance >> Menu and choose a location of the menu from left side of menu creating box.

Follow the documentation throughly to setup your theme after instalation.

Please rate my theme.


Hello. I got the menu to go across the screen correctly with the images so I am all set there. The only two things I have left now are how to set the Count Down time and get rid of the Background/Color Scheme thingie for the web visitors.

1. Set the count down timer in Appearance >> Theme Options

2. go to Appearance >> Editor and than open the file header.php from files list in right side of editor and found this line

 <?php include('switcher/style_switcher.php'); ?> 

of code and remove it. Save the editor and you are done.

Hi buddy please check the FAQ section under support tab of this theme.

Thanks. Almost there. The only bit left seems to be the count down. How exactly is that done? I go to the Apperance -> Home -> Timer End Date. I put: 2013,9-1,18,0 for August 24, 6 Pm, but all I get is NaN for values on the page.

can i get you admin detail to fix it on your site.

Goto http://www.pixarwpthemes.com/support and submit a ticket with the admin details and add a reference of this cooment.

I will try to fix it on your site ASAP.


hi, i have a few questions.

1) How to enable RSVP ? 2) How to upload our images to the home page? 3) How to enable the gifts page ?

Thank you ! I am waiting for your reply. My time is limited.


Lot of questions at a time. Can you subit a support ticket on support site http://www.pixarwpthemes.com/support so i could answer there easily.

Thanks a Lot

yes, I submitted one. Thank you

More questions:

1) how to generate the gallery style like that of your demo? 2) how to generate the contact page like the one in your demo ?

Thank you!

Will reply our ticket ASAP. Please wait.

I installed the dummy data. Now everything looks good. Thank you very much! But I still have a few questions to ask. 1 ) How could I replace the couple photos with our owns. 2) For the gift page, If some one selects one gift, what will happen, the icon will become gray ?

Hello, is there somebody here who could help me ? I encountered a compatibility issue. When I use IE and Google Chrome browsers to browse my website, everything is fine. But under firefox and safari, the count down just shows NaN for values. I am really in a hurry, because our wedding page needs to be ready at any time. I have posted a question in the support page, but got no reply yet. My ticket number is 253. Please help me !

Hi buddy please check the FAQ section under support tab of this theme.

all problems are perfectly solved. Thank you ! But how could i rate your theme ? I cannot find it.

Hi Mate Thanks, Goto your themeforest dashboard and than click on Downloads tab. Here you can rate your products. Thanks


Hi! I would like to change the background image to more of a beach image to go with a beach theme wedding. Can you let me know how to do that? thank you!

go to http://www.pixarwpthemes.com/support and submit a ticket.


Hello, I am having the same problem as Hardesty and mingly. All I am getting from the countdown is NaN for values.

Please help.

Hi buddy please check the FAQ section under support tab of this theme.

Thank you for your fast response. It works now. For future viewers the problem was fixed by changing the Timer en Date to: August 31, 2013 16:00:00 instead of 2013, 9-1, 31, 14, 00, 0.

Hello guys,

Please check the FAQ section of this theme for the Count Down timer Issue.

Thanks You

Good afternoon,

I’m having the same difficulty hardesty, I can not mount the contents of the form that is presented in the statement, I performed the procedure informed but did not understand how the structure is made ??in the image and description of the couple inside the created page.

Can you explain? I can not provide the template with demo content so I can better understand?

Abri called 297 but not yet heard back.

Thank you.

Please add me on skype@iamumairkhan so i can assist you better.


I managed to install sample content, I’m finding myself in the layout thanks!