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Hi, is it possible to publish a timeline at some position of a normal content page? e.g. via shortcode?


Hi, I must update my theme from 1.3.9 to 1.3.12 but I have made some personal changes in my version, can you please provide the list of the modified files between these 2 versions ? Thx a lot.

Hey we’re just finalizing the site a bit, and I’ve discovered that when I click a gallery on the Gallery Page, it just refreshes the page I’m on, it doesn’t pull up the fancybox. When a gallery is embedded in another post, it pulls up fine. Any ideas?

Click “Gallery” from the nav (single page layout) OR visit to see the page itself. There’s a gallery called “Ivy Lodge” with two photos – clicking this isn’t pulling up the fancy box.


Nevermind – quick fix. Every gallery post MUST have a “featured image” set if you have galleries set to “fancybox”, or else wp_get_attachment_url() will return empty and the $url parameter won’t set in content-gallery.php . This does not seem to be true when you have galleries set to “regular page”

So: if you’re having this issue, just set a featured image on your gallery post and it will fix.

Hi there! I want my site to be bilingual – how can I do that? Can Poedit do that?

No answer since last week?

Hi, I can’t figure out how to display the “Our Story” Timeline on the homepage (opening page with the banner) as in your demo.

Everything I’ve tried either displays one or the other page…but I want it to be just like your demo…with the menu, banner, descriptions, then the TIMELINE (Our Story).

Please explain how to make it like this. I’ve spent too many hours on this ONE issue, and I bet it’s really simple…

Thanks, toddsworld


I am using a big image slider like in your demo up on top, however then the first navigation/menu item (for ex. Our Story) is already active and does not move down to the section when clicked, as it already thinks that is where you are. Is there a fix for that?

Thank you.

I am thinking about buying this theme. I would like to use it as “single page timeline resume/portfolio”. So I am wondering if it will be possible to customize the theme remove menu and use only timeline which will end up with something like “Contact form”? Thanks for info.

Hi! The single page layout is based on the main navigation, however, you can always hide it using some custom CSS:

header.header nav {display:none !important;}

So yes, its possible, really easy.


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Hi Any idea why would this error? What’s the solution?

LayerSlider: old jQuery issue It looks like you are using an old version (1.11.0) of the jQuery library. LayerSlider requires at least version 1.7.0 or newer. If you are using the WordPress version of LayerSlider, you can try out the “jQuery Updater” plugin from the WP plugin depository. If you don’t know what to do, you can write us a private message from our CodeCanyon profile page. We need a temporary WP admin account (or a temporary FTP account in some cases) to solve this issue.

Hi, thank you for the GREAT theme!

Noticed the page title banners are CSS (nice touch)...but wondering if I can hide them? I want to use my own image-based banners so I have more control over font + style.



Sure, simply use this extra css to disable the custom styles:

.section-title h1::before, .section-title h1::after,.section-title h1 span::before, .section-title h1 span::after {display:none !important;}

This will disable the ribbon part. After that, you can set a custom background image using the .section-title h1 selector.

Great theme! Enjoying customising it for my upcoming wedding. Just a couple of quick questions:

1) I’ve noticed that in the editor several of the buttons are clickable but blank. See the image below for details. Is there anyway to make these visible?

2) Is the theme compatible with Wordpress 4.0? I’m going to hold off upgrading for now.


I’ve upgraded to WordPress 4.0 and noticed several button are no longer working. When do you think you will add support WordPress 4.0?


Hi, I have tried contacting you numerous times through different mediums with no success.

I need to add pagination to the timeline pages. I have attempted this using your existing functions, but it fails on the single page layout when there is a blog visible too. It tries to bring back the blog posts instead of timeline posts. It does work when timeline is in its own page with a few css issues which I have not looked into yet. Can you please advise how to add pagination successfully to the timeline? (Click to show more)This is an important feature needed.

Also, the pagination for the blog only works when premalinks are in use. It does not work when the website is told to use postIDs. Can you please provide a fix for this.

A number of bugs have emerged since trying to work with this theme…

> Even though it says full width website; its not actually full width. When in full width mode its actually just sitting in a container, but the container is not visible. THIS IS NOT FULL WIDTH!

>Ajax pagination (click to load more button) for blogs and gallery’s does not work unless your permalinks are set to blog title. Set to the default post ID and they will not work.

>Ajax pagination (click to load more button) will not work if on a static front page.

>When clicking the click to load more posts button, the page automatically scrolls to the last page dynamically loaded. WHY? surely the end user only wants to see the next post in the list. With this scroll animation the user will have to scroll back up to find there previous place!

>The single page navigation (main menu bar) does not fully work when you link to a static page. If your on a static page, then try to follow a link on the main navigation bar that is part of the one page template, it wont load the main page and navigate to the correct section; it just loads that one individual page. You have to navigate back to the root (index) of your site to get the single page template back.

>When on a mobile, the menu bar does not load correctly when you have multiple levels.

I haven’t even explored all the theme yet :/ Although the theme is steady if you stick to the example; you start coming across niggly issues when you try to do anything worthwhile.

Oh…and no sign of support despite leaving messages on website/support form/review section/comment section!

Anyhow, with no help from the author! here is how you can add the ajax pagination (click to load more button) to your timelines. Especially useful if you have a lot of timeline posts that are either slow to load all at once…or too big for a single page

Many thanks for the reply, and the fixes. I have been playing around with it, and the only issue I have come across is that on the timeline, the last post the line is being covered up with a white background rather than the background colour. When you click the next page button it works fine, it changes to match the background. Change the background colour to black and you will see. Can you advise on how to fix?

...In fact it doesn’t quite catch the last post correctly. With 6 timeline posts. display 2 per page. first page the last elements line shows incorrect background colour. Second page displays OK. third page the last line element hasn’t updated correct and there is a gap in the line because of the way you apply the .last class.

I believe you should use .timeline .post:nth-last-child(2):before. When you insert the new page with the ajax script, you will need to copy the contents of the div back into the parent div and remove that placeholder div. That way the new posts are in the same array of posts, hence the above css class will always work. The only issue is the background of the last element wont match the background colour set in the theme settings? how would you achieve the same background colour? Hope that makes sense?

Thanks! Yes, it makes sense. Its a bit tricky but i’ll come up with a solution once i figure out a better way to do this. The ajax function itself is working, its just a css issue.

Hi trying to import your xml demo media into my local build of the theme but i’m getting hung up is there any issues with the demo content on wp 4.0?


if there’s a forum or service page I should be reporting issues to please let me know thanks!

Very nice wedding theme and i want to use your theme for my upcoming wedding. Is there a way to slot in count down timer in any of the section of the one page theme?



Does your wedding theme for WP support RTL layout?

And if not, how difficult to change the direction and the alignment?

Thank you in advance.


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Is it possible to add Autoplay to the photo galleries? I don’t see an option anywhere. Thank you.

Please tell the process tosolve the following error:-

LayerSlider: old jQuery issue

It looks like you are using an old version (1.11.3) of the jQuery library. LayerSlider requires at least version 1.7.0 or newer. If you are using the WordPress version of LayerSlider, you can try out the “jQuery Updater” plugin from the WP plugin depository. If you don’t know what to do, you can write us a private message from our CodeCanyon profile page. We need a temporary WP admin account (or a temporary FTP account in some cases) to solve this issue.

Hi. I just downloaded the wedding theme, and get a blank page when installing.

I swithed the debug to “true” and god this message: “Fatal error: Switch statements may only contain one default clause in /customers/xxx_removed_the_whole_adr_xxxxx/httpd.www/wp-content/themes/wedding/includes/options.php on line 299”

The line in the “options.php” file is: default:

I use a blank version 4.4, and I use the 1st of jan ยด16 version of the theme.

What do I do??? Is this not a working theme? Thank you in advanced for quick respons!

Hi! Thanks for your bug report and sorry about this issue. Please turn off the debug mode, go to Theme Options and enter your purchase code and update your theme in Dashboard / Updates. You should see version 1.3.16 which will fix your issue, after the update you can turn back the debug mode! I also submitted the new version on themeforest but this might take a couple of hours to get accepted. The faster way is to use the auto-updated on your dashboard.