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Nice design! GLWS!

Congrats Coralix :D GLWS

Thank you!

Is there have any other color variation?
Red looks little bit strange for wedding, but it looks nice. Good luck

Yes, adding pink and much more colors in a few days, we are already working in the html multicolors version and patterns :)

“Weeding”? :P

No HTML version?

yes, in a few days :)

Good luck, looks great ! :)

thanks mate!

Weeding ftw ! :)

Good luck with sales, nice work.

Thank you!

Great design. I bought this a while ago and used it to make a simple WordPress theme for a video game website.

Astro Bro is the site, in case anyone wants to see what you can do with this coded. Definitely not limited to just wedding sites.

Thank you so much for your comment.
It is great to share your experience with our items :).
All the best with your project @lelandf!

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