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Nice theme.. GLWS.. :)

Thanks JOGJAfile.

Nice Template :) Good Luck

thanks metrothemes

How do we know which css id which style?

can you explain in details by mail

If i try to replace the two full names at the top, the female’s name disappear… If I enter just the first name, the heart is off center. Care to explain why?

Obviously there is no support for this theme that does not work.

Has this theme been fixed?

i am sending to you by mail

I am still waiting???!!!!

Has anyone got this theme working? 27 days and still no answer!

have you got my mail about the updates long time back.

Never got an email from you so never used the theme.


In the Portfolio section you are using the PrettyPhoto jquery but I want to see next and previous buttons so you don´t have to close the image and open it again, in the original PrettyPhoto you can do it


Waste of money. Looks good but way too time consuming to customize

we are here to help you ..we are working on the next updates which includes more short codes, more user friendly

Our company wants to use this theme for an Online RSVP event. Is is easy to add items to the RSVP form (multiple choice, text fields, etc)?

yes it is easy to edit the form and add it .. very easy

What I meant was, is it easy to add more questions to the form? We want more options than “Are you attending” and “Number of guests.” We want to add “Do you have any food allergies” and “Do you require accommodation?” Can this be done?

I think this theme looks cool and good. I am interested in buying but feel discouraged based on the comments here. It seems there is no solid support and documentation. 27 days without a response is enough to lose 10 clients. Sunshin27au made a Comment made 3 months, got a response 17 days ago. that is bad support.

still waiting to see the update before I can buy

coming week we will be launching updates and the wp version

We are launching next week .. here Beta Version .. More Features http://www.cmsandblogtemplates.com/tf/Wedding_Slide/v_1_1/ Please give us feedback

Does this include the heart shape for the bride and groom’s photo?

its a custom free shape

I am trying to use your template and have two different pages for photo albums – is there any easy way to do this? I have tried many ways and I can get close but the second page just lists the images under each other rather than displaying inline.

for photo album use single page and use category .. and you filter the photos by isotope filter. see the demo ours.

Still no response on the mobile issue – website now has been moved to http://trevorandmeagan.com/

The photo gallery is only showing them as a list and not floating beside each other. Also the nav menu is showing up rather than the menu icon.

Doesn’t have these problems when resizing your browser so why are they coming up on all mobile devices?

we are checking it

Nice theme. How do I get my images to load big when I click on the thumbnail.

We mailed you more details

Thanks Edigital! Best support I have had from any template on themeforest. Great job! Thank you. Will recommend to others.

Hi is everything on one page or there is a page for each section?

no … we are launching soon multi page version


Could the thumbnails in album page keep the original aspect ratio ?

please see the place holder dimension

Hello, very nice theme:)

I want delete in the menubar “CONTACT/RSVP” how i can do this?


you are welcone

hello, i have always the problem with the sidebar. Not by the main Sites, the problem is with the new normal sites


can you mail me the screen shot we will check it

I already purchase the template. if you guys have any concern just email them. they will support you ASAP. thank you suresh

thanks erik17 :)

Our company wants to use the HTML to convert it into jsp pages for a more dynamic experience. Is that possible?

yes just a single page site, you just create a page section in a Jsp,, already we have WP Version. :)

Really one of the worst templates I ever had to customize. Just gave up trying to put some radio buttons into the contact form because the css is just messed up and weirdly organized.

please tell us we are here to help you.

thanks for the offer, but theres not much you can do.