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Guys In my PC, theme is scaling to full width and looks great, but, when I tried it from my wife PC( both PC has widescreen monitors), the theme is NOT scaling to a full width. How can I fix this???

Thanks in advance,

This may be because of screen resolution, please check your screen resolution or open your site on any other PC, if your problem persists contact us again. Thanks

Hi I tried to contact you many times by email, skype. But you didnt reply at all, quite frustrated. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP. I have got several problems below.

1. symptom checker does not work, but I can see data on the back at the dash board. 2. subpage banner doesnt work : default banner works, but when I set up individual subpage banner, it doesnt work. 3. There are some problems in Gallery. Youtube format doesnt work, but Vimeo format works good. Gallery category does look work, but when I set up category and try to find some data in it, it didnt show these data. How to fix it? 4. what are these menus(event, team, service under the Posts in dashboard) for? When I click, I couldnt see any new page tab there, hard to know what I can do. Can you explain what do they for, how to use them? 5. how to build ‘Doctor self list form’?. I want doctors can list their information by themselves, and I will decides weather I can accept or not. How to build this one? I already asked you before, but I didnt get your answer yet. 6. in contact menu(located in top and main menu), how to remove a website field? Because if they miss or input wrong format of website such as www.XXX.com, it doesnt work. 7. where/How to set up feedburner for my site? thanks. I need your help ASAP.

Please share your URL here and let us check what is wrong with your website. Thanks

Please leave me your email or skype. I got yours, But you didnt reply to my email and message. So please give your right email or skype id. I will send you url and other information. Or please email to me at biz.maker@hotmail.com. thanks.

I sent my troubles at sugotech@gmail.com.

re: Welcare Responsive Medical Wordpress Theme

1.) Is there going to be any update for Wordpress 3.8? 2.) The symptom checker isn’t working, but I can see data on the back at the dashboard?

I look forward to your response.

Yes we will provide the latest version soon, the Symptom Checker is working fine here, we have checked it. If you share the links with us then we can diagnose the problem. Thanks

Any update on when the latest version my be fixed? You can’t see the symptoms checker on a mobile phone, any idea when this might be fixed or working properly?

Dear Authors!

I like Buttons on HTML version (below slider on front page), can I get them in this version? BG


We are sorry but this require customization as we are not providing this option in Wordpress, we may include this in the next version. Thanks a lot.

The Symptoms Checker doesn’t seem to work on a phone, how can I get this working on a phone e.g so it’s responsive to a phone or ipad?

We are investigating the issue and will let you know if we found it. Thanks

Any update?

Hi !

I have a Problem: My Sympton checker has dissapeared from my slider (front page).

While I was doing customization, my symptom checker has suddenly dissapeared. After that I have deleted the theme and then uploaded it again, uploaded dummydata and activated all plugins. Despite that the symptom checker is still missing, I cannot recall it even if I use shorcode.

Does anyone have a clue what has happened and how can I install fresh install?


I have resolved the problem. But I do not know how :D

Thanks, normally we does support the theme related issues not the customization.

Hi, Can i made a grid style listing using pages? HOw can i do a grid style listing? Thanks, Daniel

Thanks for asking for help, we are sorry that we are late to reply you, please read the following link, http://wpnukes.com/demo/docs/welcare/doctor-listing.html#page if you need further help please donot hesitate to contact us. Thanks

Perhaps I did not explain well… I need to create a Grid Style Listing like the demo. This is your demo: http://themeforest.net/item/welcare-responsive-medical-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/4458432 If you see the elements TYPOGRAPHY or GALLERY CATHEGORY you will see what i want. In yeh link i can see how to create listing doctors… i dont need this. I need a grid style listing. Please help me soon. Thanks so much


Hi, We have encountered an error int he instalaltion. We are unable to continue installation since we cannot reach the following links. We are waiting for your assistance.

Please explain as this does not show the nature of error you are facing. Thanks

Dear Author,

I need your help to do the following on the site am working on using this theme.
  1. How to build ‘Doctor self list form’?. I want doctors can list their information by themselves, and I will decides weather I can accept or not.
  2. How to remove date on the top of pages
  3. Does Event, Team and Service menu works?

Thank you.

Thanks for waiting, here are the links for your issues.

1. http://wpnukes.com/demo/docs/welcare/doctor-listing.html#page 2. For this you have to goto single.php and remove the following code
<div class="post_date">
                        <div class="day_month">
                            <span class="day"><?php the_time('d');?></span>
                            <span class="month"><?php the_time('M');?></span>

                        <span class="post_year"><?php the_time('Y');?></span>
3. Please explain this query so that we can answer correctly.


I have several questions regarding customization:

1 – Where can I find line to change Doctor and Search forms (from City to Location) and deleting Zip code?

2 – How do I make the Events, Team, and Services work? The documentation provided does not show/tell

3 – How do I deploy banners? The documentation provided does not show/tell.

4 – Since you are no longer changing colors, can you kindly post the colors and locations or send them to us when requested? My email is kdrindy@gmail.com I need them urgently

The purchase of the theme was made with the understanding that changes could be made and unfortunately I’ve lost a lot of time in tracking down information to learn that I have to do the line changes myself.

Your help in this with providing the information would be of a great assistance.

Thanks in advance! Again, my email is kdrindy@gmail.com


Need help. How i can sort doctors on page? Thanks

Que tal agregue un widget de categorias pero no me respeta las categorias que selecciono, ejemplo agregue una categoria de contacto, creo una entrada pero no me muestra la entrada que creo como contacto, de que forma le puedo hacer para que la categoria de contacto me respete la entrada que creo, por que edito la entrada de contacto pero al parecer no es la misma direccion que se vincula al previsualizar la pagina de a entrada de contacto. Espero haberme dado a entender muchas gracias, si no me dicen por favor, buen dia

There are some problems in Gallery. Youtube format doesnt work, but Vimeo format works good and images are not attached with gallery. How to fix it?

The Symptoms Checker isn’t working on a iPhone or Android Phone, how can I get this working on a phone e.g so it’s responsive to a phone or ipad?


Will there be any updates soon? As far as I can see the latest update is at 12-06-2013. I want to buy this theme but it is 3.7 ready and I want to know if it is compatible with 3.8 or higher?

Thanks in advance

Hello – Soooo…. now WordPress 3.9 is out …. Can we please hear from the developer if this theme is compatible?

I still haven’t heard back if the theme is compatible with WP 3.8 yet?

If not, can you please let me know when it will be …. customers are asking me … I need to tell them something???


Yes… I need tok get the same answer as wynot. I am about to get a developer to install and make the changes I need but he will of cokurse use the latest 3.9 wordpress. I tried it and it hung badly. Can you please confirm the status khere. Thanks.

Can we please have and answer to the question many have asked already:

“Is this theme compatible with WordPress 3.9?”

This is very important to me and my business and my clients to keep our websites and software up to date for security reasons. Especially for a “Medical” website.

Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you.

The Symptoms Checker isn’t working on a iPhone or Android Phone, how can I get this working on a phone e.g so it’s responsive to a phone or ipad? Also, any update on it working with Wordpress 3.9?

I am trying to install this theme on different servers also on local but its not working properly slider and mega menu not working also Insurance Companies section is not working. please help.given is the url of the theme which i install on my server. http://www.imperialsoft.com.pk/fmh/