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I have several questions after purchasing this theme:

1. If I choose not to in WP Nukes Gallery & WP Nukes Sympton Checker, how do I turn off the “warning” for other users? This is the warning my editor gets: Sorry, but you do not have the correct permissions to install the WPnukes Gallery and WPnukes Symptom Checker plugins. Contact the administrator of this site for help on getting the plugins installed. Dismiss this notice

2. The other issue is that only an admin can add/edit doctors. How do we fix this?

3. In the description, it mentions a color changer but I haven’t found that. Where is it? In comments, you said to request the PSD to make color changes (which I did several days ago but haven’t received any response).

4. I would like to change the fields for the appointment page – where would change this to also reflect in the admin section?

Thank you!

Hi – I added a video in one of my slides using videojs – it works but I need a way to stop the slider if its on automatic and also to disable the slide controls if its on manual – only when the video is playing.

In other words when the video is playing keep the slider on that slide. Is there a way to do this? Thanks!

hello. just want to ask you if you have released a new version of the theme, or an update. I downloaded again the files and installed them but the find-a-doctor plugin keeps working the same, i only get to see the specialties of the last doctor i added, instead of all of them. THNKS

we have update the theme and fixed all the known errors, if you still have any issues do contact us at hassan@fourthwavetech.com

I got an email about an update available for this theme …. but no instructions on how to update?

Do we need to update by downloading the .zip file and then uploading it to our server? What is your recommended way of performing this update?


Ok – I figured out how to update the theme..

But now I have a question…. Twitter is still not working with the new update … But maybe I just don’y know how to use it such as, what or where do I get the following info fro the fields in the new twitter: API Key? API Secert? Token Key? Token Secret?

What are these and how to I find out what I should put in there? Thanks!

Thank you for providing us with a great theme. However, recently I noticed that the theme is no longer responsive on a smart phone. Please help. site reference: www.brightpaths.com

this theme is working fine in all devices, if you still have problems, you can contact us with the reference of that problem at hassan@fourthwavetech.com

after buying this wordpress theme will the SYMTOM CHECKER work from head to toe for man woman and child?.

yes we have given the functionality for the symptom checker which works for all the body parts. We have our support system as well, in case of any issue we will respond you within 24 hours.

Hi wpnukes,

Thanks for such a great WP Theme. I purchased it today. It is an absolute 5 star!

I just have a dumb question: I got the licence file with code included. Where should I put that code? Or better to ask, should I put that code somewhere for legal issues?

Our expert will contact you shortly to answer this question

Hi, I upgraded my wp to 3.6. My gallery plugin isn’t working now. I can upload pictures.

Is there a way to solve this problem?

@oralunal let us diagnose the issue of gallery, we will reply you within 24 hours

hello Symptom Checker not working please me contact fago@live.com

@fago01 we recommend to download the latest version, if you still face any issues please contact and email to hassan@fourthwavetech.com with your problem to be resolved.

I have similar issues with Symptom Checker…Is there any email contact for WPNuke

problem solved please get the new updated version.

I have similar issues with Symptom Checker…Is there any email contact for WPNuke

@chatwithsada we recommend to download the latest version, if you still face any issues please contact and email to hassan@fourthwavetech.com with your problem to be resolved.

what is next version?

Thanks for fixing all the errors.!! i have applied new version

Is there a way to have the slider on the responsive version? Particularly the mobile veriosn (iPhone, Android, etc)

yes you can do this through admin panel.

Having trouble with Internet Explorer – it is jumbling up the slider and one of the doctor’s will not give a rating of 5 – http://wellnesscenterofpasco.com/

We are sorry for the inconvenience and will get back to you with the fixes within next 24 hours.

You can remove this error by applying the following changes. Goto file http://wellnesscenterofpasco.com/wp-content/themes/welcare/css/cslider.css?ver=1.0 On line number 1 see the class name ”.da-slider” Add the following property in this class “overflow:hidden;” (without quotes)

You problem will be solved. Thanks for giving us a chance to serve you.

Having trouble with mega menu. I cant get it working. I did not get a plugin for the mega menu. My site is here: http://sgnova.pspsolutions.info/

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we can see that there is no issue with mega menu as it is working fine here, please find the megamenu in V 1.4 Includes >> Thirdparty and here you can see the mega menu.

I can’t add or edit menus or even use Mega menu. Is there a newer version of this theme?

Is there any progress?

Sorry but we are off Saturday and Sunday so hopefully you will get response on Monday. Please submit you admin and username at sugotech@gmail.com also so that we try to help you quickly. By submitting it today we can help you before Monday.

problem solved please get the new updated version.

I have not purchased the theme yet…. Can I change the content in the symptom checker and add links to the descriptions?

If you want to do this, you need short customization, if you are willing, than we can help you.

can’t save the uploaded images into a gallery. followed doc instructions. go to galleries, add new, upload images, click insert to post, publish, view gallery no images????? any thoughts

Ok send your admin and password with URL at sugotech@gmail.com and we will solve the issue within hours.