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Hi, first of all love the theme! Question though, is it possible to have the slider without captions on it? They just want photos with no wording on it.

Thanks in advance for your help!

There are no such options available in the admin panel to perform such changes for that purpose you need very short customization.


disable Responsive for mobile ;;;


yes you can do it through admin panel

great theme but it says no hands on support. so.. u dont answer questions here or by email? please let me know as this is the only theme my doctors office wants. i can customize templates fine but i know theres always a question or three i may need answered….

We give support to all of our customers, we provide support through email and ticket system which is built in themeforest. You can directly approach us through email as well. Contact Sugotech@gmail.com

thank you! writing now

Hello. The menus are not working. Nothing shows or saves when adding pages to the menu. How can we remove the mega-menu and use the standard menu for Wordpress? Thanks.

We are giving an update within 6 hours after fixing this issue. Thanks for purchasing our product. We will get back to you soon.

When the updated theme is ready for download, please let us know asap. Thanks.

Nevermind, I deactivated the WPNukesMegaMenu plugin to get the regular menu to work.

Hi – I just got an email notifying me of an update to this theme on 10/12/13. I downloaded it and used a DiffMerge program to find out what was changed since I’ve customized mine.

All files are exactly the same as the last update on 08/31/13 v1.4.

I tried two compare programs and both report that there is no differences to any of the files or folders???? So, what has changed? Am I missing something? Thanks.

But where and what files? I can’t locate any difference between the last update on 08/31/13 and this new one on 10/12/13. Can you provide me a list of your changes so that I can update my theme? Thanks!

The update was about a bug in Megamenu, if you want to update your theme than uninstall your MegaMenu plugin and reinstall it after downloading the new version. If your mega menu plugin is working fine than skip this version.

aahhh ok Thanks! I’m good then :)

hi i have pre-sale questions

1. Get an Appointment (can we add new remove, edit text and input) from admin panel 2. in all forms (can we add new remove, edit text and input) from admin panel

3. i thinks there is problem in contact page 4.is there a problem with megamenu

Sorry at this moment this theme does not support changeable forms, but within a week, we are introducing this in our product. Secondly there are no issues with the mega menu, as this issue was solved in our latest update. We have noticed the contact Us page error which will be resolved within a day.

my emails have been ignored since october 11. my question is very basic.. i cant even do anything with the template until this issue is fixed. i am using the latest version an none of the shortcodes i put on the homepage are appearing except the slider..

As per our information, we have carefully answered all of you emails. Please recheck your inbox and then contact us.

The toggle shortcode does not work on mobile. The toggle bar shows up on the mobile site but the little [+] is cut off and therefore renders the toggles useless. Is there a way to make the whole toggle bar clickable instead of just that tiny [+] to toggle? maybe that will enable it to work on the mobile site. Thanks.

Thanks for contacting us, we are investigating the issue and we will let you know once it is analyzed and fixed in case of error.

any update on this? thanks!

We have checked it completely and found no issues, if you still face an issue please send us an email at sugotech@gmail.com with screen shots.

still no solution via e-mail. it’s going on 1 week now. the help i need is basic! i can’t even start editing this template because basic functions arent working. the shortcodes i insert on the homepage do NOT show up. i say no side bar, and a sidebar still appears. i have emailed my wordpress login a few times. thank you.

the menus won’t appear and the sidebar is still showing on the homepage even when i select no sidebar. i have emailed you screen shots and my login.


I requested you to send your username and password at Sugotech@gmail.com and we check the issue once again.

Hi WordPress 3.7 is out – is Welcare compatible?

We are testing the theme as we complete it we let you know.

ok Now WordPress 3.7.1 is out … lso, now that WP is doing auto-updates is this theme going to be able to stay up-to-date as wordpress updates going forward?

Hi, I just have one concern before proceeding to buy this theme. Can i customize the results report of the symptom so that i can link the text to the correspondent doctors/hospital that provide treatment for the symptom?

btw, i’m asking about the symptom checker plugin.

Thanks for your interest in our product, we are sorry there is no such option in this theme but we can customize it for you.


thanks for the info. Will contact you guys if i need the customization :)

Hi there, how can i show the “x reviews | Write a Review” under the Average Patient Rating in doctor listing details?

and, what is the status of Wordpress 3.7 testing? i tried to find the version compatibility in the release notes but couldn’t see it.

hi, seems that the “x reviews | Write a Review” is not available as it’s advertised in the support document?

please send your issue with the blog email and password to sugotech@gmail.com and we will look into the matter quickly.

Please help! thanks!

I have replied your ticket above please follow.

hi man…sent email to you for the support on the dropdown list not working on ipad/iphone as well as the issue in editing symptom, but haven’t got any response. looking forward to your response. thanks.

Presales question. I noticed that form customizations were supposed to be coming soon… At this point, can you make customizations? I am looking to allow people to search for doctors by either “zip code” or “state” (without the other fields) and I don’t see this on the demo. If this is an option I can purchase today.

Thanks for your interest in our product, we will surely do the customization for you, once you decide to purchase it.

How’s the update to WP 3.7.1 looking? Is the theme compatible with the latest WordPress version?

There are few updates on which we are working and we will launch them within few days together with 3.7 update.

Sorry for being a bit late, not the theme is compatible with the latest 3.7 version of Wordpress.

hi its been a couple weeks and my issue was never fixed. the menu drop downs aren’t showing megamenu style and i have megamenu enabled for that menu option..

Dear we already solved all of your issues which you provided through email.


Please send you ftp at sugotech@gmail.com with themeforest username and we will solve the issue as soon as possible.

few questions and suggestions.

1. will we see a woocomerce integration, this theme fits perfect for holistic site, that sells a client products.

2. i see that its wp 3.5 will we see 3.6 or 3.7 updates on this theme.

3.is it possible when scrolling down site to have the main menu float with site as scrolling.

4. is this theme compatible with revolution slider.

5. the subscribe newsletter can this be changed to use with mailchimp, or aweber instead.

6. is the theme compatible with disqus and facebook comment plugins

7. is this theme compatible with caching plugins w3-total cache or wp-super cache.

8. will there be an visual composer integration later, so we can have different layouts on pages, especially the homepage.

9. can we search by doctors in zip codes, city by city, state by state, or country

10. a simple login system on this would be great. next to the contact icon at top, that drops down when you click login or register

11. is this search results by relevance, how is the search results worked.

12. i didn’t see anything regard mobile solutions, is this theme mobile friendly

Sorry for the late reply but we are not providing all of these functions in it.

There support is non existent. Some joker chimes in ever so often to keep the newbs purchasing. God forbid you contact them for support like they suggest, they will just keep you on the hook never getting back to you… Your ticket please. Go and get the help you need from Elance. Post your job and pay an unbelievable fair price to fix your issues with this theme. These guys here are a joke. You only need to read past post of countless individuals ignored. There are a ton of issues with this theme. The 1.5 update is not even an update… Dubai Crooks.

Go ahead chime in and say again you already fixed my issues…like a bot…

We appreciate the way you criticize us, and we are also working to remove the existing bugs in this theme, as we will give a new version very soon.

hello, same problem i was having a few weeks ago. i selected NO SIDEBAR and after i save the post, it reverts back to “Blog Sidebar” on its own..

Please send your blog details so that we can check it again. Also send your themeforest username with the email.

Sorry for inconvenience, Your issue is solved in the new version, please download the latest version.

Is this theme still supported ??

When You plan to give new version without existing bugs ??

The work on the next version is on and we are hopeful that we will launch the next version within 10 days or so.

We have provided new version which is free of all bugs reported by the buyers.