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Dear ThemeFuse,

Your theme is great, I love it and bought it !

But do you have the ornamental slider background in vector ? (this one : )

Because my client want it in a bigger format.

Thank you in advance!

Best Regards,

i’m afraid we only have it that size and it’s not vector, but it can be made as a repeatable pattern, so it will fill smoothly any size of background image.

hi….do u have this template for wordpress? thanks

The Wordpress version is available exclusively on our website (can’t post link here)

I would like this as a Wordpress theme, too!

it’s available exclusively on our website (can’t post link here)

Hi, the website is very good but I have two questions. 1 Can tell me where is the calendar file so that it can translate the Spanish and the French? 2 I can say if you can add any field on the booking page? I need more than the email fields.

Thank you very much and great work

Please be so kind and post your question on our dedicated Support Forum, where our support team will help you out in no time. We don’t offer support here on the comments because it gets tricky pretty fast to follow the conversation and it’s also hard to be seen by others who might encounter the same issue.

Thanks for your understanding.

hello, as is the reservation system work? or is it just to show the demo?

Hello there, this is only the HTML version so no reservation system included. The Wordpress version (for the moment available exclusively on our website) has this functionality.

Hello, do you have CMS for this theme? Joomla perhaps?

Thanks, S@

There is a WordPress version available for sale, but not here I’m afraid. Can’t share the link though, I’m not allowed. Get in touch with us on and we’ll pick it up from there.


Will be there a update of the html version to be responsive ?

Best Regards,

Hi creativeart, This theme is responsive only for Wordpress. We dont plan to create a responsive version for HTML version


Ok thank you for your fast answer.

Thannk you too @creativeart

Hi,I’m interested in this theme and just wondring that can I use thie theme for normal website? Not like wordpress or shopfy theme.Last time I bought the theme which I can’t able to use.I have some code and want to modify and use.

Hi lovejin0920, All our themes are in Wordpress or HTML format. This product is in HTML format and it is not compatible with Wordpress. It is a simple HTML project


Hello this can used on script ?

No I’m afraid not