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My last question :) Out portfolios have 4 photos, can we include this 3 photo as a lightbox view in portfolio content ?

You mean as a lightbox gallery for each item?

we don’t have that option implemented

Great theme, wondering if there is a way on the homepage to have the image go to the post page instead of opening a bigger image? Also I’m getting scaling issues with my homepage images they are not keeping proportions, can you help? Thanks

contact me via my profile

Can i disable portfolio title links ? For example in the [portfolio rows=”2” columns=”3” category=”Portfolio 1 item per row”] view, we just want to pictures clickable, not title of portfolios. I mean we dont want to detail page for portfolios… Can we do that ?

yes this can be done two ways:

1. if you have php skills I can help remotinv the link. You have to contact me via my profile

2. add the gallery images as a [gallery] not portfolio // see documentation. This way you can control the url


Hi, I’m interested in purchasing this theme, but I need to have the home page image go to the post page. I saw someone else had commented about it as well. Is this something easy to accomplish? I’m assuming the front page images you see in the demo are blog posts? Thanks!

yes, this feature is already implemented

How do I back up my settings before I upgrade the theme version? I don’t want to lose all my styling…

where have you modified yout styling? in Theme options -> Extra css? if you modified the style there your css will be saved.. if you modified an internal file you just have to backup that file and replace it after installing the theme again

How do I do the Youtube homepage box?

the box in our homepage preview is a blog post that have a featured movie instead of image. you can use blog posts or you can add this html code:

<div class="box cool_pf gallery">
<div class="pic_hover">
<div class="title" style="margin-top:350px;">
<p><a class="image"><iframe src="" width="620" height="465" frameborder="0" class="video generalframe"></iframe></a></p></div>
<div class="plus" style="display:block;" />
<div class="hide_content" style="display: none;">
<div class="inner">text</div>
<div class="min" style="display: none;" />
<div class="line" />


I cant seem to insert an image gallery on a page. When I add it in it just displays nothing? What am I doing wrong?


i replied on your email

Thanks just sent you an email back.

Is it not Responsive for mobil and tablet?

When adding a new gallery it’s even not possible to add more than one single image. Moreover if I click on this gallery it gives me a splash-screen with ability to navigate to others’ gallery pictures. This is not what I want. I need several galleries with one preview picture and others inside with ability to navigate (using pop-up screen) between other pictures of the same gallery not others. Is it possible in general?

This is quite big oversight seeing that this theme is primarily a ‘portfolio’ template – don’t you think? or am I missing something… please reply

you can use [portfolio lightbox_gallery=”yes” ] in order to get a lightbox gallery.

you can add a custom gallery in each portfolio item page if you need more galleries. there are plenty of gallery wp free plugins

is is possible to make the logo bigger? Is it also possible to replace where it says , Concept, develop, design with a logo instead?


sorry for the late reply. Yes, it’s possible

Hey is it possible to update theme, latest wordpress and better mobile compatibility, I will purchase this theme just want to make sure its all updated as needed?

Unfortunately the theme is not responsive . my colleague that was suppose the make design updates doesn’t want to work on this anymore. I can only make sure and create updates for wordpress compatibility or other coding issues. (but not on design).

When I install this theme, the plugins are not installed. I then tried to install them manually but I can’t active them. I get some sort of critical error. :/

replied to email

Hay Fialovy, Thanks for the loving theme. I have an question. At the contactpage there is an Googlemap picture with a location. Where in the website can I change it in my location (and how).

Thanx Joost

Hay, Thanx for your quick respons. I have changed the code in

[location_img lat=”51.585447” long=”4.980095” lang=”NL” width=”295” height=”200”]

these are the codes of my place, but the map will not change into the new location. Miss I something?

Thanx again…. Joost

sorry about that. we’ll fix the issue in the next update. until then please use:

<div class="map">
<iframe src="!1m10!1m8!1m3!1d4958.100730882687!2d4.970439!3d51.5856403!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!5e0!3m2!1snl!2sro!4v1430390933464" width="600" height="450" frameborder="0" style="border:0"></iframe>

Thank you very mucho. I appreciate your quick respons.

Hi. I have a feeling that this theme might have some security issues. Ever since I installed this plugin, all my sites have been hacked several times. In addition, this theme has not been updated for at very long time. Will there be any updates soon?

Sounds good. Are you aware of possible security issues within the current version? And if so; have they been fixed in the update? In addition, how long does it usually take for themeforrest to approve a theme update?

i think today it will get approved. the theme doesn’t have any security issues. are you using any extra plugins?

Yes, I am using the following plugins: Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Hello Dolly, iThemes Security, Lazy Load, Mango Buttons, Search & Replace, Shortcodes Ultimate, TinyMCE Advanced, W3 Total Cache and Wordfence Security. I always ensure that all of the plugins are up-to-date. However, I am experiencing abuse on my site. Two times my site has been hacked and various .php-files are placed everywhere within my ftp-server. It’s really really frustration. I have no idea how they get in.

Hi. I see that the new update has been released. How do I update the theme? :-)

you can remove the existing theme and install the new update. all theme options will be saved

Hi. It’s been 5 months now since the last update- have you made any update since then or are you planning to?

do you have any troubles regarding the theme? or any bugs?