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Can I install this theme on wordpress?

This is HTML, you cant install on WORDPRESS, Here is the wordpress version, Please check it out http://themeforest.net/item/werock-multipurpose-music-event-wordpress-theme/7692372

Hi! The music player can be configured to stream from a live radio station stream? If not, if i’ll buy a shoutcast player can you help me configured it? Thanks!

This player supports shoutcast all you have to do is to add shoutcast streaming url.

Hi, please could you advise me on an issue i’m having, every outside code i seem to use will not work correct, Firstly i have a code for selling tickets via ticket tailor, code will not work without main.js removed. mainly have edited one of the album pages to a shop item, tried to post the PayPal button code within the page at shows nothing?

Please could you show me an option to get around this otherwise i will not be able to use the template, without the payment button link.



Hi, which version are you using, is it ajax or classic?

Hi there,

at first here my verification: 89ca07d5-028a-42ba-8075-XXXXXXXXXXXXX

I have only one short question: In the mobile view of the navigation, the first layer is clickable if it contains submenus. I want the same function from second to third layer – but the second layer isn’t clickable, instead it is showing the content of the third layer. But I want to tap first and THEN showing the content of the third layer… I think it seems to be possible by modifying the Javascript-Part, but I’m not a coder… :( Can you help me?

Thanks in advance and best regards Stefan

Hi, Currently only 2 level menu is supported, We will add this feature soon in next updates.

Yeah sounds good… Can you give a tentative schedule? Do you talk about weeks or months? :D

Cant tell you any fix date for this feature to be included. However will try to make it happen asap

I just bought this theme and I am trying to customize it; Your instructions are not very good; in fact it is very poor; you did not give any instructions on how to change the songs in jplayer or the names; all you did was point to jplayer. That is not very good. You need to tell the people how to make changes; you cannot just point to jplayer.

The reason people bought your template is because they don’t have time to try and figure out everything; if they did, then they would not need your template.

I need to know where and how to change the artist and the songs in the template; you did not provide this information. I bought this theme because I don’t have time to search all over the internet and read how jplayer works. Neither did you provide information on how the contact form works. I am not a programmer; that is why I bought your template

Please provide information on how to change the information in your template or please refund my money.

Thank you.

Hi I am not sure why would you write alot just to ask something that you cant figure which was actually provided. Have you checked HTML files? This is HTML theme so everything would be in HTML , and in HTML each and every jquery plugin must have been called on a HTML element. so if we talk about jplayer which is again a plugin, you should just check the HTML block which is responsible for that player, and if you would do that you would never have to write this long comments… And We themeforest authors cant teach any buyer how to use plugins so we are suppose to point towards docs of the plugin. Basic knowledge of HTML and jquery is required for most of the HTML themes. otherwise you should try wordpress theme they are easy to use for non-programmers. In the HTML files its commented how to include songs. Please open index.HTML file and find the section where jplayer has been placed. and in there you will find a list that have songs you have to replace those song with yours. For artists please open the relative HTML file and its all there. I cant write in the docs that in x page you would have to change y images to setup you website, because these are images and HTML. No offense at all, However I do find your comment offensive, that I don’t think is the appropriate way to ask assistance.

I purchased this template and the Theme color is Pink. I need to know how to change this to Red or Maybe Green. My purchase ticket is


Hi, you would have to include desired color css file right after main.css (assets/css/colors/colorname.css ).

I need to add my Shoutcast Information to the Music Player and have it Autostart when someone visit my website. How do I do that?

Hi, Shoutcast provides port and url for radio stations, so simple use that as meda source , like url:port and it will work fine , please see jplayer docs if you have any confusions, http://jplayer.org/latest/developer-guide/ . This demo shows example of radio streaming: http://jplayer.org/latest/demo-08/ ..... In order to set player auto play you have to set autoplay: true, somthing like this http://awesomescreenshot.com/02e5p63264 .. Let me know if there is any confusion,

Hello I am having a minor problem with my tweet.php feed, when I purchase and upload the file to my website, at first it work fine, but now it keep showing me that it is loading, but it never ends. Here is my website link www.gspothome.com please help. Thank you

This could happen if your configuration file is not correct, please make sure you have entered you secret keys from twitter.


djeef Purchased

hello, I purchase your theme today and it is impossible to install because it tells me that the style sheet is missing

You have purchased HTML version. I think you need wordpress. http://themeforest.net/item/werock-multipurpose-music-event-wordpress-theme/7692372

djeef Purchased

I was wrong, you can pay me is the html version I buy so I can take this version?

We are sorry you had to experience this, but its mentioned in the name and also in the category that its HTML theme, so in this case Envato policy don’t allow us to refund.

can I use it with Muse?

This is a HTML theme, you would have to convert it ti Muse

how can I do it?