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I have a pre-purchase question. Is it possible to change the share icons so that they are individually coloured (eg google red, facebook blue, twitter light blue etc)?

Hi there, you’d need to change the images to do that, but it wouldn’t be too difficult if you know a bit of CSS and how to use an image editing program

Hi there, Is it possible to display full blog posts consecutively in the main feed? As opposed to just an excerpt and feature image with ‘continue reading’? I ask as I’d love to get this theme if it allows for full posts to display, meaning viewers don’t need to click into each individual post. Thanks and love the theme, amazing work!

Hi there yes you can show the full blog posts but if they want to comment, they’d need to go to the individual blog article as comments will not show in the main feed (only the number of columns shows e.g. “8 Comments”). thanks for the kind words too :)

Great, finally a theme that allows for full posts! Thank you!! And can I select how many display, for example 5 posts? Is there then a “load more” button I could use to bring up say another 5 posts?

There is no load more functionality built in, but there are quite a few free plugins on that you could try.

Hi Developer. I like the design of the PAGE template:

Is it possible to make this the default template for my POST as well? I prefer this design to the current post template design.

How do I do this?


Also, I think the design and styling of the homepage needs some help. It could be a lot better. The page templates and post template look better than the home template. Maybe if we can have a video background with opaque overlay for the big “I’m Wharton” cover on the homepage…, that’d be REALLY AWESOME.

Hi there, the templates are very similar, you’d need to edit the single.php (via the child theme) to take out all the elements you don’t want. If you need any pointers please raise a request at

Thanx. Ticket submitted. Ticket: #311678

thanks, we’ve already replied :)

Hello, I just bought and tried to install and I received this message: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

ok never mind i jumped the gun on the comment, figured out.

No worries and thanks for purchasing :)

Is there an option for multi-level / drop down menus?

Hi Micha, no it’s just single level navigation, no drop downs.

At the bottom of each page of blog entries there is a link to the next or previous page. On my site those read ’.PrevPage’ and ‘NextPage.’. How can I change these to something more readable?

I’ve tried the author support but it comes up as unavailable.

Hi there, please check out this article you’ll need to translate the theme to change that text on our support portal our support portal seems to be running fine so please try again and raise a ticket if you still need help. Thanks for purchasing :)