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Did I do something wrong? I bookmarked the WordPress version and then came back to purchase and did so, now all I have is the HTML files and not the WP theme. Wha? Where did it go?

Hi, you must have bookmarked this version, because we haven’t released Wordpress version yet. The easiest ways to see is the theme WP of HTML is the price. HTML is worth 15$ and WP 40-55$.

Hi! In the demo, the twitter feed isn’t working. The design is beauty! :) Clean and professional! Congratulation! :)

Thanks :) Will check it.

Hi! I received an email notifying me un updated in my purchased whisper theme. I download again but it’s seems tobe the same vesrion 1.1 like I have and it would be the 1.3. How can I get the update to 1.3?. tanks in advance. Joan (bcnsites)

Hi, you downloaded right version (just checked). The only change is in twitter widget, because twitter is using the new API. You can see that you have new folder in “js” folder. You can see how to use new twitter widget in documentation.

Best regards, Andrijana

Thanks a lot for clarifying my doubts!. Did I mencioned that you made a great job? Joan

Thank you. Really appreciate it and glad you are satisfied with our theme. :)

hi thr,

great job i must say.. just one tiny issue i have tried my best (i am not a programmer) to implement that Twitter thingi.. cudn’t do that can you please guide me through??



Hi, the easiest way is to open documentation file, go to (in the sidebar menu) “photo streams and twitter widget”. There you have step by step guide on how to use twitter widget. If you’ll have any other questions, drop us an email.


Is the WP version ready?


Unfortunatelly it is not finished yet. We hope it will be soon.

Any news about the Wordpress version?

Hi, Development got delayed because of new requirement ThemeForest announced. We are working on Metropolis and Whisper and hope we will finish them soon.

Seems like a solid package, pretty deep into a redesign, no probs. Will mention you as the design partner for this project on social, THX!

Thank you :), appreciate it.

I’m impressed by this theme, I love it. However, I can’t find the Revolution slider documentation referenced in your own documentation. Can you help?

Oh, it could happened that we forgot to include it.. We apologize. Here is the link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/59635964/Revolution%20Slider%20Documentation.zip

Will you release a retina update?

Hi, we didn’t have plans for it, but it can be achieved with retina.js and a little bit of css. Here is how it works. Put original image and an image doubled sized (that has @2x at the end, for example image1.jpg and image1@2x.jpg) in the same folder. Download retina.js plugin and include it in your HTML document. regarding the icons and backgrounds in css, you need to make media query in css in which you will call doubled sizes of icons or backgrounds.. Here is a nice article on it: http://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/retina-display-media-query/. Hope this helps :).

Thank you very much

No problem :)

WordPress version available


Can you add a video clip to the homepage slider area instead of an image? Thanks!

Hi eleecreative,

currently no, but template’s update is on it’s way. We changed Revolution slider script to newest version so you will be able to put video inside a slider. You will see example on home02.html. We also included documentation for revolution slider :). update should be approved in one or two days.

Best regards and thank you for purchase.

any news on the update where video can be embedded into the slider?


we updated the template, you should have recieve the email about update from TF.. Something must went wrong then.. We apologize for waiting.. You can donwload template again and follow instructions in documentation (section Change log).. We also included revolution slider documentation. Let us know if you’ll need anything else :).

Can you tell me how to slow down the time/delay between each ad on the main page revolution slider?

Hope that makes sense… Thanks.


at the bottom of the index.html file there is a code for revolution slider. It is marked with comments so you’ll be able to recognize it. It looks something like this:

Delay 5000 means that there is 5 seconds between slides. To shorten that time, simply change that value :).

You Rock! Thank you!!

No problem :)

love the this site. Any chance you can provide high resolution capabilities?

Hi dianacom,

thank you. We are not planning converting it to retina, but it’s quite seasy to achieve it.. You can see in comment above how this can be done :)

Hi, can’t you simply supply the database for the original demo site like most other templates I have used do? I seem to be wasting hours trying to recreate your demo site when I know that you can provide the DB for me to recreate it in seconds. Goes against any logic to be doing this. Please help. I am using the Wordpress one.

Hi, Did you missed the Theme category? This is HTML theme, Wordpress is here.

Hi, I purchased the $45 one on Wordpress, I need the MYSQL DB for the demo site, do you have?

We are not authors of Wordpress version, you need to ask author here.

When I make changes to the point size of body type and headings (via Appearance > Theme Options > Typography) They do not seem to work in the “BOXED” Layout style only the “WIDE” style. Is there a way to adjust point size in the “BOXED” style?

This is for Wordpress by the way…

Hi sonya80,

you posted the question on HTML version. You can found WP version here. Please post your question there, as we are not authors of WP version. Thank in advance.

Is there a way for the slider on the main page to make a video clip in a custom video player box, on top of a background image. The way I have it now, it fills the area and since it pulls from vimeo, there are black bars on the sides that I want to get rid of. Plus, I would like the video to play on top of a background image http://ipasolutions.com/compliatric_new/index.html

Thank you!

You can add background image to the slide, the same way as for other slides and then use boxed video iframe. You can see example in Revolution slider documentation under section “Youtube video in slide”. if you’ll have any problems drop us an email :)

Support Forum Opening

Dear buyers,

After two years of selling on ThemeForest we decided to improve customer support experience.

First step is opening support forum to help buyers with resolving issues faster.

Support for our premium themes will be available only to buyers with valid Purchase Code so please before registering obtain Code from ThemeForest. You can read HERE how to get the Code. If you have trouble registering please contact us through contact form and we will get back you to as soon as possible.

Vladimir, Pixel Industry Team

Hello. One pre sale question please. Is contact form working or its just to show it? Thnx


roby124 Author Team


The contact form has the php processor which sends the mail. So, yes, the contact form is working on this theme.

If you decide to buy this theme, in case of any problems you can open a topic on our support forum, and we will be glad to help you.