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how can I disable the upload plugin (for forms)? I need to completely integrate the upload function on my website within its system so I just need a basic html file input (and I don’t want to use the Whitelablel’s upload.php file).

Thanks in advance.


Please remove the uniform script from the script.js. Hope that helps!

Hi There, excellent job. It would be good, in mobile view the main menu is styled as a dropdown list instead of icons as it could be hard to know what each icon refers to for new users. I would consider buying it if that option is available. Cheers.


Thanks for the suggestions! Not that easy to implement though cause of the responsiveness of the template. You may use tooltips!

gaurav_ch Purchased

Hey, I have bought it quite sometime back. Just wanted to know if there is another theme you have in mind.


Currently no, sorry


I have a few issues with small screen rendering of the sub menu and checkboxes. As asked on the support tab here I created a ticket on your ticksy page. I just can’t see that ticket, and now I’m unsure whether you actually got that ticket. My adress there is the same as the one used here.

If you didn’t get that ticket, I can ask here, but not attach screenshots to explain the issues.


Sorry for my absence. I was on vacation and couldn’t get back to you earlier.

I’ve tested the template on iPhone which works fine. Can you post a screenshot somewhere like http://imgur.com/

This is one awesome Product. Complete, sleek, very very nice.

I haven’t understood yet how to use all included in this product.

I don’t understand how to post multiple uploaded files to my php script. Something escapes me. I tried to look in the documentation, but I just don’t find the part with getting the posted files. Can you please help ? If possible, give me your email or some kind of contact, I will be interested in some plugins.


Hi hotswingers!

Sorry for the troubles!

Can you please open a new ticket?


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I’m sure this is quite simple, but where exactly would I find installation / enable instructions for white label admin skin for UCM.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.


Please as dtbaker about the installation progress!

Can i increase the width of drop down?. Please help!


Sure, just increase the width property with css!

Good Morning,

I am currently looking for a template to use for physiotherapy company.

I need to be able to let patients register and receive updates via their control panel for upcoming treatments and how they are doing on existing treatments.

I am new to this so is there easy to follow instructions to to install and edit?


It’s basically a HTML skin with CSS and Javascript and nothing to “install” All server side stuff is up top you!

I’m trying to get rid of the fancy html5 file upload input field. I’ve tried removing: $content.find(‘input[type=file]’).wl_File(); It works, but now it wont let me submit any form with a file input field.


Do you get any error in the console?

In multiselect option, how can put some items selected?

land Purchased

Excellent work guys! When are you planning an update?

help.revaxarts.com is live!

As you may know I’m currently working with Ticksy to give support for my items. Recently support requests have increased tremendously and since Ticksy has stopped it’s development I had to find a better solutions for my customers.

From now on all support request for buyers go through this contact form and all most common questions should have been answered already at help.revaxarts.com

I’m going to add new articles in the future so you may want to add the feed to your favorite feed reader or sign up to my newsletter as well

I’ll answer open tickets at Ticksy soon but you should consider to send me a mail to speed thing up

Thanks for understanding

How to configure White Label – a full featured Admin Skin that would look like on the demo? I bought. and no documents



You can’t “configure” it since it’s just HTML/JS and CSS

All server side stuff is up to you


Have you finished with the jQuery Updates? We really need this one.


Currently no ETA on that

How to setup jQueryTourPlugin ? I can not found how to setup in the documents. I setup in IIS and open the page , i can not found the tour like your demo. how to do?



Have you read the docs: http://revaxarts-themes.com/tour/docs/

There are also six examples included in the package!

Hope that helps!

jayreis Purchased

Is it possible to use jquery maskedinput plugin (found here http://digitalbush.com/projects/masked-input-plugin/)

I tried adding the js link to the file and then added the needed code to the top of a demo form page I setup but the masked input does not seem to work?

I am wondering if their might be a conflict with any other js that loads onto the form page that might be preventing the maskedinput jquery from working? What I am trying to do is force a phone number input field to be formatted in a specific way, hence wanting to use the jquery masked input code.


phonea Purchased

Good morning…

I want to change the font size for the basefont text. Can you tell me, where I have to do this?


Kind regards Jörg

Hi, how much is the extended license? If we decide we need this, how would I purchase the extended license?

Thanks, Tim


Hi Tim!

Thanks for your interest!

As far as I know the extended licence on ThemeForest is 50 times the regular one. I currently have extended license disabled but I can enable it for a purchase

Just send me a message via my profile page so we can discuss this further.