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sorry i have some server problems but now its ok. can you check it?

Now Its ok. Can you check again?

güzel tema. ancak su language/currency seçeneklerini dropdown yapamaz misiniz? inanin almak için eksik görüdügüm tek sey bu.

bir sonraki güncelleme ile dedi?inizi yapabilirim.

Demo is not working. Please check your server.

sorry i have some server problems but now its ok. can you check it?

demo is still not working

sorry i have some server problems but now its ok. can you check it?

Server not found

sorry i have some server problems but now its ok. can you check it?

nice work~planning to buy, but, the category menu ( DESKTOP , LAPTOP ….etc) can i put the HOME or Contact or custom page and linking into it????

yes of course. i would like to help you about it.

still not working :(

you can see now. its working.

Where can I see this? Demo is not working!!!

you can see now. its working. sorry about my server fault i will change this server as soon as possible.

Looks stunning :)

Great job on this ” hsynorg ” nice and clean I like that… Good Luck with sales… :)

Güzel is. iyi satislar :) Ülkemin insanlarini burada görmek beni çok mutlu ediyor. Saygilarimla. iyi satislar…

I am also interested in this theme. Small bug, the homepage/category Add to Cart button doesn’t work. It takes to the product page rather the mini cart.

Also what customization is available in the admin area?

Thank you

hi, it’s not a bug. i think product to which you checked it has some options. If product has some options, it can’t add to mini cart directly. you can check it on products which haven’t options.

and about customization nothing available about this theme in the admin area.

Can you provide this theme in Turkish?

Just you must download turkish language pack and include language files via ftp in catalog/language folder. and you must set language on admin panel from Settings/Localisation/Languages.


Hi, is possible to include a Video in the article?

Thank very much.

Thank you very much :-) but i mean seft-host?

:) yes of course it’s possible. but you must upload your videos via ftp because opencart doesn’t have any options for video uploading. maybe on opencart extension page has some extension for video uploading. you must check it.

I think asp is better than php. I prefer to asp.

i have purchsaed your theme, but i found problems:

1. layered png. i hope find files with each element in different layer. u provide all in one. 2. html files. they are not inside the package. can u plase send it to me? dgastudio@gmail.com

Thank you for purchasing my theme.

1. about layered png. i didn’t use any layered png. this work was created just with css.

2. this work doesn’t contain html files. the package contains opencart theme files, pngs (not elements) and documentation files.

If you have any questions please feel free to email via my user page or from here.


sorry but,

ThemeForest Files Included Layered PNG , JPG Image, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files

Wrong description in front page of your theme, so?

no layers, no html source. i have adquiered your theme to rework it for drupal, but in ausence of html i will ask for money back…