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Great theme. Thank you

nice theme… good work hsynorg,
I just want to know the below things before i go for this..
1. I need Indian Rupee as currency, can this be done.
2. When i click add to cart i need a small popup window to confirm them, can this be possible
3. Can the search be carried out according to the category.
4. I see there are two navigation bar one at the top and one left and it looks same, can it be different.
5. Is it possible to integrate the third party payment gateway service.
6. When i click on some category the products are displaying one by one, can that be displayed in grid

Thanks in advance!!!

hi deepuky, thank you for interesting my work.

1. you can add currency from admin panel. for more information:

2. for it you must install some extension. you can search from here:

3.for it you must install some extension too.

4.yes, its possible. from admin panel you can install another module.

5.yes of course. opencart supports more payment methods.

6.yes. on product category page you can see product filter panel. “Display: List / Grid” you can click grid.


10 numara

Hi there! Thanks for a great theme! Just one bug that I picked up so far. In IE (9) and Firefox (5.0) on the main page the Featured and Latest 4 items, the last item of the 4 is placed on a new line. So then you have 3 product boxes and one lone product box on the line below it. This looks really sloppy in the layout. I tried to have a look at the spacing and tried to make the image sizes smaller but it made no difference. It works fine in Chrome though. Can you have a look at this and let us know how to fix it? Thanks for a great theme otherwise! :)

hi there,

Thank you for purchasing my theme. bugs fixed, please download files and re-install theme.


Hey, how do you change the background color?



if you want you can change from css files. If you mean from admin panel its impossible.


bu tema versiyonda uyumluu? versiyonu haz?rlan?yor ?uanda. birkaç güne eklenir.

iyi çal??malar.

Hi there, I’m interested in purchasing this theme and am wondering will I be able to add a box on each item description page so that buyers can add notes to me to customize their purchase before they click “add to cart”. Also, can I add more than 3 photos per item.

Can this theme be used with WP E -commerce? I really need this theme for a floral shop website I am building.

thank you, Sara

sorry, this theme just for opencart.

Can it be used for Wordpress?

no sorry, just for opencart.

Merhaba; Kategori ve alt kategori olu?turdu?umuzda alt kateoriler sol tarafta gözükmüyor. Ne yapmam?z gerekiyor.?

opencart hangi surumu kullaniyorsunuz?

sorununuzu cozebildiniz mi acaba?

Evet . Sorun çözüldü. Te?ekkürler.

Rica ederim :)


How or where (in which css/tpl file) can I change displaying of products in the grid in one line for only 3 products? Now, there are displaying 4 products in the grid in one line and when I add right sidebar, there stay still 4 products, but they are pressed. I cannot fix that. Can you help me?

Thank you

Hi there,

This template designed and coding for 4 products per line, without sidebar. You can’t add sidebar, but if you want i can help you via email. Please send me a message from my profile page.


The problem is fixed. I am totally satisfied, hsynorg is very willing and helpful. Thumb up :)

Thanks MichalKuruc :)

I don´t know how to install the theme. It´s different than other themes. Can you help me where I have to place each map?

Hi basvanandel,

Firstly thank you for purchasing my theme. About installing its not different than other themes. Did you read Documentation files?

Hi basvanandel,

Did you fixed your problem?

Yes I fixed it. Thanks for your help!

I am interested in the order editing function of your theme. Can I have more detail or it? I am looking for something for B2B : an order has to be reviewed first by an administrator from the shop and during review, the order could be edited by the administrator …

Hi wtli2007,

Its possible with OpenCart 1.5.2.x versions. You can edit and review by administrator from admin panel. You can check demo store;

Demo URL :

User: demo

Password: demo

You can edit orders from “Sales/Orders/Edit” menu.


türkçe karakter desteklimi tema ?

Evet destekli, test edildi. Sorunsuz bir sekilde kullanabilirsiniz.

does this have any modifications to the core files??? didnt see it any comments.

No, doesnt have any modifications to core files.

hi hsynorg, I was wondering if I can remove or hide the shopping cart feature, just use this theme like for showing products only??? best regard. Tiger

hi tigerluong,

Its possible, you can remove it or you can save all products as “Out Of Stock”. If you need help, i can help you. Please contact via contact form on my profile page for it.


thanks, Hsynorg I wanna remove/hiding (nothing about selling) completely. where’s your contact info??? thanks Tiger

Okey, find my contact form on here:

hi there, I’m just one of the buyer of this theme, the theme is very nice as you all see here, so, I bought it and very happy with it, further more, I’m writing about the author “Hsynorg”, he’s awesome, he’s been helping me a lot to change, config the theme, even custom my other theme (bought from other author) base on my own way. Long story short:” HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEMES FROM THIS AUTHOR ” Tiger L.

Thank you so much Tiger :)

Merhabalar. Temanizi satin aldim.:) Son kurusuna kadar helal hos olsun. Ancak benim sizden bir ricam var.

burada kategori sayfas?na t?kladigimizda orta kisimda ana bir bütünlük var. yani aralarda background gözükmemekte. aldigim bu temada da böyle olmasini istiyorum. ayri ayri olunca mesela iletisim sayfasini ele alirsak gönder butonu için bile dikdörtgen bir beyaz bölüm söz konusu ancak örnek attigim temanizda sadece buton gözükmekte. Gorunum bolumunde tablo/liste linkleri icin iconlar kullanabilirmiyiz ornek temadaki gibi.. Bu degisiklikleri yapmama yardimci olur musunuz?

Merhabalar, Oncelikle temami satin aldiginiz icin tesekkurler. Elbette yardimci olabilirim, profil sayfam uzerinden iletisime gecebilirseniz daha detayli yardimci olabilirim.

iyi calismalar.