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hi, is there any way that I can take out the counter on categories?

Yes, you can take out counter from admin panel. Please follow this steps.

Modules / Extension / Category / Edit /

and set Product Count as “Disable”.


On my product page I have over 20 options that a person can choose from for that particular product. I am adding more all the time. The options go straight down in 3 rows leaving a white space to the right of the three rows, just under “add to cart”. Is there any way to have the options populate in this all white area?

Thanks much.

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Hi, I purchased your theme and am very happy with it!

The only thing I would like to change is to make the slideshow narrower, and add a welcome message either to the right or left of it. Do you think this would be difficult? I have knowledge in HTML and CSS , but don’t know what files to look at first.

Thank you!

Hi ultrimadon,

Thank you for purchasing my theme. You can change slideshow sizes from admin panel (Extensions/Modules/Slideshow/Edit) and you can add a welcome message from (Extensions/Modules/Welcome).

Thats All.


Hi I’m wondering if there is a chance to add custom background color or image to this theme ?

thanks ..

Hi, You can add a custom background image from admin module.


tesekkurler omrfrk!

hey bro its been awhile but I purchased your theme for a project and I was viewing your code and I found a few errors. One error I realized was in folder theme/Version 1.5.2x/whiteshop/images you are missing viewType.png in the files. This isnt a big deal but someone else may have an issue with not seeing the grid buttons. Ill post back later when I have more time. I do look forward to it 8-)

:) it’s possible. I will fix this bug in next relase.

Thank you so much!

Slayt geçi? süresini nas?l de?i?tirebiliriz? /public_html/catalog/view/javascript/jquery/nivo-slider/jquery.nivo.slider.js dosyas?ndaki animSpeed: 2000, pauseTime: 5000, de?i?ikli?ini uygulad?m bir de?i?iklik olmad?.

slideshow.tpl dosyas?na script kodlar?n? ekledi?imde de olmad?. yard?mc? olursan?z sevinirim.


profile sayfamdaki iletisim formu uzerinden iletisime gecebilir misiniz?


Hi is it possible to remove the add to cart fly up animation ?

what you mean with add to cart fly up animation? because whiteshop has not animations :)

hi, when you press add to cart, there is an animation of moving to the top of the page. Try your demo. I would like to remove that fly up animation. thank you

Hi, sorry for dela. It’s possible.

Please edit the “common.js” file from “catalog/view/javascript” folder.


$(‘html, body’).animate({ scrollTop: 0 }, ‘slow’);

you will found 3 lines like that, you can delete all.


Hi there,

Can you still help me to set the cart to the left column as promised? :-)



replied via email.

hi hsynorg, when I try to setup to except the credit card payment with paypal, they ask me to “preconfigured shopping carts”, also to “building custom shopping carts”, and something about “Credential API Signature” ???. can I pay you for helping this? THANK YOU VERY MUCH . Tiger

Yes sure, you can contact with me via my contact form from my profile page. Thanks

dear hsynorg- i have download the software of open chart_v1.5.4 now please let me know that how how can i apply your white shop theme? what will you provide me if i purchase your white shop theme at $30 ? how many files you will provide me and how will i link all theses file with open chart_v1.5.4 and my domain/hosting ?? waiting for your response thanks

Hi there, thank you for insterested in my theme. After purchasing you’ll get a theme package, It has a documentation file for installation. And also i provide free support about installation problems and theme bugs. You you will install the theme just in few minutes. If you have any more question please feel free to contact with me. Thank you!

thanks, question 01) ok please let me know that if i purchase this theme and paid $30 one time, after this i can share this theme with my friends and family for some different nature of business. is it possible to pay one time and deploy with 05 or six online store.

question 02) after uploading this theme i have a plan of marketing at google ranking due to which i would work on SEO (search engine optimizers) so this open cart is good for SEO or it will create problem at future..

please reply me thanks

Hi, unfortunately you cant share it. And also This theme is optimized for SEO. Thanks.

Hi there. Question; How can we set the raster as default instead of list?


Hi, You should edit “category.tpl” file from “catalog/view/theme/whiteshop/template/product” folder.

if (view) {
} else {

Replace with;

if (view) {
} else {

Thats all.

Tema güzel , türk olman ayr? güzel olmu?.Hay?n? gör insallah.Bizde istifade edelim.Ba?ka temalar geli?tirmen dile?iyle.

Guzel yorumunuz ve satin almaniz icin cok tesekkurler, elbetteki sizlerin destekleriyle daha guzel ve kaliteli isler cikacaktir. Iyi calismalar.

Stylish and good template, but it does not really work with version 15.5.1. Is it something you can fix? The new version of OpenCart is worth upgrading to, so I’d love to your stylish template works.

/ Fredrik


how’s it going with 1.5.5.x?

I’ve uploaded it, just waiting for ThemeForest staff approve updated files. Thanks

It’s a error in header.tpl – Line 94

<li style="float: right;"><a href="" style="color:red;">BUY THEME</a></li>

I’ve already bought the theme :-)

Ops! sorry :) I will fix it asap. Thank you for inform me.

merhaba teman?z? almay? dü?ünüyorum fakat tam uyumlu oluyormu olmuyormu bilmiyorum. teman?zla tam uyumlu tr dil paketli opencart do?ru sürümü indirim linki verebilirmisiniz. te?ekkürler sizleri (veya bizleri :)) buralarda görmek gurur verici selamlar


Oncelikle temamla ilgilendiginiz icin tesekkurler. OpenCart’in 1.5.2.x / 1.5.3.x / 1.5.4.x ve son surum olan 1.5.5.x surumleri ile sorunsuz bir sekilde kullanabilirsiniz. adresinden problemsiz full turkce dil dosyalarini indirebilirsiniz. Bu arada sizleri de burada gormek guzel :) Merak ettiginiz farkli konular varsa cevaplamaya hazirim. Iyi calismalar

merhaba ald?m ellerinize sa?l?k. sepete ekle butonunu degistirmek istersek nasil degistirebiliriz. birde alt menulerdeki ürün sayisini ifade eden parantez icerisindeki sayilari nereden pasif edebiliriz. yani gozukmesin.

merhabalar, gec cevap yazabildigim icin kusura bakmayin. tam olarak sepete ekle butonunun nesini degistirmek istiyorsunuz? tam olarak ifade edebilirseniz size daha iyi yardimci olabilirim. diger sorunuza gelince, Admin Paneli > Eklentiler (Extensions) > Modüller (Modules) > Kategori (Category) k?sm?ndan “Ürün Say?s? (Product Count)” ‘? “Kapal? (Disabled)” yaparsan?z pasif etmi? olursunuz. Merak ettiginiz farkli konular varsa cevaplamaya hazirim. Iyi calismalar

love the them, could you please tell me how i would make the specials section larger so that it ties up with the images. A visual would be better to look at

my email:

Replied via email. Thanks.

Hi, I want to buy this template, but have a few questions: I’m possibly going to use it without opencart engine. is it possible? is it provided as html/css/js simple template? which restrictions can i met in such case?


Thank you for interested in my theme. Unfortunately, I don’t provide HTML version of my theme.

If you would like any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks

Hi, if I buy this theme, will I get free updates for the new versions?


Thank you for interested in my theme. Yes, you will get updates for the new versions.

If you would like any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks