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How do I change portfolio layout to 4 item layout? I couldn’t find it anywhere on “site options” Where do I look for this?


Figured it out. Can’t seem to delete this comment.

Hi, great theme, what do you mean by “audio compatible”?

isbn Purchased

Hi, I purchased the theme. Now I regret when I see that you don’t answer support questions, and the documentation is poor. Though, I give it a shot;

I see earlier in the comments that someone asked how to get the blog page to show the WHOLE posts instead of excerpts.

You answered then that you’d send the code to him. I wonder about the exact same thing. Could you please send that to me too?

I’ll be very thankful. Thx

isbn Purchased

There is a bug on this theme, the posts are not working, the field input text disappears, so that content can’t be saved – as you see from the other latest posts too. As earlier buyers say, it came after latest update. Could you come with an update that fixes this issue?

Hi there!

I am new to CSS so I am not sure how many of my questions can be answered with CSS or little tricks that are hidden in Whitespace. My boss wants me to remove the black line / page break that appears as well as remove the hover line above the link? I noticed someone else has asked about this before but I didn’t see an answer. Any advice would be appreciated!


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The author cant be bothered to respond to support issues

Hi there. If anybody cares: there is an issue with the Portfolio options. Options are not saved when updating. Oh I see you, it’s not the “usual permalink issue” stuff. I’ve already tried to rename the portfolio slug to whatever, same result.

I must stay I’m quite disappointed reading the previous comments: this theme has not been updated for years, it uses deprecated php functions and is probably not 100% compatible with WP 3.8. Cherry on top : the author does not replies to any comment. Wow. Very Amazing. Such Profit. Much Disinterest.

And despite of all this lame theme is still here up for sale on the marketplace. Hey OP, I think we’ve got a problem here…

I already bought dozens of WP themes down here, sure this one is not triple A but at least we can expect to buy something that is working properly. IMHO any pseudo “elite” author would struggle to take care of his customers by providing support and replying to questions and comments. This is NOT the case here. :x


After some more investigations: this theme is compatible up to WP 3.4, no further. Try to use the theme with latest stable release and everything gets messed up.

Should the reste of us who bought this theme kindly ask for a compatibility update?

After reading page 8 of the comments. I decided that there is no update for this template and the Author is not responding so I emailed Envato Support the following …

Bad Template. I purchased WhiteSpace WordPress Template. It does not work. Reading the comments (see page 8 of comments) to the Author, and he does not respond. Need Update that will work with WordPress 3.8.1 or a refund. Awaiting your reply. Best Mike


Best Regards Mike

otoidea Purchased

yes! i want a refund too!


I’m looking for a theme for a client. The theme needs to be very minimalist in design. Basically, like the top portion of your theme (from the slider up to the navigation). Is it possible to setup your theme to only be the white area, surrounding a slider with the navigation either on the top or on the side? We only need to display images and video. Also, does your theme support self hosted videos?

Thanks much…