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Great looking theme, but doesnt work on my Ipad… :(

Hello! I just purchased this theme, Great looking! Where can I change the color background of “Homepage 2 layout”?


When is the update coming out?

corepath Purchased

How do we import the theme options. I’ve already got the XML file, but I’m not sure how to go about moving the notepad file in there?


The Live Preview demo doesn’t seem to work on my iPhone 5 and iPhone 3G. No content is displayed and the menu bar doesn’t show up. The page is empty. Is that a known issue ?

We have more than 3 team members, so how do we get them all to show up on the “About” page? Additionally, does this theme have any “shortcodes” so you can pull in some of these pre-installed custom post types like Team, Portfolio, etc onto other pages?

Please update this theme! I really want to buy it, but it needs a hefty cleanup before I can do so.

I bought this theme yesterday but still doesn’t work, there is just moving a square on the orange page, I mean on the home. Then any action is not available… I cannot do anything since i purchase it and have no idea how i can fix this any more. Something wrong? What should I do? please give me advice. Thank you.


Have you installed all the necessary plugins and activated them?


Thank you for quick response. And I got it!!! it is really beautiful format, I love it. Thank you so much.

doxeng Purchased

Hi we bought your theme and we modified it to suit our needs. We have a question: when we scroll the pages horizontally by hand ( without using the top menu ) on the iPad , we can stop also between a page and the other. We would like to avoid that, but keep the possibility to scroll through the pages manually, only make sure that the page can scroll but must fully load the next page.

Is it possible? And you can please give us some advices on how to achieve it? Another question: we can add a refresh to the pages so that when we turn the ipad the theme adapts to the new size and displayed correctly?

Thanks and Best Regards Gluca