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Hello I just bought “Wildhorn” theme. It is giving me fatal error when I install it. your theme support system is down. I don’t know how to contact you. can you please fix this error.

When I activate it shows following error

“Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_field() in /home2/askari/public_html/SYDART.COM/wp-content/themes/wildhorn/functions.php on line 356”

Thank you, It is working now but I am unable to install these 2 theme

Advanced Custom Fields – Location Advanced Custom Fields – Contact Form 7

HI I want to know the font name which you are using in Logo. Thanks

please open a ticket on

Hey, Love the theme! I just want to register some different types of page templates using mthemes so instead of say mthemes-gallery.php I want to have mthemes-slider.php I’ve coded the template but can’t seem to have this register. . Where do I need to register this for the user to choose? Is in it ACF?

Thanks! J

please open a ticket on

Hello, I’d like to ask pre-purchase question.

Is it possible to eliminate ALL tab in portfolio page? Also i’d like to know at most how many item i can put the other tabs in portfolio page?

Thanks in advance….

yes you can create a portfolio without filters. you can insert unlimited items

I just bought this theme, and upload it but the website show the message below:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_field() in /home2/gracet/public_html/wp-content/themes/wildhorn/functions.php on line 356

you must installed the required plugins, you should note an advice about that in the dashboard


i have one simple question: How can i turn on this “Latest news” button on Home Page – then one you have here

can’t find it anywhere.

Oh i found it o home page options, but dunno why when its turned on i still can’t see it on Home Page – any idea?

Ok i found the problem and fixed it. Anyway thank you. It’s a GREAT theme:)

thank you :)

Ciao , ho comprato il tema ed è molto bello. ho bisogno però di cambiare le dimensioni del logo in Home Page. Ho trovato il custom.css ma è vuoto… cosa devo fare? grazie per l’aiuto! claudia

ciao Claudia, potresti aprire un ticket su ?

Hi tnx for your nice theme, I want buy this but I have question first, I have some Artist that want to have a profile for their works and article, do this theme able to does it or able to use another plugin like Buddypress ?

Sorry but i haven’t tested it with buddypress


I purchased this theme. It is not bad but the author does not offer the support advertised. Here you can see where I created support tickets and he has ignored me for weeks. There have been many like this in my personal experience

Also the theme is advertised as having responsive images that re-size for all formats built into the theme but it does not. You have to write your own custom css. I hired someone to fix it for me and ended up with a pretty good result, just know you aren’t getting what the demo looks like.

i was on a vacation, from today i am back to work and i will reply to all the open tickets.

Good theme, I am having some issues with the mobile use.I know the videos do not work on mobile and well as data proves the majority of user are mobile users now. So do we any plans to address this or do we have suggested setting for mobile users ? Thanks in advance. :-)

You can’t autoplay any video on any mobile device, that’s it.


imaat Purchased

Hi. I’m using wp 4.3.1 and I can’t see custom fields in page’s editor. Am I missing something? Thanks.

please post on


imaat Purchased

Please check

Hello mountainthemes,

After upgrading to latest wordpress version + widhorn, widgets do not show up in the sidebar. Tried deactivating all other plugins and also switched to a different version to make sure it’s about Wildhorn. I’ve also reinstalled the theme, but no success there either. Please, note that the sidebar is there (confirmed with firebug too), however the widgets do not appear when Wildhorn is the active theme. Please, advise.

Kind regards.

Solved with the second re-installation of the theme.

I guess it was a database issue (?). Apologies.

I would like to ask the following questions prior to purchasing your theme.
  • On the landing page, is there a way to add columns / pages with excerpt under the “home-boxes” div?
  • Page A on landing page -> Page A would serve as a portal (with nav links to stories, podcasts, blog-A, testimonials)
  • Page B on main page -> Page B would serve as a portal (with nav links to stories, podcasts, blog-B, testimonials)
  • I’m thinking this would involve custom permalinks or even categories per page / portal? Or creating a multi-site?
  • Page maker / widget – does your theme include the ability to create page layouts? Is there a way we can create a page template using a drag and drop widget such as Avia Layout Builder?

Please advise the soonest as we are close to making a decision. Thank you!

Yes, on the landing page. Basically, will the theme support multi site WP installation?

Does your theme support WordPress multi site installation? Please advise soonest. Thanks.

Haven’t tested it but it should work.


telo78 Purchased

Just bought your theme – How do I import all the data from the demo? Please advise soonest. Do you also have a support forum? Thanks.

- I think I figured it out by selecting a page layout when creating a page. BTW, I’m also the username avwebdesign


telo78 Purchased

I have noticed that the box pages only link to pages. Is there a way we can link them to custom urls? Please advise soonest. Thanks.

support forum : import : use the wordpress importer to upload the xml file provided in the theme package (see documentation)


telo78 Purchased

Thanks, is there a way to link to custom urls in the box pages / columns?


craft37 Purchased


Could you make right aside with news on mainpage hidden by default for better mobile experience?

Now it causes horizontal scrollbar.


HeeHA Purchased

Hi ,

How can I modify our logo size and position? I would like to put our logo around 150×250px

Can I remove the logo background color as transparent?


please open a ticket on

What an extreme nice video presentation here: is this covered with the theme purchase?

Yes, it’s just a Vimeo video

Hi, I have used HEAD theme in the past. Looking into Wildhorn. One question: Is it possible to have a thumbnail gallery of all of the images in a specific gallery? Really like how the gallery images appear full screen without lightbox but would need an overview of all of the items in the galleries.

Thanks, Todd

no sorry, this is not possible.

Hi Is it working correctly with woocommerce ? By advance,


Sorry but this theme is not supposed to work well with woocommerce

Hello, i like your theme :grin: But before i buy it, is the theme compatible with WPML?