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Looks unique and stylish. Good luck with selling.

Thanks Man ! :)

I am always a sucker for your themes. You are SO GOOOOOD!

I have not even explored the theme yet, and I’m sure I’ll buy it…

Hahaha, this is a good news :)

Very good work!!!;)

Can the theme cycle full screen videos from vimeo to play one after another?, also can the portfolio link to videos instead of image slideshows?

I LOVE it!

1. No Sorry
2. Collection (Portfolio) links are just pages, so yes, you can link to Video Pages

Thanks Metro !

great theme. love the music – I am actually listening to it for the past hour…

You can listen more Durban tracks on his website : (music are used in the demo with permission)

that guy is amazing! Thanks for the link and good luck with sales!! :-)

WOOWW!! Good work, love the music, love style, this theme is the first in my list of future purchase.

Thanks for your great work.


Thanks man :)

I see. I think it will work. But can I have multiple portfoliio pages? As in a portfolio page for just campaigns, just lookbooks, just videos, just runway coverage, etc? I’m thinking of for a model who’s site I’m in charge of.

LMK. :)

Yes, you can create multiple collection (portfolio) pages.

Hi MountainThemes.

WOW – This is really smart! Impressive.

Will you be offering this as a HTML template ???

Please offer this as a HTML template i will purchase it straight away!!

Thank you

Thank you mark, no site template versione planned right now !

I think is not working properly with safari browser?

I will take a look asap.

hello i love the site, you going to make an html5 version. i really want to purche this one.


No sorry, no site template version planned :(

Oh wow, this is fantastic! I agree with Mark – an HTML version of this would be amazing!

Definitely on my short list to ‘push’ towards my customers :D

Thanks Man ! I’m really sorry but no html version is planned :(

Amazing project! Good luck with sales!!

This is something new.. where i can buy images!

I downloaded them from

Hallo, what a great template! Wow absolut amazing work! Is there a demo-content file in the download?

The template doesn’t works on firefox on my mac. But it works in google Chrome!

Have you installed the latest version of Firefox ?

I use the firefox Version 11. I like your template – but it must work on every browser!

Wildhorn uses cutting edge browsers features. It is not compatible with old browsers and you have a 10 versions old browser, Firefox 21 is out :)

if i play a video, the audio background will not stop is normal?

Se visualizzo un video, l’audio che sta di sottofondo continua a suonare, รจ normale?

Yes it is a little bug. I will automatically stop the music on video page enter in the first update.

Hi i just wonder to know can i move the menu from down to top position ? Jack

Not possible, sorry.

Why always wordpress! The portfolio section definitely has responsive issues so will purchase if thats sorted.

Because develop themes for others cms is a waste of time (i’m no saying Wp is better than the others, i’m not a wp lover). Which issues has the portfolio section ?

Until Wildhorn, Fuji was my number one choice. Now, I have a very hard decision to make. Thanks for the great work and inspiration! :)

Roll a dice :P