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Public tickets at: only reference Fuji – Full Screen, Responsive & Retina Ready.

Where are public tickets for WIldhorn?

I see no details in the documentation provided for how to configure the home page video.

there are no public tickets, just open a ticket with your purchase code.

I’ve opened up a ticket in the support forum just awaiting an answer but wanted to see if by chance anyone browsing has this problem as well. HTML 5 video player does not work on iPhone/iPad, nothing happens when the play button is touched. I’ve tried it on other websites and it does work. Wonder if it’s something in the JavaScript files that has to be enabled for the touch of the iPhone. Looking for any help with this.

Presale question: Does the pictures strech to fit the screensize without loosing image ratio?

Do they loose aspect ratio if the images are fullscreen, but the original size is not the screensize? ;-)

background images never lose the ratio.

Can I use short codes that are compatible with this theme and responsive? If so, what do you recommend for a short code plugin?

any shortcode plugin should work fine.

I think I bit off a bit more than I could chew by purchasing this. Looks great but I am not terribly apt to editing in this language.

Any tips on how I can crash course thing? Also, how can I change the background image?

open a ticket please.


The image background I have set for the blog page doesn’t appear. Any idea ?


could you open a ticket on ?

Considering purchasing this theme.

Is it possible to edit all font colors and sizes inside the wordpress dashboard and put a custom logo in header?

I’ve used themes that have page building and theme setting widgets, which are really handy. Do you include any of those in this theme?

Thanks! Ashleigh

Thank you, Ashleigh

1. yes

2. the page builder is not present in this theme, sorry.

is there any video link or help video available how to setup a homepage. I am not able to setup. theme is installed but don’t know how put images in front page

you can import the demo content or set a page as an home page (settings > reading)

Thanks for reply, i did the same but at home page it display 0% and stay there. if i add a another page still not working.

I disactivate few plugin it start working thanks a lot i will contact you if there is any issue, congrat for great theme

2 questions before I purchase. 1. What does it mean that this theme is not widget ready? 2. What is the compatibility and view with mobile device?


1. Yes it is widget reeady. That mean you can add new features to the sidebars.

2. it is good, you can test the demo yourself with a mobile device.

Could you add “automatic” Cyrillic fonts support through admin settings? Now it’s need manual copying css import strokes from , but it’s not cool.

please create a ticket on

already created for a month #1042

Pre-Sale question.

On this page of your demo:

Your sidebar has listed items under ‘Categories’ that I cannot get to because the menu covers it and there is no scroll on the sidebar. When I size down the sidebar goes away. Didn’t know if this had been brought up or not.

This is a great looking theme!

Which browser are you using ? Could you create a screenshot ?

Using latest version of Chrome. Latest version of IE does the same thing.

Mountain Screen Shot
image upload

I’m considering to purchase the theme, is possible add a sidebar in the blog page? Thanks

hello! There is no the same configuration as the demo station installation instructions, how like the demo stand?

Hi, I Bought this theme, but often thats updated automaticly, When I change my css file for customize, after update, I lose every change in css. Please I don’t need to update this theme, where can I stop update this? Or delete the files for auto update? Because I want change css and still in changed. Thank you

As stated by the documentation you must use assets/css/custom.css for your css customisations.

Hello, I just purchased the plugin and I am receiving this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_field() in /home/marketch/public_html/soapeffect/sethleslie/wp-content/themes/wildhorn/functions.php on line 355


you must activate the required plugins. If you don’t know how to do it please open a ticket on

what plugin is it? I installed and activated all of the required plugins.

please open a ticket.

sorry I should have read my wordpress notice…. Thanks… beautiful theme

what does the last update of 18 July 14 includes? how can i change the buttons in the gallery of …previous…next and pause with just icons like this: < || >

please open a ticket.

I am unable to get the display boxes to appear. I have the page set as a home page and I have filled in the necessary content for the display boxes, but nothing appears.

Thanks in advance

could you open a ticket on ?

All your themes are incredible! I’ve already purchased IDOL and am super-happy with it.

I love your style! So, so good. Liking the transparent look w/the nature; really wanting to use another theme in my multisite from your collection. Considering Wildhorn. What are the major differences between IDOL and WILDHORN?

Can I use Wildhorn for an academy site? With learning plug-ins and all sorts of things? Can I just create new types of pages with Idol?

Can you help explain so I can make a better purchase or hire you freelance?

thanks! in either case, many blessings on your most-amazing work!

Wildhorn was released last year but it features most of the features of Idol (it does not have the page builder). It does not suit very well for corporate websites but you can adapt it for almost every use.

What i’d like, pretty much; is to use Wildhorn or another for an Academy-style site, using that same transparent architecture (floating text over a picture base). A BuddyPress that had that kind of visual feel would be amazing.

Would you suggest any of your themes for an educational site with teachers; classes to download & purchase, etc.?

I’m sorry but none of my themes supports that features right now. You can seatch inside the buddypress section.

Hello, is there any way to put the bottom menu at the top instead (and inverse the pop-up so sub-menus appear down instead of up) ?

I can’t figure how this menu can appear, is is just an include for the theme ? Maybe I could modify the code to include it at the top instead of bottom.

Thank you.

I am sorry but you need to edit the theme code (most html,css) to do that. The main problem is the sub menu display.