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Hi; Is this theme alive? The comments seem to be dead for a while. Considering purchasing it. Thanks! KP

yes is alive and a new update will be available on January

Hi there, Love you work, Im considering purchasing it, few question though: 1. will it run on the latest wordpress version? 2. will it run smoothly with qtranslate or WPML? 3. Woocommerce integration, possible?

Many thank for your answers


do not work with woocommerce, wpml will be supported with the next update (january)

Hi there, I am thinking of purchasing this theme. Question: does the homepage supports 5 icon tabs? The demos shows 4.

Looking forward!

will there be possibility of engaging your theme to customise it to accomodate 5 tabs?

*engaging your team

it is just an easy fix, if you purchase the theme you can open a support ticket and i will explain ho to edit the code there.

Hi, I am having a problem on the gallery, it is not responding on the touch phone android, Is there a tweek I need to do?:

could you open a ticket ? i don’t give support via comments

Is there a way to create a contact form like the one your preview via setting on the wordpress back-end? Or must this be done with html?

you must install the free plugin “contact form 7”


Seems have a problem with loading background images. Sometimes they bascially won’t show up (randomly, different pages are affected every single time). Refreshing the page makes them appear again. Sometimes the website works fine but sometimes no single background image is being loaded for the first time. Help please! (Have a newest version of the theme downloaded. Ajax page navigation is disabled)

please open a ticket.

Hello this template is optimized with Wordpress 8.1??? Thanks :-)

I’m considering purchasing this theme, is there a way to show image thumbnails on the blog page like in Fuji? Also any possibility of being able to scroll normally without having to click the arrows?

I would be willing to pay to have the changes done or at least for instructions as to what needs to be changed.

i can direct to the direct direction you but you must know at least css

can you direct me to the direct direction before I buy it?

Im having problems updating the theme. Can anyone help me.. It keeps on telling me that the wordpress file is already created.


you must update theme files via ftp.

After update – 8 January 14 Display News Sidebar on home page does not work…any chances for fast update or do I have to go back to previous version?

i will release an update in the next few days

I have purchased the template and is excellent. I have just one problem in this is that the qTranslate does not want to translate the text (even with use of <!-:en->tags) on the front page. How can I fix this?

please open a ticket.

Hello, can you please help me with this questions. 1) How can i move the claim message line? Or how stays the site responsive so that the box icons are below the background images? 2) Where can i edit the “News Side Bar”? 3) If i activate the sidebar, it is not shown on my iphone. How can i do that? Thanks for helping. Mark


open a ticket please.

Do you have a user manual or something similar? I can’t figure how to make things as columns, tags, etc.


inside the package there’s a documentation folder with an index.html file inside.

If you can post briefly the direction on having thumbnails on the gallery page I would certainly buy this theme. It covers all my criteria short of the thumbnails. GREAT theme :)

Incredible theme. Very unique. I noticed that when a video plays, the background music doesn’t stop automatically.Is that option part of the theme or no? Also, I’m thinking of incorporating music players on some pages. I’d like the background to stop automatically for those as well.


I was wondering what instrumental on the wildhorn theme that was and also does it come with the purchase? Im actually more interested in the head theme.

Hm.. a little slow?

i’m changing hosting. Dreamhost is VERY slow.

Hi, I would like to buy this theme, but would have a question. I experienced some audio lag when checked the demo page. Is it normal? or did you correct this issue? Thanks!

Probably it was my demo server which is very slow. i will replace it anytime soon.


what size and format do i need for the favicon??? i tried .png, .gif, .jpg in different sizes but they do not appear. please answer.

best mark

Hi, would like to purchase this theme. Does it support WPML yet? Couldn’t find a hint in the january patchnotes. Best Armin

Not yet, sorry