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Hey great theme, love it.

So I know that I can change the color of the large heading to white with this css: .wpb_willow_section_heading .section-title {color: #ffffff;}

And I know I can give a specific large heading its own class.

So does that mean I can change the color of that specific large heading by adding the class name to that css? Because I don’t wanna make make them all white, just this one heading.

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Have a most wonderful time! Cheers!!

Hi, I’m trying to change the color of the contact form text because the background color of the text fields is white, but so is the text. Also, I would like to get ride of the green box outline that appears whenever you send a message.

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I want give the image carousel an full page width. But i can’t get the right code to do it, could you help me with the right code?

The image carousel is located in the “impressie” section on this page.

www. blauw-druk .nl/development/mr-wally/

Kind regards!

Hi There, Great Theme! I’m on the cusp of purchasing but wondered if there was a way to make the portfolio items auto-load/infinite scroll rather than have the site visitor press “load More”?

eager for your response so I can hit the purchase button :-)

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I’m loving this theme and have found the comment section very helpful in solving similar questions, but I have one that I couldn’t figure out. In the portfolios, at the footer it says “Proudly Made By” against a light grey background, how do I change the background for this section to black and the text “Proudly Made By” to white?

Looking forward to hear your reply. Thank you again!

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Dear, Can u pls check why the textarea on contact form is white and the letter is also white? u can check on the bottom of the page on www.clashbrazilbr.com tks

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First, very neat theme! Last week I made a ticket on Solo Pine and now when I login I can’t find it. 1. Navigation don’t work in Safari on some comp. 2. logo choose only retina version on Firefox. 3. when I close a portfolio post it’s stuck on Hero slider.

Happy marriage! ;)

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Note: I love this theme and have really enjoyed working with it and customizing overall. However, I have a really small site up using it and its going crazy on the bandwidth. Already up to 13GB this month alone and its only half way through. There is only a few images up and they’re all optimized at a smaller quality setting of 60 each. AWSTATS shows a high load on the CSS and the Javascript for the site but it doesn’t show exactly what files or why.

Any ideas here?

This theme looks amazing. Have a question before I purchase it. I would like the nav menu to appear at the very top instead of below the header and I would also like for the nav menu to be transparent initially and then become filled with a white background as you scroll down the page. Is there a setting for this in the theme as an option or will this be a custom programming effort? Is so, can you provide some guidance as to how I can accomplish this in your theme. Thanks for your help!

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Great theme.

2 Questions for ModCreativeinc.com

1) How do I activate the pre-load bar and image like the demo 2) The menu currently has the grey bar under all pages. How do I only have it under the selected page?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Solo Pine,

I just downloaded the theme today and I love it! I have a few questions though.

1. Every blog entry has the featured image at the top of every entry with my avatar image over it in a circle. Is it possible to remove the circle completely? I tried to remove my avatar from showing, but the circle is still under the featured image.

2. How do I get the hero button to scroll down to the content? I put #content as the link because that’s the section ID, but when I click on it, it won’t scroll down still.

3. How do I change the text color in the copywrite footer as well as the background color?

4. Wordpress is telling me to update the visual composer that came with the theme, but it’s not letting me.

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Hi Solo Pine again,

We are having a few issues with creating some hyper links in the footer notes. We have changed the footer columns next to the contact box and now have our phone numbers and our website addresses but we would like to have the links be clickable. At the moment they are just an url that you would have to copy and paste into your browser. I have tried adding a simple HTML hyperlink code Title the visitor sees. as well as just the and neither seem to make the address clickable. Do you have any suggestion on what I can do? Million Thanks! Awesome site otherwise :) Cheers!

// Johanna & Nila www.joandnila.com

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One more question also, I don’t want to have any sort of logo on the hero slide and dont have anything uploaded and yet our website name shows up there – how do I get it away? Thanks for your help!