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duzins Purchased

I got the message to update to the new version of the theme. Do I just download again, but this time upload via FTP? Is it going to overwrite my menus, sliders, products, etc?


duzins Purchased


Hello. No, but just in case do the backup


MXK9 Purchased

Hello, I’m with a problem in my home.

Today it is created by html, and all updates must be done manually. And I need it to be automated (when I update the product it automatically updates changes in the home).

Can you help me? My url site: www.echovintage.com.br


we can’t fix following problems on theme:

1. Cart (sprite) and products counting appear over Logo on mobile devices.

2. Check box don’t works whit Contact 7 and Woocommerce at least on Chrome.

Check your mail gotoart for wp-credentials

Thanks for support:-)

Regards, Nadine and Jesus

Better: you can update the theme, because the update never appears on wp dashboard of client. The client have send wp admin credentials to your mail gotoart@yandex.ru

We do support in comments only to our clients (with badge purchased) or via our support forum.

One more time YOUR client is not available right now to access to envato and is very busy because the check-box-issue at check out. Please contact your client via http://www.puenktchenkommastrich.com or update the theme you have wp admins for this


pedrodj Purchased

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing 2.7.3

Request for a licence key: is it right ?

Hello, we don’t include WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing support


rnuts Purchased

Hi, on the demo page there’s a search & social icons shown (top left corner) – how do i install that? Cannot find relevant info in the instructions file.

2nd point – there’s also a filter in the pages availible (price, color, etc) – how to start using it also?


rnuts Purchased

search box on the main page – still a question. In a widget menu i have no possibility to add the search field to the footer, only main area. How did you do in yr demo with that part?


rnuts Purchased

Ah, the small checkbox there, tnx!!

Hi! I have a problems with this theme, 1. the WillowPillow is not a slider. it is a original category page.

can i send you a mail? i need to send a screenshot

Where is the location of the slider revolution? i can’t find it!

Hi! I’ve got this wrong message: Your theme is outdated copies of WooCommerce templates. If you find any errors on your site, this may be the reason. Please contact your theme provider for further assistance. You can look at the system status report for all tasks or learn more about WooCommerce Template Structure here.

On the product page, no image appears. What’s wrong?

What kind of problems?

please check your mail (a screenshot there), there ar no slider is a only a product grid


Please answer my ticket

Hello, i can’t find your ticket

Hello SweetOpium, We need to have the export files of the Revolution “sliders” you used in the demo, to start with. please export the sliders from the demo site and send them to me via e-mail here: jetocomike@aim.com

You don’t need unarchive this files, you need to import it via plugin settings

I did that, and got the error msg on my first comment. please make sure that you exported from the latest Revolution Plugin.

Sorry, but we don’t support Plugin. If you give to me login and passwords a can setup slider like in demo.

Hi SweetOpium, your ticket system is working actually? I posted one ticket 2/3 days ago and I don’t receive any notificacion. If it works, what is the response time?

My ticket ID: 269

Hello, we answered on your ticket

Answered for me 3 days ago.


derola Purchased

Still waiting

Answered for me 3 days ago.

Hello, you don’t use last version of theme


pedrodj Purchased

Please update theme for woocommerce 2.4.1 :)

Thank you :)