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Sent this via email 6 days ago, can you please help?




I created a left menu and a right menu. I associated these to the menu locations, but the right menu is showing the left menu.

Can you let me know how to fix it?

Also your comments in the theme said that we can pick any colour for the style of the site, but i can only see the 4 default colours, how do i select my own theme colour scheme?



Hi ioanevans

Sorry our support team was on vacation. The menu issue has been fixed in the latest update. You can select your own color scheme from “Theme Options” => “Style Options” and set “Color Scheme” as “custom” and then select your colors from the colorpicker.


nmaiese Purchased


Thank for this beautiful and powerful theme. I’ve little problem with Navigation Menu and Qtranslate and maybe you can help me.

For the Italian languages the navigation menu working fine. Every item in Home Page appear in the menu.

But for the French Home page, the Menu show me only the first 3 elements, and i don’t know why.

Please, can you help me?


Hi nmaiese

Sorry our support team was on vacation. We will need to look into this. Please mail us your WP login details to diamondtheme@gmail.com so that we can check it.

Hello, can I add a contact form in contact section?

Hi rocaceres

Sorry our support team was on vacation. Install the “Contact Form 7” plugin and then create a contact form and add it in a page. Then you can display the page content in the home page section using “HomePage Page Section” widget.


Error message: Downloading install package from http://www.muddypuddles.wales/wp-content/themes/windcake/lib/plugins/diamondtheme_tools.zip…

Download failed. Failure when receiving data from the peer

What do I do??

Hi mudpuds1

Sorry our support team was on vacation. Please try installing the plugin using the “Add Plugin” in WordPress dashboard You can locate the zip file of the plugin in the theme folder (lib/plugins/diamondtheme_tools.zip)

Hi buyers

We couldn’t give support to our item for the last 3 months as our support team was on a long vacation. So we had to disable the item.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Now that our support team is back, we have made the item live and we will make sure to answer your queries within one business day.

Thank you.

Hi, can this theme integrate with woocommerce?

Hi AllyCrunk, This theme is not Woocommerce compatible. But if you still wish to use this theme, you can install the Woocommerce plugin and add some stylings.

Thank you

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to use the Theme on GoDaddy WordPress hosting. Can you, please, let me know if it should work there?

Thank you in advance for your time and wonderful WordPress Theme.

Kind Regards, Anton Ivchenko

Hi Anton

Yes the theme should work fine.

Thank you.

GoDaddy use WordPress 4.3 but on Software Version of this theme is mentioned only 4.2, is it ok? Themes for 4.2 works for 4.3 as well?

Yes it should work with WordPress 4.3 also


In the theme options I found SEO options and added description and keywords but this does not show in google. Now I added the plugin All in one SEO and inserted the same title and description but is still not showing the right title and description of the site in google. Is this a problem in this theme or am I doing something wrong?

Please, can you help me. Thank you

Kind regards, Esther

Hi Esther

Go to Theme Options => SEO Options and enter site description and keywords.

Thank you

Hi i have a Problem customizing it.

There is the pricing section when i hover it changes size and color. i just want that nothing happens when i hover it.

i already tried different things like deleting the .pricing hover field in the css but it didnt worked.

i really apreaciate your help!

best regards!


In style.css, remove the css for .pricinginner:hover and .pricinginner:hover .pricetriangle

Thank you

I have purchased this template “wincake” how do I remove the brackets from the headings? {service}, {About}, etc.. Thanks


To remove the brackets, go to functions/widget_areas.php and on line 24,25 delete the curly brackets.

Thank you.

I have purchased the wincake theme ad3483a8-9e84-47b5-a82b-d74f718b9a30 I need to know how to remove the brackets from the pages {service} {about}

on lines 24,25

remove the characters ‘{’ and ‘}’

If you can’t figure out, please mail us your website url and WP login details to diamondtheme@gmail.com. We will do the changes for you.

Thank you.


I have purchased and install the theme. I love it and it has so many great featuers in there. One issue that I am being able to fix is the menu. I know that there right and left and menu but I can’t show the right one. All my tabs appear only on left side of the logo. I have two menus under menu tab. I always add the page links or tab from the widget area??

I don’t know what’s wrong and here is my site link:


Thank you


Have you created two menus and assigned the menus as “Left” and “Right” menus.

Thank you.