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Hi there, purchased and look great! Good job. I just have a little issue: on the webpage www.amfstudios.com when you click on “clients”, the background image gets not aligned properly. Any hint? All the rest works perfect! Great theme! Thank you!



Hello Atomicmonster, first great edit & great pictures ! Anyway sorry for the late answer, i had some medical problem and i’m just back @home, concerning your problem you can simply edit into your main.js file and reduce the speed of the parallax efffect ( between line 40 & 50 ), of put it in negative. Just play with that and it’s should be ok ;)

Hi Supview, I have working with your template and have some problems with the ‘Process’ section. In my version the menu select items when in small mobile-mode only show ‘Example’ even when I changed the alt=example to my titles.

I have noted on your current live preview that this has now been fixed. I have now purchased it again hoping to find something obvious with which to patch my site-build. I see nothing in your html or css that differs—it must be somewhere in a .js or php? Can you please let me know where to go and update in order make mine work. I am too far in my styling and content customization to go back and apply to the new edition of the template.


Email sent


Hi Supview, I have yet to hear back from you—unsure if you received my email. :S


Hello Method09, Just answered back to your e-mail ;)

w2 Purchased

Hello Supview, I purchased your template, it’s very clean ! Can you give me the best method to embed youtube video in a “work”? Can I just copy the iframe code ? Thanks !



Hello w2, concerning the youtube video, you can simply add the link of the embed function that youtube include ;)


I bought your theme template and first things first, I just want to say that I really love the design and it’s very easy to edit.

However now that I have finished the initial tweaking I noticed that it has problems loading correctly with IE9 (probably older versions as well). The background doesn’t load in the first paragraph, the intro text doesn’t load in the second and the contact text doesn’t appear in the end. Is there a way to address this?

Since I use Crome on my PC and phone, I didn’t notice this at first.


Pardon my stupidity, but I couldn’t find an answer in the other comments.

BR, Sander

Can you PLEASE provide me with an email address to contact you? I have tried everything to get a parallax to work and the image simply will not display correctly regardless of what settings I change. Have read through all prior comments and questions and no answer helps me.


I don’t want to publically post our URL on a template website. Can we please connect via email? I’ll pay you for consulting if that’s what it takes?


Did you receive my email? I haven’t gotten a response and it’s been about a week.

Hi Supview-

Just bought your theme and it’s great! Just having trouble looping the text to play over again that shows up with the full-size background images. Any idea how to do this? Thanks!

Hi There,

Bought the theme through my client, its great. I just have one issue with the image gallery if you can help sort this? I want to use caption on each image, is there a way it can be done?

Many Thanks!


how come you never reply?


Hello saldesigns, what did you mean by a caption on each image ?

sean83 Purchased

Hi Supview, great Job!

Is there a way to close the navigation @ the mobile version, when I click on a menu link? When i open the navigation – it remains open!


Hey there, love the site!

I had a question regarding the carousel in the client section. Every time I copy the code to create another one the carousel doesn’t appear, even after being moved to different sections. Is there something I’m missing here?



Hello :) Thanks for purchasing it ! Concerning the client carousel, you have to set it up once on the main Javascript page :)