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Simple and very nice theme. Good luck “TeslaThemes” :)

Thank you!

Thanks a lot!

On the testimonial section on the homepage when you click the back button it doesn’t seem to work correctly. Otherwise a great theme.

OK thanks we will fix this.

Great Theme. Some CSS color variants (like blue or clean gray) would be awesome.

Any plans?

Maybe, but not in near feature.

Hi, I just purchased this theme to use on a Mac and when I try to download it, the file downloads but it will not decompress and open. Any idea why or what I should do?


Hi, we uploaded an update for the theme. It should work.

The calendar code is messed up. Clicking on the next/back month is really off and sends the user to the wrong month. Have you looked into this?

Hi, please download again the theme, we’ve fixed the issue.

Any word on the calendar issue? I bought this template specifically for that calendar functionality. The Back/Next month is broken. When you click on either of them it goes the wrong direction the first time and then starts back in the proper direction but then the month name is not synched with the proper days. Check the page in your live demo. It isn’t working properly.

Please let me know about this. I have a site I need to publish this week. If it cannot be repaired I would like a refund. Thanks.

Hi, please download again the theme, we’ve fixed the issue.

Thank you. Works great. Much appreciated.

You’re welcome!