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nice theme! good luck with the sales :)


Hi yemin

thank’s brother !

Awesome theme , best theme in themeforest , good job :)


thank’s matvisyk

for purchaching and for kind words !
matvisyk Purchased

i just brought but can’t install :(

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

Destination folder already exists. /home/content/43/5588343/html/blog/wp-content/themes/mainfile/

Theme install failed.

what i have to do ?


as OurWebMedia said

you need to upload only the wipi file because the mainfle.zip contain other files (documentation …...)

@ Matvisyk,

Sounds like you did not open the zip and upload the theme folder. I’ve not purchased but you will need to download, extract the zipped folder to your desktop (or elsewhere) and look inside for the actual Template, probably labeled accordingly.

From what you’ve posted above it looks like “mainfile” is the main zip, inside that zip will be a template folder called (i assume something similar) Wipi.

I’m sure once the author sees your comment he’s post a better response.

@ the Author: beautiful design!! Love the idea!!


thank you OurWebMedia

for giving help and for the kind words !


Not a problem friend :) Looks like your going to have a popular template on your hands ;) Congrats!!

That s Perfect Theme in ThemeForest! I Will Buy… :)


thank you for kind words

A few questions please:

1. Can I slow down the speed of the slider? 2. Can I easily translate the theme through a .po file? 3. Can you modify the slider transition to have a normal transition? At this moment after the last slider is going backwards. 4. How can a flag icon as a language switcher can be implemented? 5. Can you please upload 1-2 pictures with the admin pane?

Thank you very muich! Costinl



yes yo can slow down the slider speed .

for the translation , no you can’t do this at the moment , the theme dont support that

i dont understand you about slider transition , do you mean backwards , if ou want to remouve it yes you can ,

for the flags and languages , as i said before the theme is only in english at the moment

and here is admin panel http://www.skdemo.0fees.net/adminpanel.png

thank you


can i show e.g. 3 latest tweets on the Start-page?? i don`t see the tweets in your preview..



this theme shows only one latest tweet , and it dont work on my demo hosting may be because of webhosting qualitiy

but on my local server it works perfectly and here is image from my local demo server ( the latest tweet from the envato account )


Hi, I Create Blog Page, And Create Blog Named Category. But I Dont See My Post, When I Click The Blog Page??

And When Contact Page Opened This Windows Coming, That Says ’ introuvable’

Can You Help Me?

And How Can I Post My Works To Portfolio?



thank’s for purchasing my theme !

please read the pdf documntation the full setup instructions are there

you need to configure your home and blog pages from wordpress reading settings

for the ‘introuvable’ windows , this mean that you have put invalid street adress and google map dont find it

you need to add your valid adress and your google map api key ( see the user guide) .

for portfolio posts you need to put theme under category for example named portfolio , then go to the wipi setting page > portfolio settings then choose your portfolio category and save !

thank you

Thanks For Support. I Solved :)


Regarding the slider: from what I see on the demo page you have a list of 5 featured articles in the slider in this order :testing post 5, post 2, testing post 3, hello world, testing post. The slider is going from the first, to second… to the fifth but after that it’s going back very fast to the first in order to slide again.

It’s possible to do a fix for a next version of this theme in order to have a continuous slider without going back?


I Love This Theme :D

hi costin

the number of sliding posts can be choosen on the theme settings pages

in the demo page i have choosen 3 posts , and it displays now the 3 latest featured posts

for the posts numbers it’s random and not ordred ( you can see that on the blog page )

The demo is broken. Site is down?

Interested to see, but demo is down

Demo is still down, which makes it difficult to purchase…

dont worry guys

i will fix it !

free webhosing :-)

hi guys

the live demo preview is fixed now

sorry !

LOVE it. Fantastic work. It’s funny how much I drool over amazing templates imagining what I could do to customize the hellyeah outta them…. This one would be fun to play with. Very well done.



thank you !