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Love this template! Is it possible to expand the top header area to include something like this?

Or this?

You could code it into the navigation.php template file by copying the navigation.php file from the main them into your child theme and making the changes in the child theme version.

You need to create a page and give it the grid page template then set that page as your home page. Instructions explaining how to set the home page should be in the documentation. If not, refer to this:

Hi EugeneO can you add support for WooCommerce :)

There are no plans to add WooCommerce support.

Well can you make plans

Hi EugeneO,
Any plans on updating the theme in the future? Trying to understand if it’s worth investing in it in the long term.

The theme was works with the current WordPress release and unless there are significant changes to WordPress it will continue to work with future releases. I have one small update planned but I don’t know when it will be uploaded. Other than that no bugs have been reported and there are no plans to add any features so there is nothing to update beyond the small one coming up.

when publish a post it does not get published to the home page

You haven’t provided enough information for me to guess at what the problem is.

  • Is your home page set to show the latest posts page or is it set to a static page?
  • If it is a static page what template are you using on that page?
  • Can you provide a link to your home page for me to see what is being output?
  • Have you disabled all plugins to eliminate them as the cause of the problem (in particular any cache plugins)?
  • Are any posts being shown on the home page at all?
  • How many posts are missing?
  • What post category are the missing posts added to?
  • Do the posts missing on the home page show up on the post category archive page?

the problem has been fixed it was a Caching plugin causing the problem

Hello, after the last update I have this error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM in /home/content/94/7714394/html/wp-content/themes/wirepress/inc/plugins/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php on line 1140

Please help!

I’ll upload a corrected version now. The problem is caused by the TGMPA class which was updated yesterday in response to the security issues found earlier in the week. Unfortunately there were several version of the class available yesterday, all of which had different bugs.

I have uploaded a version that should work now. Download the new version of the theme from the downloads page of your themeforest account and reinstall the theme.

what line of css do i change to change the colour of the content area

Use your browser developer tools to identify elements and their CSS properties. On windows browsers you can usually do this by right clicking on an element on the page and selecting “Inspect Element”.

Hi EugeneO, I’m stuck with homepage sidebar :( Where can I modify it? And one more question – I need to translate “Latest” headline in post sidebar – where can I do it? Thank you!

Please provide a link to your site so I can see what template you are using as your home page.

The sidebar widgets are changed on the Appearance > Widgets screen of the admin area.

The theme includes .mo and .po files that can be used with translation plugins otherwise you can modify the text directly in the sidebar-post.php template file.

Pre-buying questions: 1) Could I make a post with a video gallery (maybe with a slider)? Something that when you see a image of any video (on this slider), you could click and see the video (at a given width)... 2) Could I have every screen on my site with a video background?

1.) No. 2.) No.

I used the home grid to point to different category pages now but I cant seem to get the load more post to work at the bottom of those categories?

Thanks! Ill give it a shot. Last question; How do I control how many post show in the grid initially before you load more. The default is 10. I want 20 to start?

Adjust the number of posts option on the Settings > Reading admin screen. The option applies to all archive pages.

Thanks! Cheers!

Hi, I tried to import data from old blog and receive this: Fatal error: Call to undefined function ctype_digit() in wp-content/plugins/video-thumbnails/video-thumbnails.php on line 310

Same error was with importing wirepress-dummy-content.xml

How to solve this error?

Send me an email via the contact form on my profile page. I would like you to test a fix for the sidebar problem you are having.


foykes Purchased

Hi, After updating theme with test version you sent me, I found error in place of side bar: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’;’ in /home/foykes/ on line 195


I had fixed this bug but it looks like I forgot to upload the new version. I’ll submit it first thing in the morning.

Hey this design is great but your demo site has an sidebar issue right now, could you fix that cause i wanna have a look of your sidebar ?..

Thank you for pointing out the bug on the theme demo. I had been updating the theme demo a few days ago with the next version of the theme and forgot to update that file after correcting that bug.