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Hi there !

I want to change the footer’s color (#fffae7) to #F3F3F3, but I can’t find the css line to do that… I don’t understand where this color is load ?!


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I have a problem with Blog + Twitter widget, It work in my home page

but not the Blog page or any other page exempt the home !?

ibergag Purchased

OMG this is Worst Support ever Saw

Hi i need a solution: let me explain … -i choose the template background colour is light grey -then only one problem i am not be able to resolve : - Its hard to find the css where i can change the text color of post and pages ’’headers or caption’ please guide me there is a problem in image u can have a look


Does this theme support Wordpress 4.0

Hi There,

I love this theme I bought this theme for my client two years ago. I wanted to know how can I upload the latest updated version of theme with losing anything content? Please let me know if this possible.



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How can I increase the font size of the pages and the post? I also want to remove the “You may use these HTML tags and attributes: ” an d other html tags at the comment secion.


I am facing problem in setting up my site as in demo. Though I have installed the responsive theme zip with dummy content but Iam not been able to set contact page, gallery page. Also can I update to wordpress 4.0 version.