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Nice theme I must say. Please I cannot get the menu links to show when I import the dummy data. The only link that it shows is “sample page”. Also I noticed that other pages don’t load up as well in the pages menu on my word press. How can I get the other pages (about us, gallery, contact us, blog) to load up just like in the demo version. Thanx



The menu’s are dynamic you can change the settings from wordpress admin panel > appearance > menus and update the theme locations.

Hi, ThemeBazaar, Wisdom for Life is a wonderful template. Can you please tell me if it’s possible to list events in ascending order in the Events category? If so, how can I change this?


Hi @judyasman

There is no such built-in option,

The events are posts as well and using the wordpress default queries to show the result, you have to replace it with your custom code.

Hi, I am having problems with my template. http://tllf.org.uk/

the readmore link is behind the logo on the top for some reason and my banners won’t show even though the demo ones are there….?


HI @kaptech

the demo link is not working.

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Hello guy’s,

i understand there’s no shorcode on wisdom (i think it’s a big mistake), only the html code on static page but can you tell me how can i make a table price with only two column please ?


I’ve sent two messages to these people asking for support and gotten no response. Can I get a refund? This is like a scam …



Please let us know about the issues you’re facing.

donde encuentro los shortcodes

Is anyone else having trouble with the time feature on the Events page? It keeps defaulting to 12:00 a.m. and the plug in won’t let me change. Is anyone responding to these boards? What gives?



It’s because of the server timezone issue, you can fix it in functions.php, just uncomment the timezone code and follow the instructions written there.

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When creating a event post. If the time is set to 6pm (18:00) upon updating the post the time changes to 6am. I was wondering if you guys were aware of this issue? I would assume that there is something in the PHP code that is making it do that, but I really don’t know PHP or if that is even the issue. Can someone please help me with this issue. It is cause the site I am managing to turn of the event in the morning of the day of the event as if it has already happened. Happened several times and would like to resolve this problem ASAP . Thanks



It’s because of the server timezone issue, you can fix it in functions.php, just uncomment the timezone code and follow the instructions written there.

my website doesn’t show the green bar for the donations…

For example if I put that 500 have been raised from 1,000 the green bar showing half full doesn’t show at all.. Any reasons for this?

Thank you in advance for those that help me!

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Terrible theme, the events and donation widgets don’t work and there is apparently no support available. I want a refund!


Hi @jstevew,

Please double check that you installed it according to the instructions given in support file.

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Hi there and greetings from Bulgaria!

I want to ask you something.

How i make to work this theme with WPML Multilingual CMS plugin?

Thank you :-)

Twitter isn’t working. Can you pls help?


Hi @ericolisboa,

Please update your theme with latest copy.

shmb Purchased

Finaly I made Wisdom of life theme to work with WPML plugin :-)

In this file: “includes/fields.php”

I replace this line:
With this one:
if (ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE == 'bg') {
    define('THEME_PREFIX', 'fw_wisdom_bg_'); //UNIQUE IDENTY MUST CONTAIN _ AT THE END
} elseif (ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE == 'ro') {
    define('THEME_PREFIX', 'fw_wisdom_ro_'); //UNIQUE IDENTY MUST CONTAIN _ AT THE END

This is for Bulgarian and for Romanian languages. For other type of languages you must change your language code “ro” or “bg” with your lang code and your theme will now work with WPML plugin!

That’s it!



That prefix is being used to store the unique themes admin panel settings in wp_options table.

There are several critical issues with this template, however, I’m too far along to turn back now. Will support ever be offered?


Hi @VividPoint,

Please let us know the issues you’re facing.

davco Purchased


I encounter a problem with my video gallery. For most the link on pop up doesn’t work. The pop up opens fine but stay white.

Regards David


Hi David,

Please confirm that your entering the correct youtube URL with http:// prefix or videos are not delete.

Hi there… we’re in the beginning stages of installation and formatting.

1) How do you get rid of the nav bar on the carosel… and just keep the one on top in the header? Or visa versa?

2) Is there a way to easily put the search prompt in the top right hand corner?

Thank you. DeForest


Hi deforest,

could you please elaborate it little bit.


lbisbnupes.com is the webiste. As you can see, there are two navigation bars. How do you get rid of the bottom nav bar?

there is no “home” bottom on the nav bar? How does one get a “home” button onto the nav bar? Maybe there are some errors in the code.

the position of the search prompt is a little annoying.

We’d like our site to look like the demo.


Your top menu has more item than supported please remove 1 or 2 items it will be fixed.

davco Purchased

Hello guy’s,

Yes there is prefix and video not delete. Can i send you my login details ?

regards David


Hi, David

Please email us information at info[ @ ]themebazaar.net

@TADAH, did you ever get your question answered? @Themeforest, I am also trying to get my tabbanner middle size image to appear on the tabs section but it’s not working. I’ve read your instructions. Can you please tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thank you.



Sorry But I didn’t get your point exactly, if you are talking about the featured post image than it can be managed from admin panel > theme options > home page settings > tabs.


@themebazaar. I’m referencing the larger middle photo that appears in the News Feed section. It’s below the main nav in the center. If you look at the Wisdom for Life live preview http://themeforest.net/item/wisdom-of-life-ngo-and-charity-theme/full_screen_preview/1778657, then compare it to my website: http://www.banning100birthday.com, you’ll see that larger photo in the center doesn’t appear, just the thumbs and captions. Do you know if there’s a setting or a function? The option doesn’t appear in the Tabs section in the Theme Options. Thank you …

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Having problems with the video feed on the front page.

I added a post and clicked on video link – put in the url from youtube and then hit update. When I go back and preview the first video is large and not in a thumbprint like the 2nd video.

Click here to see –

Your help would be appreciated.



the timthumb library thumb.php only support valid urls, so give it try without ~ sign before the folder name.

mattfeld Purchased

OK somehow it fixed itself. Not sure what happened but it is working the way that I want it too now.

This template is good but had to do a lot of extra work to get it to work.

Had to update the thump.php to get the homepage slider to work.

To add different banners on the subpages had to use the the custom field of header_img and then add the path.

Still can’t get the donation widget to display as theirs but that is the next item that I will work on.




There was no need to edit the timthumb library, if in case you have some server path issue.

Let us know the problem you’re facing with donation widget?