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Hi Themebazzar, i asked you some questions 9 days ago i see you respond to other people but not answering my questions. i am wondering if is there any point that makes you avoid to answer those questions? please advise.

Hi, I like this theme a lot and am considering using it for a nonprofit I work for. Is there a way to integrate ecommerce ?

Is there anyway to center your main navigation on this theme? instead of it left aligning?

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I’m getting the following message when trying to upload and/or activating the them:

Fatal error: Class ‘Form_validation’ not found in /home/demosite/public_html/jvp/wp-content/themes/jvp/includes/options.php on line 61

Please advise.


We provide support through our support system only please use it http://support.extracoding.com

How to make gallery page?

We provide support through our support system only please use it http://support.extracoding.com
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Awesome theme!

Although, I’m having trouble with the contact form. I’ve read the support multiple times.

Thanks in advance.

We provide support through our support system only please use it http://support.extracoding.com
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I submitted a ticket twice but never received a conformation email or ticket #

This theme is broken, and as you can see on this thread the support on this theme is NOT good either. The “Add Media” button as well as the “Visual”/”Text” buttons DO NOT WORK. I’ve not added any extra plugins. I’ve checked this problem on multiple computers. This is a THEME BUG – and it needs to be fixed ASAP. Please SOMEONE respond to me either here or on the support forums where I’ve submitted a ticket days ago.


Please share your ticket number let us see why it’s still not resolved, thanks for your patience.


Can you just tell me for now how to either fix the ADD MEDIA button issue and how to set the sponsor slider to auto scroll??

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Hey guys, Thanks a lot for your help in answering my last question. I now have the site up and running. Unfortunately, still having a few problems. I would like to edit the logo size, but when I try to edit the style.css I get an error bar at the top reading ‘The “D:\hosting\10399225\html/wp-content/themes/wisdom/cache” folder is not writeable, please change its permission recursively to 777.’ It then says the theme is broken and I cannot edit. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

We provide support through our support system only please use it http://support.extracoding.com
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hello I wonder if the problems with the issue with the latest update for Word Press 3,5,1 are solvable, the html editor does not work, I can not post images, I canĀ“t tag the post, eaither the featured images work? What can we do?

Hi my country is Georgia (NOT state) it isn’t in purchase countries list. how can I buy this theme ?

Somebody help..

Hello, The white color background of the theme suddenly vanished yesterday…as also did all the ‘Our sponsors’ logos…while I was working to design my site with this theme. I clicked on ‘Import default settings’ again..thinking I might have done something wrong…but that didn’t fix it either. I know how to fix the support logos through the backend. But how do we get back the white background? The only two modifications I made before this happened were, 1) change the favicon URL in the theme settings and 2) enable akismet. Plz help: http://delhigreens.org/ws

Hm..I investigated a li’l more. Why are links like these no longer working: http://www.themebazaar.net/demo/wisdom/wp-content/themes/wisdom/images/logo4.gif

And in any case, why are the images loading from a themebazaar.net server on my site instead of loading from my own server, viz: http://delhigreens.org/ws/wp-content/themes/wisdom/images/logo4.gif

And I think while all that can be fixed, how do I fix the white background..which has now gone dull and is not looking good. Plz help.

Hm…now downloading the updated theme (that I just noticed) and will reinstall and get back.

Updated to the new version. All looks good now! Just that (and this was true in the prev version also), why does it say Wisdom of Life (as an image?) under the primary menu in each of the page? And how does one disable/ remove/ edit it?

Good day Almighty Theme Creator!

I sent a ticket on http://support.extracoding.com , but never received a confirmation email and the message when i search for the ticket says “Authentication Required”.

The theme works perfectly using GoDaddy and its Hosting Centre software installer.

cPanel using Softilicious is where i have the issues: 1. Install wordPress using Softilicious (works) 2. Upload Wisdom theme and dummy_data (works) 3. In Wisdom Theme Options: “Upload”, “Submit”, “Click to add new row” buttons seem to work, but does not give feedback on the action and does not change the arrow cursor to a hand. e.g. add new row does not add a visible row to manipulate in the Theme Options Admin Panel, but it will display a blank row on the website. 4. Frontpage Slider only displays text that is aligned to the very top of the website and not within its slider box.

I hope these symptoms could guide you to possibly providing me with a solution. So far it seems as if it could be the “js” and i’ve almost given “777” permission to everything “js” related.

Kind Regards

As i informed you before, but still i didn’t get answer from you. I can’t add any new row in sponsors/home banner/notification slider/tabs/ how can i solve this issue?

Thank you,

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will there be an update to WP 3.5 coming soon?

If anyone is having trouble with cPanel and WordPress:

1. I removed all my instances of my WordPress installation from Softaculous.

2. I installed WordPress manually.

( This enabled my Wisdom Theme Options Buttons, so now i can add rows)

3. I installed plugin “Slideshow Gallery”.

4. I edited “index.php” under ”.../wp-content/themes/wisdom” and added code ”<centre><?php if (function_exists(‘slideshow’)) { slideshow($output = true, $post_id = false, $gallery_id = false, $params = array()); } ?></centre>”. In WP Admin panel Slideshow configuration, i changed the dimension width to 1005px, which covers the theme menu nicely.

5. I disabled Wisdom Hompage Banner.

Now i have a working slideshow and can use the rest of the Wisdom theme admin options. Hope this help some soul.


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I think my question is the hardest…how can I leave a feedback for this Author? I can’t seem to click on the yellow stars.

Thanks in advance for any info! :superbashfulcute:

I’ve seen on here that this is version 2.0. is it 100% compatible with wordpress 3.5.1 ? I’d like to roll this out to my NFP.