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Hi there. I LOVE this template. However, I can’t seem to get the form to work: I get this error: “Attention! Please correct the errors below and try again. The verification code you entered is incorrect.”

Here is the link: http://sedonaseowebdesign.com/johnc/services-and-packages.html

I modified the php files, so I am not sure why the captcha and form aren’t working. I have the same form on 3 pages, if that has anything to do with it. Thank you so much for your help.

Item Purchase Code: 08e93cb4-40c7-4802-b386-b38f6695dda2

Hi probably doubling up here as I emailed as well. Just keen to get an answer on how to make a background image fill the page. I can’t seem to get this to happen. I want to place a landscape image in full background and cannot seem to find the right div tag to place it in. Or do I just need to adjust a css property to allow that to happen and display correctly? Really looking forward to a quick result with this please. By the way – love your work Wiseguys!

warmest regards



If you encounter a problem, you wont get any assistanc from this author… Just pass your way… do not buy this #@ x%x !!

Yes, I am having the same issues. This author is not responding to private messages. I am having an issue with this template crashing in IE10. The revolution slider has been updated to fix this error, but the files in this template have not been updated. Also, I am having the same issues with the contact captcha page not working.

A major rework is also needed to meet google’s pageload standards. You will get extremely low page load speeds out of the box. I spent a lot of time recoding, minfying, etc. to speed things up!

Could you tell me how to change the timer on the slider? thank you

cannot access local image in your theme, how am I going to get this solution to this problem of living.I didn’t see the same issue you a solution if I return in the shortest time.

Hi Greg

Would appreciate an answer to this one question. How would i change the colour of a call out action box button? This so that it is not the same as the entire theme and stands out more?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, is there any support out there?

hello wiseguys,

I bought your website and I think it’s a combination supper of the site. Because I work with dreamweaver and you can do a lot with it.

I found something on your responsive website it is something with the background because I’ve looked on my windows mobile phone, you can see the background at all. The website is not responsive constant.

warmest regards

Hello there,

My client purchased your Kings one pager theme and now I am customizing it. So far, it’s so good besides I wanted to ask some question. They want me to customize the progress circles and show some text inside instead of “100%”. Is this possible? I tried to edit the HTML file but it seems like the data is executed from JS files. Please help.

Thanks Umair

Disappointing WiseGuys lost the wysiwyg editor with the theme update for 3.9 and many people in my organization rely on that function. We were told there are no plans to immediately restore it and to tell people to code in text, which is not practical. Assume we can’t be in the same boat.

Twitter Widget stopped working—is there a way to restore this?

I’ve emailed you for support on template from the other option (more expensive template) but i dont see that anymore. I was having problems with seeing the text on the site and not being able to update any. You said to reload the entire new template so i have done that. it messed up my revolution slider but everything else is working. I’ve put in a new slide with video and nothing is changing on my site. I still only see the one slide i’ve had in there. I want to confirm that the video is working in the slider and find out how to get the additional slides to show up. slider is on front page of site and using motionsix slider as my setting. motionsixcreative.com is site.

thanks! Matt

it actually looks now as if the entire front page is stuck. I cannot remove the revolution slider and can’t make any changes to any of the sliders or slides. Appreciate your response and help.


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Hello there, I bought your “Wise Guys” theme but I’m having trouble with chrome. It gives me this message: “JavaScript Alert, Can not access local image” then you press “OK” and another window error shows up saying: “JavaScript Alert, Cannot access image, “check box” Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs.” Please could you be kind enough to tell me how to fix this? Thank you in advance.


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I purchased this item(wise guys) 3th of February. When I open index page on chrome and opera, it says “cannot access local image” javascript mistake. But it works on firefox and explorer. What can I do about the mistake? Many people use chrome and I dont want any problem with this browser. By the way I couldnt find your contact info, because of this I am writting this comment page. Please help me as soon as possible.



akean Purchased

Hello; I bought this template. It looks great… But I have some trouble with it. I sent you message but couldnt get answer. So I will try my chance from here :) When I try to open photos on mobile mode (with ipad, sanmung phone, iphones) for example featured works, it doesnt works. Just a blured screen and play button shows on my screen. I have no idea what is the problem… At first I thought I did a nistake when I edditing pages. But on themeforest pages I have same problem. If you help me, I will be thankful.

Have a nice day.