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Hi Greg, Thanks a million for your quick response, I appreciate it. I’ve email you via your profile as requested. Have a great day :-)

Hi again. As suspected: DUMB mistake on my side (did not upload all the files). Now I can say without any doubt – this is the best template EVER!!!! THANKS and have a GREAT Christmas :-)

Thank you, have a great Christmas too :-)

Hi – Really nice template! Questions for you before I buy. 1) Where would you put a search box? The convention is the top right, but I don’t know how that would fit into your design? 2) Can the “headerContentContainer” be resized and still work as you designed it? It looks great but it uses more primary real estate for a category heading than I’d want. 3) Breadcrumbs. I’d like that in the left maybe where the tagline currently is. I’m assuming that’s just manipulating css, but would like your opinion on design change. 4) My company logo is too big to fit in the placeholder “logo” class. What would you suggest for design that would accomodate a company name logo that’s 300 px wide? 5) What’s the primary difference between the creative and business templates in the preview?

Thank you!


Thanks you for considering our template.

1) This is a HTML template so a search box is probably not useful as it could only search the current page. However if you still wanted to use one, have a look at the blog pages there is a search box in the sidebar, but we added this purely for the upcoming WP version of this template.

2) Sure that can be changed in css.

3) There is already an option where the page title and breadcrumbs replace the tagline, however this is an option where the header has no blur, so just image/pattern. If you want to keep the blur and title and just move the breadcrumbs I can tweak that for you.

4) You can have any logo size, again by tweaking css, the template is coded so it checks if there is enough room for both logo and menu, so if you have a 300px wide logo and too many menu items, it will trigger a drop down menu as you can see on mobile/tablet sizes.

5) There is no difference between creative and business preview except for visual things such as boxed layout, colors etc…Also the business home page is slightly different but both creative and business home pages are included in the download.

If you choose to purchase our template and have any questions feel free to email me via our profile page.

Thanks, Greg

Just bought this.

Looks amazing – lots of work ahead!

I don’t quite understand how the blog works. With WP you post and it automatically puts it in all the right places. How does that work with html?


Thanks for your purchase :-)

In HTML you would have to create blog posts manually as with every other content, the disqus comment system will detect each post page using the url so the comments only apply to that page. So basically for each new blog post you would have to duplicate a blog single page.

Thanks, Greg

One other thing – images don’t show in the help file. Is the help file online somewhere?

I just downloaded a fresh copy of the template and images show fine in the help folder, you mean images are missing in help.html file?

Thanks, Greg

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the speedy responses.

Just unzipped the package again and images in help.html now showing!

Many thanks!

Any timescale for WP version?

No worries, WP version probably in a month.

is it useful on i.explorer 7?


This template supports IE8, IE9 and all major browsers.


Hey Great Work =)

Is it possible i can have the slider code which you have on your display with videos link on it?

thanks =)


Hi Sean,

Thanks for your purchase.

You mean the main slider with animation on the home page? If so your download already includes all the slides you can see in the preview including the ones with videos.

Thanks, Greg

Hi, I’m having a few issues with my Template, images are missing and its loading up wrong when uploaded, also I can change colours etc like in the help guide, but I cannot get any backgrounds to appear, either pattern or images. I’m currently downloading a new copy and trying to upload again, any help or advice as to why I’m having these issues.


You’re definitely doing something wrong :) Please follow the steps from the help file. Here are a few advices:

1. Please make sure all tags are closed once they are opened
2. Please make sure you type the correct path to images and other assets (images, videos, background images, patterns etc.)

Hope that helps :)



Hi, I’m having a few issues with my Template, images are missing and its loading up wrong when uploaded, also I can change colours etc like in the help guide, but I cannot get any backgrounds to appear, either pattern or images. I’m currently downloading a new copy and trying to upload again, any help or advice as to why I’m having these issues.

If you are still having issues, send us an email via our profile page and we’ll have a look.


Great site!

One question, how to integrate WP?

I donĀ“t like the idea of duplicating pages every time I blog.

Hi jlaltamirano23,

We’re currently working on the wordpress version. I’m not able to give you the exact date when it’s gonna be released, but you can subscribe to our newsletter and get notified :)




I have the copy of this template but i want to buy the original one. I want to be sure that files are in pure html not like for example “filename.php” I am using asp and ado.net so files must be in html format.

Thanks Cihan


Yes all files are html.


This maybe a silly question but with the extra’s that you have included, with this theme I see there are updated versions of them (even compared to purchase date of theme) especially on the revolution slider its up to version (Version 2.1.6) and with the theme its version 1.2 are you providing these updates or do we need to purchase these ourselves to have the updates?


We would update the extra scripts only if they include significant changes to our buyers, and indeed it is the case with the revolution slider, so we are planning on updating the revolution slider in the next update.

Thanks, Greg

Thanks Greg!

Great theme guys thanks!

Is there anyway I can easily turn off the responsive element of the template? Id like it to act as a normal website and not respond if screen is small



This should be as easy as removing all media queries from css files but I’ll need to double check, send me an email via our profile page and I’ll let you know when I’ve tried.

Thanks, Greg

Hi Just bought this.

Looks amazing –

i want to use image in background full length tell me how to use it in css



Thanks for purchasing our template.

Unfortunately this is not possible with a simple css change as there is quite a bit of code involved with the background image, mainly the blur for the headers and responsive resizing, so it is a bit of work to update the code. If you absolutely need this feature do send me an email via my profile but this would need to be done on a freelance basis at a cost.

Thanks, Greg

ok thank you

Bought your template a few days ago, great work.

One question: What font did you use for the logo text “Wise Guys”? It really suits the design better than our current logo and I’d like to adapt our existing logo with your font.

Thankyou, Jack


In wiseguys.min.js, locate the following function on line 907:

function initAccordion() {

if (mainContainer.find('ul').hasClass('acc')) {

accordion = new TINY.accordion.slider("accordion");
accordion.init("acc", "h4", 1, -1, "acc-selected");



Where you see the “-1” means no panel is open by default, so change that to a positive number. Note that this is “zero based”, so the first accordion panel is 0 and so on.

Thanks, Greg

Thanks Greg, say I had an accordion on the homepage and others on different pages throughout the site.

For example if I wanted the accordion on the homepage to open the first element (slide 0) and leave the others too have none open by default.

Is there a snippet <script></script> I can stick in the homepage HTML that will instruct that one particular accordion to expand the first slide?

Hopefully I haven’t confused you :) Look forward to your response, Jack

The easiest way without involving css changes would be to manually start all your accordions, to do that, you would first delete the 2 lines from the code snippet I showed you in the previous message in wiseguys.min.js that start with the word “accordion”, but leave the rest.

Then in each of the html pages you are using an accordion in, put the following code at the bottom of the page right before the closing body tag:

<script type="text/javascript">

  accordion = new TINY.accordion.slider("accordion");
  accordion.init("acc", "h4", 1, 0, "acc-selected");


Now you can have different settings for different accordions on different pages.

Cheers, Greg

This is the best support I’ve seen on Themeforest. Thanks

You’re welcome :-)

Hi. This is a really great template! Quick question though: is there a way to turn off the mobile version? I want the site to look the same way on a mobile device as it does on my desktop. Thanks in advance!


Send me an email via our profile page and I’ll set it up for you.

Cheers, Greg

hi Greg

i have another question i want to add more js file’s in main html page under <!- JS ================================================== ->

but when i add these scripts

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”js1/jquery-1.7.1.min.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”js1/jquery.easing.1.3.min.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”js1/jquery.list-rotator.min.js”></script>

the other scripts are not working properly please help me regarding this issue thanks


Send me an email via our profile page with a link to your site online.

Thanks, Greg

How can I disable thumbs in jackbox script?

Hi Alfonso,

In wiseguys.min.js locate the “initLightbox” function, and in there replace:


With this:

jQuery(".jackbox[data-group]").jackBox("init", {
   useThumbs: false 

Cheers, Greg