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That’s OK. Thanks

Looks really nice. Love it.

I need some customization on your template. Do you offer paid customization?

Please let me know.

Kindly, Jason Beattie

Hi Jason,

Yes sure, feel free to contact me via our profile page to discuss your requirements.

Thanks, Greg

Wow, these updates are driving me insane. If you’ve done any customization to this template already, I can safely say be careful with trying to implement any of these new updates – for example the Help says – “Note that this latest update includes changes to the wiseguys.min.js, layout.css and skeleton.css so you will also have to update these.” How about letting us know what the heck in the layout.css has been altered? If you just replace these existing files anything you’ve done to customize will be long gone – just warning you. I’ve had to go back to a back-up because once I tried to kick-in this newer stuff – poof – hours of work disappears/stops working. Great template – but I’m giving a thumbs down to these updates. :S


Thanks for your feedback, I will look into optimizing this process, however I would suggest that if you were to make any considerable changes to the css you should always create your custom css file, so create a custom.css file and load it after the other css files and make your custom changes in there, this way you wouldn’t lose anything after updates.

Thanks, Greg

One thing that would be invaluable is some kind of notes explaining what all the js files are for and what is required in order to get shot of them.

There are currently 19 js files on the standard index.html and I’m sure most people have no need for all of them – I certainly don’t. However, working out what can be deleted is a massive paid in the backside because I don’t know what relates to what.

For example, what do the jackbox files relate to? Deleting them seems destroy the ‘other cool stuff’ layouts and the ‘latest tweets’ in the footer, but deleting the jackbox css files only messes up the ‘featured works’ appearance. They’re obviously linked.

If I want to delete specific sections on various pages, it would be really nice to know what files relate to what. Damned if I can work it out myself without hours of experimenting, and that’s extremely frustrating for someone who knows jack about js.

Hi Brian,

The jackbox files are for the lightbox, this template actually includes a help file just for the lightbox. These files also include code for the blur and hover effect on the carousels and portfolio/gallery elements.

From what we have seen so far, most people actually use most features. If you don’t want to use a section, just delete that section from the html document, there is no need to go and delete javascript/css file which might be shared by other elements.

Thanks, Greg

Thanks, yes I know I can delete stuff, I’m simply thinking of reducing the items that load. You know how useful it is to have as light a load as possible.. Thanks anyway.

As regards updates, making a custom file and loading that last is ok, but assumes that your changes don’t render custom changes incompatible. If you change the size of a box, for example, edits to position or resize contents may no longer work correctly. A list of what the changes were is still useful..especially when there are frequent updates.

Failing that, an explanation as to why changes were made (to fix xyz) so that people know whether they can be ignored or not.

Apart from the very first update, none of the updates involve bug fixes, the updates are for additional functionality requested by buyers that have been grateful we added them. Updates are not mandatory, if you do not need the added functionality we provide, you do not need to update your template.

I know; but if the update notes explain what and why, users can decide if it’s worthwhile. I bought a version about 2-3 updates back and only just got around to opening it. I noticed the updates, so I just downloaded the latest before starting work, but in the past other themes have been updated (not yours) and there is always the question “Why…and do I NEED to update”. It was just a thought, seeing as someone else had commented. Thanks anyway.

Question: I don’t like the slide/progress counter (with dots per slide) under the main slider on index.html. How do I get rid of it? Usually there’s code in the slider js to turn this display off, but I can’t see where. Thanks

In wiseguys.min.js, locate the initRevolutionBanner function, in there change the navigationType parameter from “bullet” to “none”.

Thanks, will go looking for it now..!

hey great template but when I open any page I get a pop saying “Cannot access local image”? Whats that about? Also when I open the directory on my desktop file manager it says “some images have been blocked so the sender can’t identify your computer” what’s all this about..any help would be appreciated but great template

ok upon starting to customize the theme, the same dialog box pops up on every single page and the disqus comment system doesn’t work either. I’m beginning to really regret this purchase and would like my money back if possible.


Thanks for your purchase :-)

The popup is due to the blur effect on the images, some browsers will block it locally, but it will work online. It doesn’t happen in all browsers though, for example it doesn’t happen in Firefox so I would suggest you use this browser for local testing.

Also, the disqus comment system uses PHP so it will only work online.

If you have anymore questions feel free to contact us via our profile page :-)

Thanks, Greg

I’m not familiar with the contact form you use.

I want to use domainname.com for the website and normally, on other forms, I can use admin@domainname.com as the main email address, but also forward a copy from the form to a second address, like info@domainname2.com. Is this possible with this form, and if so how? I can’t see any reference to making such changes.

If not it’s not a problem because I can add quform to it easily enough..though I suspect that’ll not be compatible with the css you’ve used.

Also, I note that on your contact.html you have four fields (from memory) one of which is ‘subject’ but there is no reference to this in contact.php – but there is a blanked-out reference to a field called ‘phone’. I assume that this is an error, or is there something else that adds the fields to the contact form? I’m no php expert so I’m not sure. I assumed not, then added my own fields and added the necessary references in contact.php. I can’t test it online yet so have no idea if I’ve done the right thing yet!

Most everything else seems easy enough to deal with though. Thanks.

Did you try this format? http://pastie.org/5866167

Yes, just tried it now, but it still shows both email addresses. Works otherwise though. Thanks.

I’m not a PHP expert myself, and while this is not exactly the same issue as yours, you probably can find the solution in here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4117091/php-mail-function-sending-mails-to-bcc-only

Looks like it’s just an extra field in the header. Otherwise just google “PHP Mail BCC”“

I wanted to jump in on the conversation about the updates. I too was struggling with what was changed in each file… What I did was look into file comparison programs. I am by no means an expert in anyway but I found a program called WinMerge, and in my opinion this is a fantastic solution. This program lets you open two documents side by side and highlights any differences in the files. So you can see line by line what has changed. Brilliant in my honest opinion!


Thanks for your purchase and feedback. WinMerge indeed seems like a very good solution and I will add it to our help file.

Cheers, Greg

@1097090 Notepad++ is probably the best and it has a very good side-by-side comparison display. I haven’t played with or looked for merge functions though.

Just for reference, with regards BCC mail recipients…

I use EZPZ hosting and aside from offering a decent hosting service, they are also very helpful in dealing with problems. They helped me out with this:

There is a way to send mail bcc to at least one recipient – I have now set mine up to send contact mail to a primary and then a secondary BCC email address. The coding doesn’t need a whole lot of changes.

I’m sending a copy of the altered form to wiseguys who can check it is okay and doesn’t interfere with anything else – I’m no expert – so maybe the ability will get added on here later.


Thanks, I’m glad you’ve sorted it out :-)


@brian7454 Thanks for the info! I haven’t used notepad++ for a while I switched over to sublime text 2. [edit] I just updated notepad++ and looked in the plugins menu and downloaded the compare pluggin and it too will work nicely.

Thanks for the great template! Twitter API appears to be down. It was working yesterday – did they change something again? Please advise. Thanks!!!


Thanks for your purchase :-)

It seems to be working fine in the preview, if you are still experiencing this issue feel free to send me an email via our profile page and I’ll have a look.

Cheers, Greg

Thank you for this amazing template

On the main index.html – Featured Works – Jackbox ,there are facebook,twitter buttons at the top left corner.

How can i access to these button codes. This gives me error and i have to change these buttons but i couldn’t find the codes for that in the page.



Thanks for your purchase :-)

In the help folder, there is a folder specifically for jackbox lightbox. In there there is a section about the social icons which tells you how to disable them if you don’t want them, and also in which file they are added, which is jackbox_social.php in /jackbox/modules/ folder.

Thanks, Greg

Any updates on when a Wordpress Theme might be released?


We’re working on it :) It should be ready in about a week or so. Please subscribe to our newsletter http://www.wiseguys-themes.com/ and we’ll let you know when it’s live on ThemeForest :)



Any chance you have a projected date for the Wordpress release? I’d love to use this theme for a project, but need to get started soon.


Hello Chris,

One more question for you regarding your template. I have an FAQ page on my website with your default collapsible/expandable FAQ page.

What I would like to achieve is have a nav dropdown menu that pops up when you highlight the FAQ nav button and displays the 8 questions on the FAQ page – that’s all okay and I know how to do this.

What I’m not 100% sure how to implement is – when the user clicks on for example “How long does the service take?” I’d like the user to be taken to the FAQ page with that particular question/answer expanded by on-page load and the same goes for the other 7 questions.

What’s the best way of achieving this? I can code in HTML, CSS and a little PHP (if necessary).

Hopefully I haven’t confused you.

Regards, Jack

Hey, thanks for the response, couldn’t use the e-mail feature as my e-mail’s changed since I signed up and don’t have the time to go through changing it right now..

Basically all I’m after is a way to have a specific answer (on the FAQ page) display (or expand) automatically depending on a parameter passed to the page.

e.g. link: ”/FAQ.html?question1” would make question1 open by default when the page loads and so on..

Cheers, Jack

ok, in wiseguys.min.js locate the “initFaq” function around line 410, and replace the whole function with this one: http://pastie.org/6079684

This will work with a url in this format: /FAQ.html?q=1

Cheers, Greg

Fantastic! Works like a charm… Possibly the best customer service I’ve seen from a theme developer, good work!

does this theme include a license to use the images shown? if not where did you get them from?


Please let me know for which of the backgrounds. Also, do you mean the paint splash from the HOME slider?


yes the ornage paint splash from the home slider and the stone / cracked plaster background on this page http://www.wiseguys-themes.com/wiseguys/creative/index.html

Hi how do i change the twitter and facebooks account?

Not sure which one you mean, but for example the social icons in the footer are just links such as this:

<a href="#">Facebook</a>

So just replace the default # sign in href attribute to the url of your facebook account.

Thanks, Greg


I wonder if its possible to have a non mobile version of the website. I want the “normal” html design to show on mobile devices. Can you tell me how to set this mobile version of the template of.



Your download includes both a responsive version and a static version, use the static version if you don’t want your site to be responsive.

Thanks, Greg