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LTParis Purchased

Updated to WP 4.2.1 and noticed that on other pages than my front page, the templatebuilder includes are failing.

I had to change my pricing page to remove those calls for now. I put up a test page with a single template include for reference: https://pariscreative.com/test/

Mind you my front page is nothing but a single template call and it’s working. Not sure why that is.

artxenoc Purchased

Here is an awkward question that has been asked in the comments. Is it difficult to integrate woocommerce? I am trying to add custom hooks for this wonderful theme to be compatible. If it’s not possible, can you at least point me the finger where I can edit the PHP to play with it to add this feature? I am currently testing it out at the place where I am working and would love it if you could help us (the community of themeforest) out. We greatly but greatly appreciate your support!

ps, I’ll even PayPal you for the trouble, just so I can have this thing working on woocommerce.


Lately Google is sending me error-reports saying the website is not mobile-friendly. It says: format of the content has not been adjusted to viewport.

It says the page-content is width: 829 CSS-pixels, but the viewport is only 320 CSS-pixels. The following elements are outside of the viewport:

<img id="bgImage" src="http://domain.../home1.jpg" />

Any idea what’s wrong, how it can be changed. Thanks

I could not install the template demo! Can anyone help me?

leandre01 Purchased

Hi! I’m having a problem with the menu principal. I installed the multi-language plugins (polylang and WPML) I tested both separately and allow me the translation strings, but the main menu does not allow me to place the flags or list of languages to change everything according to the chosen language ... what should I do to make these options exist?

thanks ..

Hi Freshface,

Hope you can help me out here. On my filterable portfolio page (with istope filters), it only shows five filters + the ‘all’ filter. But I’ve created more (10 in total).

They don’t show up. I don’t know what’s wrong. Do you have any idea? First I had the feeling it might have been the caching plugin, but I removed it, and no luck.


I upgraded to WordPress version 4.2.2 and all the navigation has disappeared what do I need to do?