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Great and very fast support. Great themes.


Thanks so much!


Can you please help?

It appears that if I deleted the “Price Packages” section (section id = prices) then the slide on the landing site (index1.html) was splitted into two when I opened using iPad 3.

It looks fine with PC, Mac, etc… only iPad 3 with Safari.

Can you please check? There must be some issue related to the price section when viewed in a responsive mode.



Hi Ario! We’ve sent an email for you issue. Thanks!


cannot succeed to make the phpmailer work,

can you help?

Great theme and support by the way


Hi Tillo! We’ve sent an email for your issue. Thanks!

RicSum Purchased

Hi, I have Just found a strange problem with the responsiveness resizing.

When you view the “Our Awesome Works” section in the extended demo – it does not resize correctly.

On an iPad when you change between landscape and portrait orientation – the browser either crashes, or the image boxes change position so that they either overlap OR have too much space in-between.

This also happens when you gradually resize the desktop browser – sometimes the images boxes reposition themselves correctly – sometimes they get all messed up.

Could you please look into this?

Thank you very much.


Hi RicSum. Thanks for your message.

Of course, please open you js file and come to isotope scripts. You can add resizable: true code in the $container.isotope codes. For example;

    itemSelector : '.work',
    resizable: true 
Then resizable feature is will be active. If you’ve another problem, please send an email to support@goldeyestheme.com address with your url for our check. Thanks!

Hi! Captcha would be great – is it possible to get the code also?

Thanks in advance! Robert


Hi there! Thanks for your message.

Not yet, but it’ll be in next updates. If you want, you can drop an email to support@goldeyestheme.com address for it. Thanks!

Hi I have 2 problems, my contact form doesnt work i cant set this for my email adress, This form can send messages to 3 email adress?

And my next question is how can i set filters in our work. Please visit caffedi.pl

when i open website i want to see only 1 group not all,

Please help:)


Hi there! Of course, you can send an email to support@goldeyestheme.com with your php codes. And then will give detailed information to you for filtering. Thanks!

Hy! I’ve bought this very nice wordpress template and wanted to know if there is an option to show and filter by maincategories first and if i choose a maincategorie i will show and filter the subcategories in this maincategorie!? Any idea ? Thx


Hi there! Thanks for your message.

However, our theme is not Wordpress, it’s an HTML theme. I think you purchased it from there :) ; http://themeforest.net/item/wisten-wordpress-one-page-parallax-theme/7591503?WT.ac=portfolio_thumb&WT.z_author=FastWP

You can contact to FastWP, they will give great support. Thanks!

mtdan2 Purchased

Hello, I am having an issue where the page does not load properly. The loading circle just spins forever and the page never finishes loading.


Hi there! Thanks for your message.

There must be a Javascript error. Please download again Wisten’s latest version and change js/plugins.js file. Then it’ll be solved. Thanks!

Hi. Love it. Just wondering do you have the phone images in PSD format? Cheers


Hi there! Thanks for your message. Yes, you can see iPhone images with PSD format in the PSD version. Also, you can see download links for the original PSD files in the PSD version’s documentation. Thanks!

zimbakin Purchased

Hi, How and where do I place Vimeo video code for the main background and which index file to use?

Using index1.html I updated the “mask” code with my vimeo link, however the background is just black.



Hi there! Thanks for your message.

We’re sorry about that, you can’t use Vimeo video on there. You must use YouTube video. Please add your video’s YouTube ID to VideoURL:, area, then it’ll work perfectly. Thanks!

Hi, I have a problem with the menu active item. All work properly before the portfolio section, but after this section the scrollspy script don’t refresh the active menu item. I’ve seen that if i force the height of the portfolio section, the menu work fine. But this is a bad solution for me…


Hi there! Must be a JavaScript error on there. Please send and email to support@goldeyestheme.com address with your url. We’ll check it and describe you. Thanks!

Same issue with HTML template, the video is not playing in smart phone or tablets.

I really like this template and want to buy html version but only issue is video is not working when checking at smart phone and tablet. any idea how can I fix this issue on HTML version. Thanks


Hi there! Thanks for your message.

Yes, you’re right. It doesn’t show the video on mobile devices due to the restriction policy adopted by all on managing multimedia files via javascript. So, it’s not possible. We’re sorry for it. Thanks.

RicSum Purchased

Hi, Excellent and highly customisable template!

I have a quick question:

In the Extended example, you have a WHO ARE WE strip – I have changed the actual colour of that part, but how do I change the colour of the downward facing triangle??

I have looked everywhere, and can find no image or code which actually changes the triangle color?

Thank you so much, and keep up the good work!


Hi RicSum! Thanks so much for your kind words!

Please open your css/style.css file and come to about-extended area. You just need change to after’s border-top color. For example;


You can change to #fafafa color on there. Thanks!

Great theme!

But when I was trying to see how a block entry looks in your demo, by pressing Continue Reading button on page http://wisten.goldeyestheme.com/wisten/blog.html, nothing happened. Continue Reading didn’t work. Please check it. I use Mozilla Firefox 32.0.3 Good luck!


Hi StromMan! Thanks for your report!

Yes, that’s true :) It’s an HTML theme, and they are demo blog pages. So there is just not linked and it’s can be added. Thanks again!