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wdub28 Purchased

I just purchased. Great file for quick and easy! I do not have an external php script for the header sign up, so I want to just use the process.php included. however, I do not see where to designate my email? Can you let me know? thanks

Hi folks,

this theme is great, good work jogres. Its really basic but a couple of things worth considering if your looking to amp it up a touch:

1. For people who want the background image to scale with the device I suggest you add: “background-size: cover;” to the .bgwithout section in the background.css file. In testing my landing page on my ipad and monitor I noticed I got a white border which isnt what I was looking for.

2. For those who want a quick and dirty way to capture signup emails for your newsletter you can send the captures emails to your inbox. Again not ideal but its a landing page it wont be up for long:

if (!$errors) { $to = “youemailaddress@here.com”; $subject = “New Subscriber”; $body = $email; mail($to, $subject, $body); if ($_POST) {

Apologies if the above isn’t clear or detailed enough ,I’m just back from a run and not in the head space!

Cheers, Darren

MoeMoon Purchased

I just download this template and I’m trying to edit it in Dream Weaver. Well, whenever I try to edit the images.js for the slideshow page to have multiple images (as the directions show), nothing shows up on the page after saving it and viewing it in preview in browser mode. What am I doing wrong?

Zehnmedia Purchased

Hi ,

I have just purchased the theme and unzipped it , but in image folder i don’t see any images, rather screenshot from your computer :( ,, are you sure images are there ,, Please help :confused:


Zehnmedia Purchased

Hi Joger

Hummmmm Great work !!! dint found anything comparable ,, but hey but not enough support !!!

IMHO you should have BOLD/underline your NOTE “images in live preview not included.”

Without those background images and need to update the yyyy/mm/dd change in the counter.js it took me 2 hours to make the thing up and running ,, ..and then customer drop the idea to use your profile …. hard but - your work got 2 stars from you !!

Best of luck !! Zehnmedia

Hi, I tested your template on my iPhone, but when I choose the slideshow background option, a thick white line appears at the left of the screen. Is there a way to fix this?


Excellent Design Man !! I like it that’s why good luck with sales ;)

Hi, Another great job. Clean simple coding. Can I make the upper right corner sticky (always shows)? Is colorbox what is used for the flickr lightbox? Cheers, J

I am trying to install the theme into my wordpress webpage but am getting the following message:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.



Hi Malgosia10, thanks for purchase.
This theme is just html, not for wordpress format :)
Thank you


great :(