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Very nice. Any plans for a Wordpress integration?

Very nice by the way, very clean.

Need it converted into Wordpress?

Thanks for the comments. I may put it in HTML format first and see how it sells.

Yes, Please….HTML it! Please Please I will then buy it immediately!

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks

I just submitted the HTML template version for review. I’ll post a comment when it’s approved.


Usually how long does the approval process take? I need this in HTML ASAP .

It usually takes a day or two to get approved.

The HTML version of this design is now for sale.

nice design i do like it

Thank you so much.

duffitus Purchased

Hey – Love the design and purchased it hoping to be able to use the dog graphic as well as the large font “WigWagWalk”. I had hoped to be able to customized these items but they aren’t editable in your photoshop file. Would you have the dog file as a seperate file?