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erjonnn Purchased

I am trying to change the “Latest Portfolio” and “Sort Portfolio” titles to “Latest Project” and “Sort Projects”, i found both of the titles on the theme-functions.php files and updated the file but nothing changes. Refreshed and cleared the cache and still nothing. Am i missing something?


Hi, can you please send us an e-mail about this. to vennerhelp@gmail.com . Thank you :)

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cata1yst Purchased

Hi, Please could you help me with a query about the portfolio? I have set up a page with shortcode like this portfolio style=”isotope” and it works fine.

Now I would like a page which shows only portfolio items from one of the portfolio categories. I’m hoping something like this would be possible but have not found the correct syntax portfolio style=”isotope” id=”29”

Please could you let me know if this is possible, then how to do this? The filter button is working so hopefully the feature is there somewhere! I also tried a custom menu item linking directly to my category like this http://mysite.co.uk/?page_id=1234#my-category

but no luck! Please could you help :)