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Nice one, Dimi!


looks great, keep up the good work! ;)

Thank you!

Great Concept Dude


This is really good!


awesome theme

Thanks. I’m glad you like it :)

Help! I have a problem. I have problem with email response. Your Name: this field work correct Your massage:this field work correct Your E-mail: send to me something like that: $


Ok, I changed script in woodoo-mail.php from:
mail( $to, $name, $comments, 'From: $email_address' );
mail( $to, $name, $comments, "From: $email_address\r\n" );
and now it’s working correctly :)

Hi! The sort list on my website ( doesn’t show in the right way in ie7. Do you have any idea how to fix it?

Hey, thanks for the purchase. I never meant to support IE7 , it’s way too old fashioned. Anyways, add this line of code in the css:

.filter li { display: inline; vertical-align: bottom;}

This should do the trick ;)

Nice Theme! I have a Problem with the tweets, how can i took my own username and not the username “envato” ?

Hope for an Answer =)

greetings Leo

Put your username on top of ‘envato’ in the woodoo-script.js file. You should read the documentation, it’s well explained.

good day. this template supports flash files (SWF) in portfolio? like here

Yes, it supports flash content, external sites (iframe), ajax content, quicktime movies, vimeo videos, youtube videos etc.

i’m having trouble uploading my theme. at first it said the style sheet was missing. so i renamed Style-White&Purple.css to style.css and moved it to the wp-content/themes/wadoo/style.css and that problem was solved. BUT then it said template is missing. What should i do? I tried uploading the same style.css file back to wp-content/themes/wadoo/html/css/style.css but it still doesnt work

As i can see you are trying to activate the template through Wordpress, but this is not a Wordpress Theme it’s a static HTML /CSS.

Question: I am really wanting to find a way to import photos from flickr or any image gallery of some kind to the gallery. As a self made solution I was able to modify the flickr plugin at the bottom to fit that space, but for some reason I can’t show more than 20 pictures and I can’t seem to find the limit anywhere. I set the limit to around 120 and really only want to show 50 images. Do you know how I could possibly accomplish this? You can see the example at I replaced the gallery, just can’t seem to find a limiting value or a limiting height.

By default the limit is set to 20. Open woodoo-script.js and go to line 204. Add the following (without the quotes) -> “limit: 50,” before the qstrings option.

If you have any problems, contact me via mail. Dimitar.

It’s a very beautiful work. I’m gonna make my own personal blog and I’m interested in this template, it’s exactly what I was looking for, is this wordpress compatible?

Hello Christian, thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately, it is not Wordpress compatible. It is static HTML/CSS template.

Hello, thanks for your answer. I made a new comment because I didn’t see it, I will copypaste: “Ok, I see it’s not a wordpress theme. I have two questions (stupid questions, maybe :) ): -It’s there a easy way to make this a wordpress theme? If not: – I have see in the Woody preview that there is a “Blog” section, if this is only a HTML/CSS, how could I blog with?” Thanks for your time :)

Ok, I see it’s not a wordpress theme. I have to questions (a stupid questions, maybe :) ): -It’s there a easy way to make this a wordpress theme? If not: - I have see in the Woody preview that there is a “Blog” section, if this is only a HTML/CSS, how could I blog with?

Hello again,

1. If you know your way around WordPress it should be fairly easy, otherwise you should hire a developer.

2. Like i said in the previous message, this is a static HTML,CSS template meaning it is not integrated into a CMS. Yes, you can use it as is but, you will need to be familiar with HTML and to be honest if you don’t quite understand what this means i don’t recommend you buying it.

Feel free to ask for any further information.

supper awesome;