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Hi Akay,

using your theme in this website www. gianlucamariani.com/wp/ sometimes I got a browser error page saying :

“The page isn’t redirecting properly

Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

  • This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.”

I can’t understand what’s the problem, ‘cause sometimes it happens just randomly…could you help me please?


phelix09 Purchased

Hi, great theme but I am having an issue with the artist I set it up for.

When you click on ‘Portfolio’ he wants it to take him to a page that lists links for all the SUB Categories.

It currently shows the latest uploads, like a blog. Is there any way to modify? Page is here http://jeffsart.com/?cat=1

He would prefer if the links in the second left column “recent work, finer art, etc” were listed in the main right column, instead of all the recent uploads.

Please advise and thanks, Mike

lafrance Purchased


Lightbox doesn’t link to video? just images? There seems to be a conflict with other jquery boxes. Can you confirm?

Thanks in advance

stentor Purchased

Hello Akay,

I must say I love the theme. I’m just noticing some problems in chrome with the flash not loading. Is there anything I can do?

stentor Purchased

Just to edit my previous post, the homepage doesn’t load on chrome, and safari. is there anything I can do. Thanks much

Hi all, I need to change the background of the site. have you any suggestion ? Thx a lot Mauri

hi akay,

please, send me help docs antyxweb@gmail.com i lost this.


hi there, just bought your theme, but when i go to upload my changed background images, nothing comes up in the browser othe than text, the slider background and the spacer line. Im pretty used to ftp tranfer and all the file names are the same as the originals. any ideas? Cheers for your help.


HI Akay, Have you any info about this template on WP MU ? I’ve installed it all is fine but when I try to save the wordfolio settings i received an error : “Error! Setting page not found”

what I can do tho use this template on WP MU ?

Thx a lot

Hi Any support for us ?

THX a lot


xcidium Purchased

Hi awesome theme!

is there a way to have a portfolio without dates and comment showing and keeping the blog the way it is?

and in portfolio being able to have more column with a little description?

thank you!

cool theme.one question before buying : is it possible to change the structure of the permalinks ?

h3aVy Purchased

First of all I want to say great template at a great price.

There are some things i’d like to change but can’t seem to get done.

1. If I view all posts in any given category the category list in the sidebar displays nothing.

2. I am unable to set a specific size for any type of media used by the lightbox.

3. I would like to disable the freelance availability from showing anywhere except for the bio/about page.

If I could get these issues worked out i’d be the happiest buyer yet.

h3aVy Purchased

Can we get some support for this or are we just on our own?

hey! great file! I was curious to see if you could guide me on ONE thing!!

Can you tell me how I can eliminate the link that always wants to go to the about page? I made use of that area for a flash twitter reader instead and that link does not want to leave!!

So its a big box with a link question mark in safari and a ” alt=”ABOUT” /> at the end!!



By the way! i only see the big link box when I am signed in.

i see the ” alt=”ABOUT” /> all the time!

help help help!!!

i have a feeling i am not going to get an answer seeing that no one else is getting one :(

hi, i am very much interested to buy dis, but i think u r not responding to queries these days, I NEED TO DO SOME MODIFICATIONS IN DIS :

1. I need to add my Twitter updates in the blog page 2.I need to add my flicker pictures, Testimonials, Latest news below “about me” Is it possible ???

If s, let me know, i will buy dis

Hi all, i was not avaiable to check the comments nowadays, just a quick check; all the answers are given before just check the old comments im sure your answer is writen here before, im just waiting for WP 3 .0 to update for new changes, WPMU support, navigation support etc.. Thanks for your understanding, best regards! I love you all ! :) I will re-check the comments at the end of this week, for your information… Cheers!

I really enjoy this theme!

I would like to buy, but want to know if I can change the color, like from the classic lighter to the darker black on certain pages and not on others.

Thanks! 1000wordsmedia.com