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Hi Akay – nice template! I would like to purchase it but do you have a solution for a contact form that integrates with your layout? I’m a little new to wordpress so don’t know if there’s a widget that you’d recommend that fits nicely. Thanks!


Hi Akay, I install your nice theme, but wordpress show me that message.. Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/artbrush/public_html/wp-content/themes/wordfolio/header.php on line 59

Help me!! :)


Hi, could you please replace ”<?” chars with ”<?php” it should be related with your server settings. Cheers.

Dear Akay,

I’m interested in purchasing this theme, and wondered 2 very simple questions. 1) Can I remove the ‘Blog’ page item ? 2) Is there a limit to the number of preview carousel images ? Bearing in mind you have 482 un-searchable comments, I’m sorry if this has already been asked ! Also, is it possible to see the documentation before purchasing as I would like to understand what is customizable.


I saw no .HTML file with it, is this only usable on WordPress or can it be converted to a website?

Hi, we recently purchased your theme. Is there a way to change the order of the showcase images? Or is it just pulling from the most recently created?

xcidium Purchased

Hi Akay

Is there a way to make the blog section looking different?

something like more column and just a little description showing under for every post for my gallery?



Sure but Need to modify the css and the html part

xcidium Purchased

Is there any example or which css and html i have to modify to change the blog section, could be nice to have the 2 different blog section one normal and another one for different work description

Hi Akay, I add 4 position to my porftolio, but still showcase is empty:

What i did?

1. I added new post in category Portfolio/subcategory. 2. I set tittle, 3. I added graphic 494×244px in (JPG) and copy link url. 4. I set two fields below main field which i leave empty. These fields are “Excerpt” and “Custom Fields”

5. I set: “excerpt” – when i wrote short description “Custom Fields”: – in “Name” i wrote anyname – in “Value” i pasted “link url” to graphic (494×244)

And i did this four time.

What i did wrong?

@Akay: I need your help with showcase. Please try to answer for my question from 11 days ago.

doaly Purchased

Silly question but how do i remove “Blog” from the main navigation?


doaly Purchased

p.s also how do you get rid of the white loading feature from the homepage

I have a new problem to display the templete in wordpress because it does not answer the blog page and portafolio. The ID of this pages are marked like artbrush.com.mxcategory. Could you please help me visiting my site artbrush.com.mx clicking blog and portafolio leages. Thanks for your prompt response


Some brazillians blog had recently a problem with someone who plagiarized a lot of blogger themes.

So, I was investigating the problem and discovered this: http://www.bcreate.net/2010/05/template-wordfolio.html

Someone is stealing your theme. We have contacted the blogspot. But, I’m just warning. :)

Hi Akay,

I have a question about this template before buying.

If I want to use only homepage as my portfolio, can I use lightbox instead of going to the page when I click on the image?

And If I understand correctly, I can put unlimited works in the slideshow, right?

mchawker Purchased

Great template…. thanks.

I am very frustrated though, I don’t understand your instructions for using lightbox with this template.. which is very important for me. It is rather vague for someone not familiar with code.

I looked at someone else who had the same question, but they said they figured it out and it was never answered publicly.

In short… I need better instructions as to where to access the theme path variant? Where do I look? I tried the plugin editor but found nothing matching your description.

Also, there does not appear to be any valid .css code in the stylesheet.css? How do I change the fonts?


I downloaded this when it was free, and don’t have any “Help Document” Is this posted on the internet somewhere??

Awesome theme, just about to set it up, www.chrisleah.co.uk :)

Works, great, my site is up and running, great template and thanks again. Anyone need help feel free to come email me, I’ve helped one person with this so far. Free of course…

Hi ,

We followed all the steps from the wordfolio pack help and we are having trouble with 2 issues: Images doesn`t load on the homepage but they appear ok at the portfolio page. Second issue when we create a new page as the tutorial explains it allows us just 3 pages : home , portfolio and blog. If we create a

new one won’t let us to select the ID for them. We will appreciate if you can help us with these 2 issues.


Hi all, i’m on summer vacation now. I will be available to check the comments at the end of this month. Thanks for your understanding.

hi akay,

please, send me help docs fun30ty@yahoo.ca i lost this.