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Hey Akay !! Have u come back? All of a sudden i deleted portfolio and showcase no longer shown posts but pictures, i made it again (portfolio) and assigned ID in settings page, but posts’ texts don’t appear in slider. what should i do?

hey! i purchased this amazing theme, but i wanted to make some changes, so it fits the colors of my ci. one thing i also would like to have it a background image on the loading page, but whenever i put in the background-code, the entire loading dissapears & just skips for the actual page. what am i doin wrong?

Hello Akay, I want to know after i will buy it can i make it in Arabic i mean the the css file i want to make the direction to rtl or right .. and i want to know if it contain the sample database … thnx Akay … waiting your replay

Hello! I buyed the template but i cant make work it in my server, can you help me pls? can you send me some tutorial or install it fior me pls? Thanks! Marcelo

Hello! I buyed the template but i cant make work it in my server, can you help me pls? can you send me some tutorial or install it fior me pls? Thanks! Marcelo

I am trying to change the background of the my site that uses Wordfolio. Also, I would like to have an image on the loading screen as well. Please help. Thanks, Vision

Checked it out again, and it’s just a fantastic theme. Love the vertical slides that transit below the .PNG grid. Fantastic idea.

Keep it up ;)

Hello, i hava a problem, The Showcase does´t work in WP 3 … the information no displayed in the showcase panel… I use this code on the home.php:



I am having the same problem with the Showcase as pintoproject with the latest install of WP 3 .

It loads the first picture only, all the rest are blank.

Please advise. Thanks.


Apologies, my mistake.


I discovered the problem.

For some reason my featured showcase images were linked to using the IP address in the URL and I just changed servers.

So, I relinked them using the domain name instead and this fixed my showcase.

Perhaps you have a similar problem?

Hello; Akay

I still have the problem with the showcase.

I used these codes: query_posts('cat='.get_option('portfolio_id').'&showposts=100'); query_posts('cat='.get_option('portfolio_id').'&order=ASC'); query_posts('showposts=100&cat='.get_option('portfolio_id')); It does not work, does not display image or text, nothing.

appreciate your help


I’ve problem with the showcase images on the homepage. After the WP3 installation they’re all gone.

I’ve been trying to fix it but unsuccessfully.

Can the Developer of this theme reply to our emails? Can you let me know how to fix it?

Thanks in advance

Hi Akay & ThemeForest.

I’ve been drooling over this WordFolio theme for some time. Now that I’m ready to buy and install it, I notice a series of comments saying it doesn’t work. Some say the slider doesn’t work. Others say the entire theme fails on WordPress 3.

I see absolutely no responses on any of these so I’m going to wait before I purchase it.

Hi all!, I’m working on a custom support forum for now, will be available as soon as possible. As you see support with comments not good enough, im not able to follow it :( will have a support forum with search option soon! Thanks for your understanding. I’m coming with cool suprises!

We would like to know what is the update on the support forums. If you are not able to do it, please let us no , so we can find support somewhere else. Thank you. Gabriel

hi its amazing theme i have one thing, the images naver show up in the Showcase! in the home page.

Hi I get some troubles putting the posts in the homepage . I have tried exactly like you said put the post doesn;t appear.


Please can you explain me how fix it or tell us where this text goes!!

name : showcase value : http://.../wp-content/uploads/2009/04/showcase_1.jpg

Thank you so much!


Hi, they will go to the custom fields area. If you are using WP 3 .1, it’s hidden in “screen options”. Click Screen Options at the right top of the page, and check Custom Fields to show. Then you will be able to enter your values. Thanks.

@ xavicr16 – Who cant find the Custom Fields Section….

Hi There, I too followed all instruction in the help file, but couldn’t find the ‘Custom Field’ that is mentioned at step no 6 in the help file.

This will definately help those New users on WordPress 3.1: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/custom-field-missing-after-31-update

Hope this helps – Worked for me !

Hi Akay, As everyone else has said, this is a wonderful theme.

I don’t know if you’re responding to support questions these days, so I hope you don’t mind if I post this in two places:

For some reason none of the markup tags from the description of a showcase item are being reflected in the left field of the showcase on the home page. All of the text from the body of the post is showing up completely unformatted inside the showcase.

All other posts and pages show up with proper formatting—the links are linked, the bolded things are bold, etc. But not in the showcase. I’ve searched but haven’t found anyone with the same problem. I haven’t messed with any of the javascript and I don’t even know where the php for the showcase is.

Thanks for any help. Hope you’ve made a lot of money from this.


Hi arbutus1440,

Thanks for purchasing first. Could you please create a topic at our support forum http://support.themolution.com/forum/wordfolio. So i can better assist. Thank you so much.


Done. Thanks! If I can clear this up – and with your help I’m sure it’ll be done – I’ll be happy to leave a great rating, recommend to friends, and include Themeforest at the bottom.