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Well i have asked many questions and i wil ask again and hope for help please.

my domain is www.kitkoo.com

I would like to know how to remove the text under my banner that says page id name,

i would also like to know how to remove the our work button there aswell.

Waiting for a feedback and support before buying. Fantastic theme but I’m not buying without a support.

Hi Orangebubble,

I figured I’d help since parker and co have been excellent in the past. If you edit the home page php file I think it is you will see something related to the page name. Remove that code and it will remove the page title.


I want to purchase this them but have a couple questions:

-Can the height of the homepage slider area be adjusted? -Can the ecommerce features (shopping cart, etc. ) be turned off if using the template to create a ‘sister’ site w/o ecommerce?

Thank you in advance for your response!

The slider can be whatever size you want. The height is a variable based on the image size. You can set child themes to remove the ecommerce functionality and the header part with the cart can be edited in the php to remove the cart.


I have purchased the theme and install it but there’s a LOT to do to have the same style as shown in the SOLD template. My website is here : www.lalchimisteonline.com and u can see the difference…

Anyone could share the full configuration/DB so we can quickly have EXACTLY the same style and can focus on changing picture and text.

BTW, have email the author directly 2 weeks ago but didn’t receive any support yet…

Thanks ! Antoine

kifela Purchased

Is anyone else having problems with the Twitter widget included with this theme? I only get this message displaying on my site:

The Twitter feed is either empty or unavailable. Please check back later.

I asked for help with this a while back (p12 of the Comments) but it’s still not working for me.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

kifela Purchased

I finally solved the problem. This is not a fault of the theme, but of my hosting. See this thread: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/widget-doesnt-show-up-on-the-page.

Specifically -

Your problem is that the widget can’t talk to Twitter because you’ve hit your limit. The limit is 150 requests per hour, and while the widget only uses 20 per hour (one every 5 minutes), the number used is calculated based on IP so every request from your shared server (or possibly cluster of servers) is counting against that total.

The only solutions are to ask your host to move you to a different server with fewer Twitter requests being sent (sometimes they’ll do this, often they won’t) or use a widget that does authentication (and log it into your Twitter account).

Most Twitter widgets don’t include authenticated Twitter API calls. But this one does: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/authenticated-twitter-widget/

Hope that info is of use to someone. I spent a lot of hours on this today…

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare add_cheque_gateway() (previously declared in /usr/home/elsegnor3.com/web/eviran/wp-content/plugins/jigoshop/gateways/cheque.php:21) in /usr/home/elsegnor3.com/web/eviran/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/classes/gateways/cheque/class-wc-cheque.php on line 178

@elsegnor3 I think that problem occurs because you have two e-commerce plugins running, JigoShop and WooCommerce? Just a guess. You can and should use only one of these really anyway.

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Hi there – how do you change the portfolio and blog headings??

(Right at the top under the menu) from “Portfolio” and “Blog” respectively

aabele Purchased

Also, how do I control the size of the gallery images .. they keep getting stretched!

aabele Purchased

...Could you please tell me how to change the height of the images in the blog gallery

thanks durhamseo but im still struggling to remove the page id and id like to move the portfolio button to entre on my homepage.



I was wondering if there is a way to remove “Portfolio 4 columns” from the top of portfolio items. I was trying to see if it was an error in my setup but it seems the theme preview also has this

http://sold.parkerandkent.com/sold/portfolio-archive/image/ http://speedycomputersllc.com/portfolio-archive/sos-online-backup-solutions/

RESOLVED: The parent page of your portfolio has to be set in theme options

I was wondering if it would be possible to have portfolio items open an external link when clicked rather than navigating to the portfolio item’s page

Hey guys, I know you seem to be busy at the moment (you have been great in the past) but I’ll put these two questions up in case somebody else here can answer them.

Question 1: How do you change the colour of the login button on the jigoshop widget in the nav bar?

Question 2: The navigation part at the top of my portfolio pages shows it as being under ‘Portfolio’ (copy pasted example page below) Home > Portfolio > Wild Parrot News > Pet Parrots Teach Wild Friends to Talk The problem is though this page doesn’t actually exist, my portfolio page is actually called Parrot Articles. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Here is my url: http://www.thewittyparrot.com

Thanks :)

So we all know that we cannot use “add Media” button…which means cannot create a slider on the home page…incredible!...Anybody found a fix for that?

Do NOT buy this theme if you have WP 3.5 installed. The slider function does not work at all.

To danielklaer:

2. You need set the Breadcrumb NavXT plugin: setting -> post types -> work -> Work Root Page, and set there either the Home page instead of “Portfolio”, or “Parrot Articles”.

Sold! theme’s fanclub :crying: