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@drunkfox: thank you for information here about of the author box removing!

@angelitom: welcome! :) The slider works fine under IE9: just don’t forget to move the mouse pointer from the slider’s area in the browser’s screen.

@bigbadabob: please, read the abovecreative comment in the top of page N27 in comments here.

@mattjnesbitt: Maybe, use this: Appearance -> theme options -> advanced -> optimize performances. “By selecting “Yes” the styles and the scripts of the theme will be minified and combined automatically by the system, resulting in a faster page loading time.

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@fotomaster: welcome! You are, for sure, much more expert than me :) Please, do you know how I can use PrettyPhoto or Lightbox effect for a single picture? The attribute rel="prettyphoto" does not work… Sorry for my bad English. Ciao.

@fotomaster. I do not catch it. Also the menus are not working. Under Firefox you scroll over with the mouse and instantly a submenu (dropdown menu) shows up. Under IE9 mouse scroll over is not working. And as I said, slider neither. With FF and Safari everything is fine. I know I made a mistake but where starting ?

Thats a bummer the DSLR background image isn’t included. Where can I purchase that photo? I didn’t see it listed in the credits…

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Hi there, How do I go about using a different logo and background for those accessing the site via their mobile. Many thanks Tim

Does this theme work with Gravity Forms?

@drunkfox: sorry friend, but I’m not expert. I have tried to find the decision with prettyphoto plugin, which is implemented into Sold theme, but I can’t find it yet. It is well to solve this problem before my customer will ask to do the lightbox function for his images. So, if somebody knows, how to do that with Sold theme – please, inform us about, I will appreciate this help.

@angelitom: sorry, I haven’t ideas about IE9. I get the strange behaviors with Sold theme every time, when I place some elements into content areas. For example, yesterday I put the image into table in text widget of footer area (image was placed into one cell of table, and the text was placed into second cell), and all browsers show the image well, excepting of Chrome. Why the table: I cannot place image without of table, because the text strings always start under image. Very strange styling, very strange…

Thank you fotomaster for helping everyone out! You are keeping this theme alive!

Hi, is it ok to upgrade to wp 3.5? thanks

Dear CGInMotion, thank you for kind words. It is so pity to buy Sold! theme and to lose the support here. But we can try to help each others.

@drunkfox – as I still think about how use the prettyPhoto box for the image inserted of page (which is the link attribute we need use for this, I still have not idea), I check some other possibilities. For example, I test now the widgetkit plugin (the light version of it, which is free of charge), and it works for me at the moment. It means, I can open the inserted images in lightbox now, exactly as you need. But please, be careful with this plugin – try to test it in your demosite firstly. Also wait a little after activation (30 minutes, maybe), and then try how the plugin works in your demosite. Hope, this possibility will help you too.

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Hi there, How do I go about using a different logo and background for those accessing the site via their mobile. Many thanks Tim

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@fotomaster – Thank you, you are very kind. I installed a plugin too (JackBox) and it works well. But, I would like to use the one (PrettyPhoto) that already comes with Sold! instead to use others plugins. I hope you understund my poor English :)

Is it possible to edit the homepage templates ?

I am thinking of using the E-commerce template in order get the slider option, but I want to show my blogposts (my news related posts) on the homepage as well. More precise I would like to have my blog post presented as they are presented in “blog” (on the live demo site) with two or three columns .

I imagine that I’m not the first one thinking of this tweak..

Thanks in advance..

Best regards


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Hello! I’m looking for a sold Spanish Translation. Am I you could help, please?


I have not updated my wordpress to the latest version, been scared to. Will Sold! theme have bugs if I do upgrade WP?

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Hi i recently bought this theme and i just want to ask how to you create the register button on the upper right of the theme same as your live preview.

And how do you change the “Green” colored link text to “red” i tried editing the on the “Skins” tab and it din’t work thank you. Hoping for your immediate response

Hi, I am using the woocommerce for my site.

On my homepage when i click the Add to Cart button on a product you can see that it is being added to the cart in the sidebar however unlike the demo version it doesn’t get added to the cart in the header and i also do not receive the “Product successfully added to your cart.” message that appears on the homepage above the products.

Its almost like it is not refreshing, if i remove the cart from the sidebar there is no indication that the product has actually been added to the cart, unless i refresh the page or i navigate to another page.

I have just installed the latest version and this did not fix it either

any ideas?

Thanks in advanced

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Hi. I do not understund how to use the Testimonial widget. In the Demo > Businnes Home Page template we can see some testimonials. How users can let a message? Sorry for my poor English :)

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I’m guessing there’s no longer support for this?!? Great theme but with no support for a few simple questions….

@TimmyD, we use to have great support for this theme. Something must have happened to the author of this template. This isn’t like them to just stop supporting there items.