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Hi. Widget adress will not appear on translations. It is not translatable?

Hi, Are you using WPML to translate.

Here’s a link http://wpml.org/2011/03/howto-display-different-widgets-per-language/ And the plugin in use is https://wordpress.org/plugins/widget-logic/

Please post to support forum if you require more information.


Yes, I’m using WPML . The rest of plugins translate well , comes in chains WMPL translation , but adress no . He had already used the Logic plugin , but thought the theme was 100 % translatable with WPML

Hi, Could you post to support forum with url to check on the issue. Thanks

Hello, how do you create a child theme? I couldn’t find it in the documentation, thank you!!

Also is there a way to remove the little arrows on the menu that show that there is a drop down menu?



Child themes follow a standard method for all WordPress themes. Here’s official guide to it.


Please post to support forum if there’s any problems.


Great thanks. And the arrows that represent the dropdown menu, is there any way to get rid of them? Thanks!

Hi, Yes they can be removed. Could you post to support forum where i can provide instruction for the change.



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Hi there, would you please be able to help me with some changes to the style sheets? I would like to change (or remove completely) the color of the Red line at the top of each page. And also, change the color of the dot appearing next to each Header menu item also from Red to something else. Which file is the one i need to update?Thank you.

Hi, Could you post to support forum with details on the elements you’re referring to. Please provide a url where each of the element can be seen. Here’s support forum url: http://support.imaginemthemes.co/