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rocaceres Purchased

Hello, how can I remove the BOOK NOW button from all the explore places section? from the list and the detailed place


Hi rocaceres,

1. For uploading issue,

Go to->wp-admin->Dashboard->Updates, Kindly update recently updated wordpress (or) click to Re-install wordpress again.

Some times hosting problem may cause the image uploading issue.

2. To remove “Book Now” button in explore list and details page.

a) Open tpl-explore.php, Remove button code from line no 42->47 b) Open single-explore.php, Remove code from line no 88->93 c) Open taxonomy-exploretax.php, Remove code from line no 33->38

Kindly update and check, if you find any issues update us with credentials. We need to check. Kindly share your Wordpress and FTP login details by using the right bottom form at, http://themeforest.net/user/designthemes/

rocaceres Purchased

Thanks for your response, I found the uploading issue, It was an incompatibility with piklist and wp helpers plugin, I desactivate it and It was solved, about the item 2. I’ll try now for it! Thanks a lot!

TRULY AMAZING THEME!!!! GREAT SUPPORT!!!! DEF would buy again!!!!


Hi thanks for your kind words. If you like it pls rate this theme..

Hi there, I’ve purchased this theme(Lost World – Travel, Hotel Woo Commerce WordPress) and trying to install the zip file into my wordpress dashboard/theme but its not installing properly. do I need a extra link to submit or so?


The below given videos give you a clear idea of installing “The Lost World WP Theme”

Part I – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xcEy7doGo4

Part II – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBo6KKC9PXs

I tryed everything I cant bring “How we works” and slider http://cappadociatravelportal.com/ you can check my site. please help how can i bring slider and “how we works” widgets?


Please share your WordPress and FTP credentials through email

find the right bottom form at,

Sten0s Purchased


I’ve bought the theme which is called Lost World, but I have a little prblem about it. Could you please help me ?

The problem is, I think there’s a resolution control in the scripts. Because when I add photograph to the slider which is in the main page, it doesn’t fit to the frame. You can look at the links below for the printscreens. In first print screen, the photograph doesn’t fit when I look at full screen and seems in original size. (jpeg1) http://oi47.tinypic.com/2r5x3fc.jpg In second print screen, when I minisize the window, the photograph seems fit to the frame. The resolution is 1920×1080 px in my computer. (jpeg2) http://oi50.tinypic.com/96kubm.jpg

Could you please help me about the problem? I want to solve this subject as soon as possible.



Thanks for purchasing our Lost World theme. We got your site credentials. But the ftp credentials are not working.

For that issue,

The media you uploaded does not cropped for our theme slider size. Because it’s uploaded before the theme is activated.


1. Try to use regenerate thumbnails plugin for re-cropping (or) delete and re-upload media files.

Sten0s Purchased

I re-installed some photos. But the problem continues. I’ve re-sent my FTP credentials. Can you explain me how I can use the resolution control?


Please use below given resolution for slider images.

Image Width : 1358px Image Height: 528px

i just purchased the lost world but i have not received the link to download. where do I get the files?

etette Purchased

I bought the theme but after installation, when I click on the lost world theme on dashboard, the buhda opens for a split second and goes straight to 404 page error not found. What should I do to fix it. Bottom line, theme is installed but cant use or do anything with it. Thanks


Please look at the videos given below, and make sure that you have followed the right way on installing as we shown,

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xcEy7doGo4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBo6KKC9PXs

Still if you have any difficulties, please let us know immediately..

Sten0s Purchased

Hi, How to use the newsletter signup form? It’s not working yet.


Basically, Newsletter is a quick mail sending form.

We checked your site, and it is working correctly by sending the email address with the sender name.

If you have a plan of integrating any third party subscription form,

Go to footer.php find line no: 10, and replace your third party form code.

Your FTP credential is not working. If you find any difficulties, kindly mail us the correct credentials of your website.

etette Purchased

It is now working with chrome and firefox. Internet explorer is still giving the 404 page error. Secondly, how do I set up up my front page to look like yours showing Best travel Packages and places to thrill


We are ready to guide you!. Please provide us the FTP and Wordpress credentials of your website. Mail through the right bottom form, in http://themeforest.net/user/designthemes/

etette Purchased

I have sent my credential


You have used many Third-party plugins, which is not compatible in our Theme. We will have a look on it and let you know


Hope your website is working well now. If any problem occurs in the future, Please provide us the FTP credentials of your website. We need to have a look into your folder structure.

Hi, I’d like to buy your theme but i need to automatically delete past tours. I mean it would make sense that once a tour date has past it automatically disappears from the website. Is that possible with your theme?

Thank you Tony


Sorry, by default it’s not possible in our theme.

You can make it possible by using this plugin to expire tour post.

http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/post-expirator/ http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simple-expires/ http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/auto-prune-posts/

Great theme, I really like the particular look.

One question: How can I add a packages-panel and a gallery to the homepage? Is there a tutorial or video where you explain how to manage the contents below “How we works”?


Thank you. Your comment was really helpful.

Now I have encountered two more issues:

1. If I add custom links to the header menu, the CSS hover effect is permanent. Please check the site here: http://indietravel.de

2. The slider image is displayed correctly on a large screen (19”), but is completely out of proportion on smaller screens (e.g. 15”). Can you advise me how to fix that?



Thanks for purchasing our LostWorld WordPress Theme.

1. For the Header Menu issue, we have to check your theme configuration.So, Kindly provide your FTP and WP credentials. (Mail through the right bottom form, in http://themeforest.net/user/designthemes/).

2. For the Slider image issue,

Go to Admin/Lost World/Responsive,

Mobile Section->Responsive Tab,

Set “Disable Slider for Mobile Devices” as NO, and save all options.


Hi. Hope this solved your issue. If you like this theme and support please rate it. 5 stars will be very much appreciated :-)

I have a pre purchase question, I have a client that wants this theme but she wants to display gallerys of Mule adventure trips, she does not sell packing trips , but she wants to sell saddles and saddle bags, bridals etc. using a regular store (not travel) How easy is it to get rid of the travel section? Can your theme be used in this way?


LostWorld WordPress Theme comes with 3 custom post types in wp-admin section.

1. Galleries (Managing photo gallery by category)
2. Explores (Managing Places details)
3. Packages (Managing Trip Packages)

For the store, in WooCommerce
4. Products (Managing Store)

If you are not interested to show/ get rid travel section, just skip that section. It will not be displayed on any page.

You can easily remove the travel section from back-end, using this Theme.

Sten0s Purchased

Hi, How can I use the link on ‘special box widget’? I wrote a link but when I clicked the save button; “” tag disappeared. Can you help me?

For example: I wrote this;

[mysection class=’col1’ title=’SEARCH’ digit=’1’ top_image=’http://iamdesigning.com/client_files/wp-themes/the-lost-world/responsive/images/img_search.png’ content=’Web page editors now use Lorem Ipsum as their default model text, and a search for will uncover many web sites.‘] (with a href=”” tag)

But; When I clicked the save button; I saw the code below.

[mysection class=’col1’ title=’SEARCH’ digit=’1’ top_image=’http://iamdesigning.com/client_files/wp-themes/the-lost-world/responsive/images/img_search.png' content=’Web page editors now use Lorem Ipsum as their default model text, and a search for will uncover many web sites.’]

best regards.


In Widgets section,

“LW Special Box” is our Custom Widget, which is only to run Theme Shortcodes. It allows only the shortcode tags and not the html tags.

Add following lines in functions.php,
add_filter( 'widget_text', 'shortcode_unautop');
add_filter( 'widget_text', 'do_shortcode');
Go To WP-admin/Appearance/Widgets,

Use “Text” Widget, drag and drop, inside this widget with html & shortcode.

Let us know if you find any more issues.

Sten0s Purchased

Thanks for reply, I will use the ‘Text’ Widget.

I have one more question. How can I use Newsletter Sign-up form as wordpress register form? I try to be a user via Newsletter Sign-up form but, I can’t see the user who try to subscribe from siteaddress/wp-admin/users.php. Can you help me?


Hi Sten0s,

In this theme the Newsletter-Sign-up is an Ordinary mail sending form. It’s not a wordpress registration form.

Kindly use wordpress registration plugins,

etette Purchased

I have a couple of questions inorder for me to fully get my site functioning.

a) How exactly do I add the testimonial? Detail instruction, I watched your youtube video but it didn’t give any detail on how to do it.

b) Where and how do I add my email address in newsletter code for it to work. I have tried but it still doesn’t work, please detail instruction.


Hi etette,

Once again thanks for purchasing our Lost Word WP Theme.

For testimonials, http://iamdesigning.com/topic/setup-custom-widgetswidget-areas-in-the-lost-world-wp-theme/ http://iamdesigning.com/topic/how-to-setup-or-install-the-lost-world-wp-theme-part-ii/ Check above videos to help for testimonial, For this use
<blockquote />
tag. Inside this tags put your content. By default we worked for this widget area only.

For newsletter email, By default it’s taking admin email. If you wish to change, Go to open LostWorld\js\newsletter.php, in line no 4,

$address = ‘youremail@domain.com’;


I’m trying to install the theme but it says the style sheet is missing

then I tried modifiing the first code on the style.css file

Theme Name: the-lost-world Theme URI: http://localhost/ Author: Author URI: Description: Version: 2.0 License: Creative Commons 3.0 Theme date: template: the-lost-world License URI: Tags:

but I thing I mess it up :(


Check the following installation video to undergo a proper theme installation,


Kindly place only the theme folder, and not the complete downloaded zip file into wp-content directory.

Don’t edit the theme information from the top of main style.css. If you would wish to edit, please use proper text editor (eg: Adobe Dreamweaver).

Please check and update the issues. If you aren’t successful, reply with your credentials. We will have a look into it and fix your issue.

Mail through the right bottom form, in http://themeforest.net/user/designthemes/

hi there, i’m excited to buy this theme but have a few questions pre-purchase. 1) Does this work for a room booking as well? I see packages only… 2) Can we change out the images by replacing it in the uploads folder? 3) Is there a way to test your booking engine? 4) I read someone else’s comment thread and it seems they had problems because of third party plugins. What plugins are incompatible with your theme? Thanks! Tan


Thanks for contacting us. The Lost World WP Theme, having built in packages, explores, gallery post types.

It’s doesn’t having booking option. So no way to test booking engine. Some of the site rendering plugin are not-compatible.

Mikeclay Purchased
Hello. I like this theme a lot, but there are so many functionality problems. To make this easier for me, is there a way that I can just have my website look exactly like this one? VV http://wedesignthemes.com/themes/lw/

I want my website to have all of those options so that I can just edit them instead of adding them. Thank you!


Thanks for Purchasing Our Lost World WordPress Theme.

After successfully installing the latest version of Wordpress, Checkout the below video instructions. It’s gives you a clear solution.


Kindly update all things. If you find any difficulties, please mail your site credentials (WP and FTP). We will have a look on it. Mail through the right bottom form @ http://themeforest.net/user/designthemes/

galaxy5 Purchased
Slideshow won’t work at all. Already send details via email http://www.hideawaycampers.com.au

1. We enabled the slider on your website. Kindly, delete and re-upload slider images once again. Because, this theme needs slider image width: 1410 PX, height: 554 PX.

2. If you wish to change the slider type, Go to wp-admin\Lost World\Homepage and select slider Type in bottom section.

3. Select the sliders from Slideshow tab. (Kindly re-select slider images, after uploading it)

4. To remove the word “Chennai”, Go to open LostWorld\inc\theme\custom_shortcodes.php. Find line no: 153, and remove it.